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Five Tips Friday #3, Easy Lifehacks and Great Ideas

Wow…Happy September 1st my friends. Not only is it September 1, but it’s Friday and it’s the first Friday of the month…so you know what that means…more easy life hacks and great ideas with the hopes that a few of them might make your world a little simpler.

And since I’m a huge believer in crowdsourcing, if you have noodled a way to do something easier or cheaper…please consider passing it on. I’d love to incorporate tips from our readers into the Five Tips Friday list.  Email  your tips to [email protected]

So, if it…solves a problem, makes life easier, is a less expensive way to do something, saves you money…bring it!

Without further ado…

Let’s meet our 5 Easy Lifehacks or Great Idea:

easy lifehack #1

I know it’s only September, but I’m already making appointments and scheduling events for 2018 (yikes!).  I primarily use my phone and computer calendar but also use a paper calendar for blog planning purposes. If you need a simple but attractive (and free) calendar to print off…here are a couple of resources:

  • This site has so many free printables for keeping yourself organized.  I am using her Two Pages per Month 2018 Calendar.Printable Calendar
  • If you are looking for a one-page monthly calendar, this site has a really love free printable.

easy lifehack #2

For many of us, in just a few short weeks we will be mowing our lawn for the last time until spring. Adding a Fuel Stabilizer to your full tank of gas and running it briefly to circulate the stabilizer will keep the gas in your engine fresh and help prevent corrosion, moisture and the breakdown of the gas over the winter months. Any of your gas-powered lawn equipment engines will benefit from the addition of a fuel stabilizer.

easy lifehack #3

Apple Cartons are great to store your Christmas ornaments

If you are a Costco member (don’t know about Sam’s or BJ’s), start keeping the plastic containers that they sell their apples in. I started using them a few years ago to store my Christmas ornaments and they really are so handy. If you don’t shop at Costco, maybe find a friend who does and offer to ‘recycle’ their plastic apple container for them!

easy lifehack#4

Store your rolling pin in the freezer

This suggestion was sent my way from one of my Hometalk friends. Put your rolling pin in a bag and keep it in the freezer…it’ll be ready for you when you need to roll out your pie crust or cookie dough! Of course, I just built a little parking spot for my rolling pin, but I will definitely get my rolling pin in the freezer a week before Thanksgiving and imagine it’ll set up temporary residence in there until after Christmas.

easy lifehack #5

Simmering vinegar combats onion/garlic odors

If it has sauteed onions and garlic in it, I can promise you it not only gets made but eagerly consumed in this home. As such…I often have a kitchen that can smell onion-y and garlic-y.  I find that by putting a small pot of white vinegar on the stove and setting it to simmer, I can cut back on that odor dramatically. I often add a sprig of rosemary to my simmering vinegar because…well…rosemary. But…you can add just about anything to up the scent.

In case you are concerned, the vinegar odor does dissipate quite quickly…much quicker than the offending garlic/onion odor!

5 Easy Lifehacks or Ideas that save you time, money or frustration!

So there you have it…5 quick tips in the hopes of smoothing out some of the bumps of daily living. Once again, if you have a hack that has worked for you…please pass it along. I’d love to share it.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. Thanks for the tips Lynn! I’m definitely going to tell the hubby about the fuel stabilize. Don’t know whether he uses it or not. But I do know we have a hard time getting the lawn mower to start up again after winter.

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