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Monday Musings, April 1

Hey there friends!

Well, it seems winter is back for a final hurrah…let’s hope it’s her final one anyway. Beautiful, sunny 75° on Saturday and as I write this on Monday, it’s a brisk and cloudy 41°. I know, those of you with snow on the ground aren’t too sympathetic…yeah, you’re right. I’m done complaining.

It just dawned on me that Mother Nature may be pulling an April Fool’s Day joke…good one Mother Nature!

Speaking of April Fool’s Day…when my kids were younger, this was one of our favorite holidays. It’s fair to say that I may have gone overboard once or twice…OK, maybe lots of times.

There was the year when I told the kids it was our dog’s birthday, so we were having cupcakes for dinner! Ooooh, they were so excited. But the cupcakes were actually made out of meatloaf and the ‘icing’ was actually mashed potatoes. What a great idea! Well, except that my son starting crying when he realized they weren’t real cupcakes (he was 4 at the time…think I may have scarred him? Think he will always have trust issues?)

Then there was the year when we had dinner in the dining room (typically reserved only for Thanksgiving and Christmas) and dinner was served in dog bowls (I made a hash that looked like dog food) followed by a special dessert…served in a kitty litter pan, complete with kitty litter scoops.

Fast forward to yesterday…I was so tickled by my April Fool’s Day prank…except that I jumped the gun thinking that yesterday was April 1! I am clearly off my game.

Needless to say, aside from my screw-up yesterday, I am an April Fool’s Day expert and if you are interested in some of my April Fool’s Day food and trick ideas, I have written an entire post on that for you.

I’m busy getting myself prepared to be gone for the next 5 days at a conference, which coincidentally puts me in the same city where my baby boy (the same baby boy who didn’t believe we just got a new kitten!) is in college AND where some friends from long ago now live. So, I’ll be learning, soaking up my skeptical boy and gathering with friends…sounds like a pretty great week.  

Oh, and there is an IKEA there! I’ve been to one IKEA in my entire life and think I need to go visit this one. Just in case…

Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

I will surely be using my packing list to get myself organized for the week. If you are traveling any time soon, make sure to pop over here for organized travel ideas and print off your packing list .

Definitely going to try this Instant Pot BBQ Chicken!

My latest project! Thrilled with how it turned out!

What a great idea for an Easter/Spring centerpiece.

Easy Market Bag for those upcoming Farmers’ Markets.

My friend Angie is hosting a blog hop featuring all sorts of Spring Ideas. I’ll be popping in Thursday with a delightful spring sweet...but do make sure to go visit her and the rest of these lovely ladies All these ideas will surely get you ready to Spring-ify your home.

More spring loveliness.

Just look at this bunny butt cake!

A Lovely gift idea for anyone who sews.

Just writing this is making my mouth water…whipped basil ricotta with spring crudites.

A Secret to a Happy Marriage…this is just lovely.

Ummm…this is a little creepy…I feel like they made this just for me…do they know? have they been chatting with my UPS driver? Sheesh.

Well, there you have it, my friends. Have a fantastic week

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  1. Thanks for sharing our Instant Pot BBQ chicken recipe, Lynn! It’s so good we made it twice last week. 🙂 Enjoy your conference! I’m a bit jealous – I could use a change of scenery – we’re covered in snow again! 🙁

    1. Hi Robin, so sorry about the snow! It’s time for winter to move on!

      Definitely making Ed’s chicken when I get back home…it will be a big hit I am sure.

      Have a great day!


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