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Monday Musings, August 26

Good Morning Sunshine!

Hope you are well!

It’s a short and busy week for us as we head out Thursday morning to celebrate our youngest’s 20th (gulp) birthday and then head to Pittsburgh for a big wedding weekend. One of my besties is Indian, so it’s Big Fat Indian Wedding and I have the honor of dancing with a group of other ‘aunties’ in the Sangeet on Saturday night. Stay tuned for the pictures…

Speaking of Pittsburgh and weddings…I LOVE the Pittsburgh tradition of the cookie table! In a nutshell, family and close friends bake bunches of cookies for wedding guests to enjoy in lieu of or in addition to the wedding cake. To that end, I whipped up many dozen coconut macaroons to contribute to this weekend’s cookie table! My daughter, Tennessee-born and North Carolina-bred (but with legit Pittsburgh roots) has already declared that no matter where she gets married, we will have a cookie table at her wedding. And I guess Youngstown, Ohio also lays claim to the cookie table! Kudos!

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Are your vegetable gardens starting to wind down? Have bunches of green tomatoes that you are hopeful will ripen, but just aren’t sure? Not to worry, with these green tomatoes recipes, you might actually look forward to the green fruit at the end of the summer!

And while we are talking tomatoes, chop up some of your ripe tomatoes for this Smoky, Spiced Tomato Jam…you will thank me.

For what it’s worth, it is ‘bated breath’, not ‘baited breath’. Just in case you ever wondered!

We’ve been watching Mindhunters on Netflix and think it’s very well done. The second season just dropped, but do go back and watch the first.

I really do enjoy road trips, but I need ‘projects’ to keep me busy. I’ve ordered some yarn for a new project, but if it doesn’t arrive in time I’ll be knitting some of these Chinese wave knit washcloths for gifting. They are my hands-down favorite.

Want to resize your knitted blanket or washcloth?

I love a keychain that I can keep on my wrist.

We have many outfit changes and weather changes this weekend, which means I need to get organized with my packing. I’ve come to rely on the tips and packing checklist in this Organized Travel post.

Have you seen this Michael Bublé video? 

It’s not too early to start on some Fall projects…these needle-felted acorns and needle-felted pumpkins are a favorite.

So, had you heard of the Cookie Table at a wedding? I love that it features homemade, as opposed to catered, treats. What are some other wedding traditions that are a little out of the ordinary? 

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  1. Good morning Lynn!

    Being a native “Pittsburgher”, I am very familiar with the cookie table! It is a wonderful tradition, most especially if you are able to sample some of the delectable treats that are unique to different nationalities. I am Czechoslovakian, so many of our cookie table are filled with kolaches & nut/apricot rolls. But I must say, my favorite is always the homemade ” Lady Locks” ( cream horns) 🤗. Have a safe trip & a wonderful time at the wedding & I hope you enjoy visiting my city ❤. Oh! I am currently knitting the chunky diagonal basket weave stitch blanket ~ not only is it turning out lovely, it is so much fun to make! Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Hi Deanie…

      My mom is from Pittsburgh and I went to Penn State, so I have LOTS of family and college friends there. And I’ve been to many weddings in Pittsburgh, but somehow I have never encountered the Cookie Table! 😱 So, I am very excited to partake in the one this weekend.

      And I am thrilled that you are enjoying knitting that blanket…it is one of my favs as well.

      Thank you so much for writing in my friend…made my day!



  2. Ok this is kinda ‘stalky’ . I tried your Smokey tomato jam last week, it’s great. Took me 6 hours to cook down but I think the majority of tomatoes were early girls and juicy. Glad I tried recipe and got 4 pints which are precious to me! Now what a coincidence, hubby and I were searching for something to watch on Netflix and by sheer happenstance we landed on Mindhunter without much forehand knowledge. We are on season 1 episode 8 and enjoying it. Thanks for tidbits, now onto green tomatoes.

    1. Oh not stalking…we just both have great taste!

      You are much farther along on Mindhunter than we are, so don’t tell me anything! But I’ll be sad when it’s done. We are so ready for the new shows to drop this fall.

      And enjoy those green tomatoes! My favorite is Shrimp and Grits!



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