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Monday Musings, January 20

Well wishes on this Martin Luther King day here in the U.S.

I watched Marriage Story this weekend. What a lovely, sad and poignant movie.

Terry was out of town, so I knitted, had a lovely dinner with my mom, watched movies and worked on the blog all weekend! I love this wee little job of mine, but man, do I work hard at it! When I wasn’t doing all that other stuff, I was chipping away at that blasted jigsaw puzzle that has been sitting on my kitchen table since NYE! In fact, my reward for getting stuff done Friday was an hour working on the puzzle. I am this close to finishing it!

Remember when I listed my goals for 2020 last week? One of my goals was to move forward on really making this house our home and to that end, I did a thing this week. After mulling and pondering what to do with the built-in desk in the kitchen that we just don’t use for the past 7 months (I tend to be stymied by analysis paralysis), in the span of 3 days I found an antique Butler’s cabinet, bought it and tore out the desk in the kitchen! We are at a bit of standstill now as I’m waiting for the electrician and the delivery of the cabinet, but still! I’m thrilled to be moving forward.

As it relates to goals, I am really trying to be disciplined about keeping those goals documented on my calendar and making daily or weekly steps towards accomplishing them.

What have you found is the best way to chip away at your goals?

Speaking of goals, how is the Declutter Challenge going? If you joined the challenge, you’ve received the tips and Declutter Checklist for Bedrooms and Bathrooms as well as tips and Declutter Checklist for Kitchens and Laundry Rooms. Week 3 will have us diving into the Den and Living Rooms! For those of you who still want to participate, you have 2 options:

And don’t forget to leave a comment on all the 2020 Declutter Challenge posts to be entered into the $50 Amazon Gift Card drawing! I’d love your opinion on what I forgot to include on the checklists and what your decluttering/organizing challenges are!

You may find the information in this post on Freezer and Refrigerator Organization helpful as you work in your kitchen this week.

We enjoyed this Dried Fig and Butternut Squash salad for dinner, and lunch, last week. Adding some quinoa to it made it a filling meal.

Have you ever heard of GIVE BACK BOX? Use your Amazon or some other shipping boxes to send your donations to charities. They provide a free label. Great alternative if you don’t have local places to take your donations.

Want a little project for Valentine’s Day? These Conversation Heart Pillows are fun!

Tips and Video for an Easy Abstract Painting.

Well, my friends, I am off to check more to-do’s off of my list! I hope you have a fantastic Monday!


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