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Knitted Dishcloth Patterns – Free

These seven free, knitted dishcloth patterns are always some of my most popular patterns. Knitted dishcloths and knitted washcloths are easy and quick projects; you could quickly knit up a dishcloth stash for gifting or for keeping for yourself.

Speaking of ‘stashes’, knitting dishcloths and washcloths is a great way to use up your stash of yarn. These patterns cover a variety of skill levels, from the most basic beginner patterns to more challenging knit patterns.

“Hi Lynn ..Thank you for your dishcloth patterns. I was looking for easy knitting project to inspire me back to do some knitting. Not only do they look good but they are so nice to use. Now knitting them for my friends! Always look forward to your weekly email.”

Susanne – Tasmania, Australia

I love using these hand-knit washcloths both in the kitchen and the bath, but I end up giving away about half of them. They make great gifts paired with bars of nice soaps or a bottle of bath salts. If you need more ideas for homemade gifts, definitely pop over to 30 DIY Gift Ideas that Don’t Scream ‘DIY!’ There are a variety of excellent gift ideas in that post.

Knit washcloth and a bar of green soap in a gold wire basket.

Why You’ll Love These Knit Dishcloth Patterns

There is something to like in each of these patterns; I couldn’t say that one is my favorite or THE perfect pattern. While each of these free dishcloth knitting patterns results in a different-looking washcloth or dishcloth, there are some similarities between the patterns.

  • Once you knit the first couple of rows, you’ll find that, except the cable knit washcloth, they are each knit patterns that utilize the same stitch and repeat row. Once you establish the pattern, you’ll repeat the same stitches and rows throughout the washcloth (making them perfect for knitting in front of the TV!)
  • Some of these are easy knitting patterns suitable for a beginner knitter. I have them organized from the easiest pattern to the most difficult pattern. The Chinese Wave, Diagonal Basketweave, and Daisy Stitch don’t require special knitting skills, but I think they’d be frustrating for new knitters. If knitting is a new skill, start with the first, easy pattern and work your way down the list. You will learn some new stitch patterns, and (and perhaps the best part) you will end up with a stash of lovely dishcloths!
  • You can knit any of these washcloths if you have US size 6 or 7 knitting needles (4 or 4.5 mm needles). I knit some of the washcloths with a 6 and some with a 7, but you could easily swap them; we are talking dishcloths, after all. If you want to ensure that your dishcloth is a specific size, refer to this post on resizing washcloths and blankets.
  • Did I mention these are all free patterns?
  • Any of these washcloths would be welcome gifts for a friend or family member.
The garter stitch dishcloth is one of the free knitted dishcloth patterns.
A knit totebag.

Washcloth v Dishcloth and Sizes

OK, I don’t know what it says about me, but I never really thought there was much difference between a dishcloth and a washcloth. I mean, I wouldn’t go and wash my face with a cloth I had just used to clean a pan or the kitchen sink, but other than that, I guess I never thought there was much difference between the two.

But, I have recently learned that for many, there is a difference. It seems that washcloths are typically larger than dishcloths. Most standard washcloths are 11″ square, and most standard dishcloths are 8″ square. That being said, you can make your dishcloth or washcloth any size you want.

A zippered pouch.

So, you have enough knitted dishcloth patterns to last a while but would love some other knit projects like knit blankets, baby blankets, Christmas stockings, purses, or pouf patterns? It just so happens that I have other wonderful free knitting patterns, too! Pop over here for all my knit & crochet patterns in one place. And for all my free knit blanket patterns, check out this post!

My go-to washcloth or dishcloth yarn is Lily Sugar ‘N Cream, The Original 100% Cotton Yarn. It holds up great to repeated washings, makes an absorbent washcloth or dishcloth, and is economically priced.

Questions about Knit Dishcloths and Washcloths

What type of yarn is best for knitting dishcloths?

Cotton or cotton blends are ideal for knitting dishcloths due to their absorbency. Unmercerized cotton is more absorbent, while mercerized cotton has a nicer sheen and durability. Popular choices include Lily’s Sugar N Cream, Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. And here are some other yarn options you might want to consider. I have all the yarns and needles I use to knit these washcloths in my shop, here.

Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton
Spinrite Peaches & Creme Cotton
Lily Sugar ‘n Cream
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
Dishie Yarn
CotLin DK Yarn

Stick to cotton or cotton blends for your dishcloths. If you go the blended route, make sure it is primarily cotton (70/30 or 80/20) as the cotton is what makes the yarn absorbent. A ball of white yarn.

Mercerized or Unmercerized Cotton?

