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Five Tips Friday #2: Easy Lifehack Ideas

Welcome Back to …FIVE TIPS FRIDAY! The show post that brings you 5 easy lifehack ideas to make your day to day just a tad easier and less complicated.

Lifehack: a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.  

I hope to bring you Five Ideas (or lifehack) on the First Friday of Each Month…undoubtedly you might already employ some of these ideas, but hopefully every now and again I can bring you a nugget you hadn’t considered before.

AND…MOST IMPORTANTLY…I am ALWAYS in the market for a new lifehack or idea So if you have noodled a way to do something easier or cheaper…please consider passing it on. I’d love to incorporate tips from our readers into the Five Tips Friday list.  Email  your tips to [email protected]

So, if it…solves a problem, makes life easier, is a less expensive way to do something, saves you money…bring it!

easy lifehack 1

If you have wooden or tiled or linoleum (anything other than carpeted) floors, you no doubt struggle as I do with your furniture moving, especially if it’s a piece with drawers that you open and close on a regular basis. We have a bureau in our bathroom on our tile floors whose drawers are opened at least once a day. It’s amazing how far that little dresser will travel before I realize that it has done so. Finally, one day I turned it over and applied hot glue to the bottom of the 4 feet and let the glue dry. 

Easy Lifehack...hot glue on the bottom of furniture feet will prevent your furniture from moving around on hard floors.

That little chest has finally stopped roaming and now stays put.

easy lifehack 2

I don’t know about you, but I like to have a stash of lemons and limes on hand for drinks and various recipes.  I seem to go for bouts of time that I need one or another of these fruits for a recipe multiple times a week and then other bouts of time that I won’t use one for a week. Invariably, when I am in one of those bouts when I don’t need one, I have several…does it work that way in your home too?

And when I have several and don’t use them, they end up drying out or getting moldy. 

Enter lifehack #2…

Easy Lifehack...extend the life of your lemons and limes by keeping them in a bowl of water

Store your lemons and lime in a bowl of water in your refrigerator! I have been using this lifehack for several months and haven’t wasted a lemon or lime since.

easy lifehack 3

One of my readers, Ellie, has a great lifehack that she uses to easily clean up those mascara and liner mishaps that we all have. She keeps a small jar of baby oil or mascara remover in her bathroom along with a stash of cut qtips. When she has a mishap, a little dab of baby oil/mascara remover will remove it without messing up the rest of her makeup!

Easy Lifehack...keep a little baby oil/makeup remover in a jar with halved qtips to fix mascara/eyeliner mistakes

easy lifehack 4

Not so much a lifehack, but a timely reminder…if you plan on growing cool weather crops, now is a good time to get your soil tested so that you can amend as necessary before you get your seeds or seedlings in the ground. I know that this time of year our extension service has a 2-3 week turnaround, much shorter than it is in late winter and early spring.  

Getting our soil tested this past spring and amending as recommended made all the difference in my garden this year. 

Call your local extension service to figure out how to take advantage of this service; ours has just started charging a nominal fee.

easy lifehack 5

With summer beginning to wind down, I will start to collect seeds from certain of my plants for next year. Specifically, I harvest my zinnia, sweet basil, and Thai basil seeds by letting several of the flowers die back completely while still on the plant (that’s a critical point) and rubbing the dead flower between my fingers until the seeds fall out. 

I then store the seeds in a paper envelope or paper bag in my refrigerator until next year. With this method, I haven’t purchased zinnia or basil seeds or plants for a couple of years now.

Easy Lifehack...save your seeds to sow next year

While these are the only 3 I’ve done in the past (in addition to cilantro at the end of winter), this article has me thinking that I’m going to save the seeds from my coneflowers this fall as well.

So, I hope at least one of these easy lifehack ideas might make a task or chore of yours just a tad easier. And please, do share any life hacks that have solved a problem for you or just made your chore a trifle easier.

You can bookmark this page or pin this image to your Pinterest board for future reference.

Five easily doable tips, tricks, tools and easy lifehack ideas that will help make your days just a little more efficient and productive.

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today. Know that you are appreciated and that I welcome each and every comment that comes my way.

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  1. Like Ellie, I also keep cut q-tips to correct mascara or lipstick mistakes. My favorite makeup hack is to fill a container with hot water & put my mascara tube in it, letting it sit while I put on the rest of my makeup. By the time I get to applying mascara, it is soft & non-clumpy. This little hack enables me to use every last bit without having to throw away half a tube of clumpy maacara.

  2. I love the lemon hack. I’m going to try that one!
    I really enjoy your blogs. Your sister-in-law, Pam, introduced me to them. We have been friends for 60 years!

    1. Hi Terry! You feel like family if you’ve known Pam for 60+ years! Thanks so much for popping in with your kind and encouraging comments and to just say ‘hi!’

      That lemon/lime hack has saved me so many dried up lemons and limes and I’m reminded of it when I don’t take the time to float them in the water and I end up with some shrivels. Hope you find it just as handy.

      Have a wonderful day!

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Great tips Lynn! I will definitely have to try the lemon and lime tip, I’m tired of throwing them out because they weren’t used quick enough. I have a tip to share, but I may be the last to know this tip, lol. I recently learned that if you store avocados in the refrigerator they last longer. I got so tired of cutting into an avocado a few days after I bought them, and it was bad. Since I started storing in the refrigerator I haven’t cut into a bad one yet.
    I have been saving my Zinnia seeds as well. This year i am going to try and save some seeds from other flowers as well. I never thought of saving some from my herbs, I will try that as well.

    1. Oh that Lemon Lime tip is a keeper! And yes…I learned that avocado tip the hard way. I buy my avocados in bulk at Costco and have found that once they start to ripen it’s best to put them in the fridge.
      Happy seed harvesting!
      Hugs, Lynn

      1. A tip I was given to get the most juice out of lemons and limes, roll them on the countertop and then put them in the microwave for 25 seconds.
        Surprising how much juice your get.

        1. That’s a great tip! Tried it last night and works wonders! I’ll add that to my list of things to share.

          Have a great day, Lucia.



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