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Monday Musings, December 3

Good In-Three-Short-Weeks-It-Will-Be-Christmas-Eve Monday Morning! I know, that might be too much to handle on a Monday morning, but…there it is!

  • Well, the house is all decorated for Christmas…just in time for the painters, carpenters and drywall guys to come this morning to repair the damage from the Hurricane back in September.  I should’ve known that the quickest way to get them to come would be to get all my decorations up! Obviously, I really should have decorated back in October! C’est la Vie!

They promise me they will be done before my party next week…anyone taking bets?

And I’ve got to say, I am really quite zen about it. Not sure my 30-year old self would’ve been quite so calm at the thought of potential scaffolding and lots of dust one week before a party. But, with age comes perspective. And truly, we just had a Hurricane…I am blessed to be in my own home. And I’m not sure any of my friends would blink an eye at the sight of scaffolding at a party given all the repairs being done at their homes.

  • Did you hear, did you hear?  Hugh Jackman will be going on tour next year, just him! He’ll be singing Broadway songs…just him! Oh, be still my heart.  Tickets go on sale this Thursday!!! The Man, The Music, The Show is the name of the tour. Terry, and possibly Alexa, are thrilled for Christmas to have arrived so that they can take a break from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

So, what did the internet offer up this week?

Well, for starters…

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There you have it, my friends. I need to go cover my painting, pictures, and decorations as the crew should be here in an hour.  Wonder if I should try to drape the Christmas tree or…hear me out here…maybe…the dust from the sanding might just look like snow on the tree?  Hmmm…silver linings!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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  1. With age – yes perspective does follow. I’m always amazed at the things that use to seem important now I just smile and keep going. Your party will be amazing – enjoy!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just finished that book, as well!! I really liked it. I was a little surprised at the ending, which made it even more of a good read. I recommend Eleanor Oliphant!

  3. I haven’t read Eleanor Oliphant, but when I saw that A Prayer for Owen Meany is next on your list, I decided I will read just about anything you recommend. John Irving is one of my favorite authors and Ciderhouse Rules is on my top ten favorite books of all time. Thank you for finding and sharing the recipe for the Gingerbread Bundt Cake. It looks like the perfect take-along dessert or addition to the coffee hour after church. So glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi BetteAnn…

      Well, I am loving Owen Meany thus far! Have you read it? And let me know what you think about Eleanor Oliphant!

      I haven’t tried that Gingerbread Bundt Cake yet, but agree that it will be the perfect holiday dessert…I am thinking either for Christmas Eve or Christmas brunch.

      And I am even more glad that you found my little blog! I am so happy you are here.

      Have a wonderful day my friend,



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