For the most absorbent knitted dishcloth, you want to knit your dishcloths with unmercerized cotton as the mercerization process reduces the absorbency of the fibers. Unmercerized cotton is nubbier and has a more ‘natural’ look.

However, mercerized cotton dishcloths will have a nicer sheen, come in a wider range of rich colors, will most likely last longer, and won’t get as ‘soaking wet’ as a result of the mercerization process. So, it’s a ‘personal choice’…not sure if there is a right or wrong.

Can I adjust the size of the dishcloths?

Absolutely. While standard dishcloths are typically 8″ square and washcloths are 11″ square, you can adjust the size to your preference. Check out the post on resizing washcloths and blankets for guidance.

What’s the difference between a dishcloth and a washcloth?

The main difference is in size and intended use. Washcloths are generally larger and used for personal care, while dishcloths are smaller and used for cleaning tasks. However, the knitting technique and patterns can be similar for both.

How can I access these free knitting patterns?

These patterns are available for free and can be sent directly to your email inbox. You can subscribe to the blog for free to have access to these and other knitting and crochet patterns. Just pop your email address into the blue box on the right to have access to all of my knit patterns.

Are these knitted dishcloths durable for regular use?

Yes, especially if you choose a yarn like Lily Sugar ‘N Cream, which holds up well with repeated washings and is absorbent, making it ideal for dishcloths.

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A stack of colored knit dishcloth patterns.

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  1. Hi, Lynn,
    Your dishcloth patterns were what attracted me to Nourish and Nestle in the first place. I am excited to try some of the patterns that I have not yet made. I often try patterns shown for blankets in dishcloth size to see what size needles work best for me and whether or not I would like the pattern in multi colored yarn or for other uses ( I think I might use the linen stitch for a table runner.) Why waste time checking gauge with a 5″ by 5″ square, when you can end up with a new dishcloth or washcloth instead! (My niece uses a fresh one every day or two in her kitchen and is always willing to take my trial pieces .)

    1. That’s a brilliant use of your swatches! Thanks for sharing it and I will be passing it on. Do you only use cotton or cotton blends for your dishcloths? To date, that’s the only fiber I have used. Just curious what your experience has been.

      Hugs, Lynn

      1. I love the dishcloth patterns. Thank you So much for sharing. My mom taught me how to knit when I was young. I’m 74 now and still love doing it. Miss her lots. Your patterns are beautiful. Going to make some for gifts and some for me.

        1. Thanks Teresona! I am so glad you are enjoying the patterns and you should definitely plan to keep some…I use them in both my bathroom and kitchen. And what a lovely memory of your mom teaching you to knit.

          Have a great weekend my friend, and Happy Knitting.



    1. Hello from Canada
      I seem to have misplaced my subscriber code to access your patterns for knitting Please resend when you get a chance , thanks and I will attempt although they look more difficult than my expertise level.
      Take care.

  2. Hello Lynn, Thank you for the patterns of dishcloths from Marilyn( Australian Mum) You & I have the same tastes in craft , cooking & knitting etc. I want to make these cloths as gifts to give to friends, we are always swapping things in the country “ as you do” 🦘🐨

    1. G’day Marilyn!

      I am so glad you are using these patterns! Dishcloths and washcloths are so quick to knit up, but are so very useful and great for gifting. And it sounds like you have FANTASTIC taste as well…wish we didn’t live across the globe from each other!

      Many hugs, Lynn

    1. Hi Gisele! The printable for the knitted washcloth pattern is available in the Subscriber Benefits Library. If you would like to subscribe to have access, I’d be happy to add you. Let me know! There is no cost to join, but you do have access to all my knit patterns and other printables.

      Sincerely, Lynn

  3. Hello Lynn, Thankyou for your lovely Clover leaf blanket pattern,and all other nourish and Nestle recipes. I love your style. Happy crafting to all.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I do love this job of mine and it is all the more enjoyable knowing that there are readers like you who enjoy my projects and musings.

      Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend.



  4. Hi Lynn ..Thankyou for your dishcloth patterns. I was looking for easy knitting project to inspire me back to do some knitting. Not only do they look good but they are so nice to use. Now knitting them for my friends!
    Always look forward to your weekly email.
    Best wishes
    Susanne -Tasmania -Australia

    1. Good Morning Susanne! I hope you are having a beautiful day on the other side of the globe! I guess you are heading into Spring! Enjoy!

      I love using hand-knit washcloths and dishcloths! And you are so right, they make great gifts for friends and family. I love them because they are almost immediate gratification, compared to blankets or sweaters!

      Happy Knitting my friend, and thanks for being a subscriber!

      Hugs, Lynn

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