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Monday Musings, August 3

Hi Friends!

I’m a little late touching base with you today as we are in Hurricane Isaias prep mode. Those of you who live in hurricane-prone areas can relate…we try to wait as long as possible to determine what we really need to do as these storms really can be unpredictable. We went to bed yesterday thinking we would have a quick moving Tropical Storm, for which we would not need to do too much.

But, the models are looking like it may make it to Hurricane strength before it hits us late tonight or tomorrow morning. With a category 1 hurricane, we don’t put up our storm shutters (thankfully), but we do tie down anything that can blow and tuck away all our potted plants.

Sadly, this storm is really quite early, meaning that both my vegetable and flower gardens are still in full production mode. Since I can’t figure out a way to protect all my green and slowly-getting-red tomatoes, I am going to let them ride out the storm and keep my fingers crossed. I could’ve picked them all, but decided that if they fall I can gather them then. And, since I always try to find the silver lining, I have a GREAT Shrimp and Grits recipe that uses green tomatoes…so there’s that!

I did pick a lovely bouquet of flowers for my mom and myself…hope it won’t be the last of the season!

Terry and I took a quick break mid-morning to go down to the beach before the storm hits. I have always loved the ocean in a storm…well, as long as I am not on the ocean in a storm. It was good to get out in and we always come away in awe of the power of nature.

I have all sorts of projects underway right now. I am working on a Knit Christmas Stocking that will be a variation of this original Chunky Knit Christmas Stocking. I hope to have that published in the next week or two.

At the request of several readers, I am also working on some knit and crochet washcloths suitable for babies and tender skin. I’ll keep you posted about those as well.

This page with links to all of our decluttering and organizing projects has been busy lately! Sure looks like many of you are taking advantage of your time at home to rid some clutter from your space.

For those of you setting up a first apartment this fall for a child, friend, or yourself, make sure to pop over and grab the checklist and tips for planning your first apartment.

Treat your 4-legged baby to some homemade dog treats!

We make these Rosemary Toasted Walnuts as gifts over the holidays, but I can attest that they taste equally delightful smack in the middle of summer and are an easy appetizer.

Well, my friends. In addition to a quick hurricane this week, we also have a trip to Philadelphia planned for Wednesday to be with our daughter during her White Coat ceremony, which sadly, is being done virtually this year. Nevertheless, we will be there and I am going to make some meals ahead of time since we want to limit our ‘out and about’ time. So, I am headed to the kitchen to get busy with that.

Many, many hugs to you!

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