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Monday Musings, March 2

Good Morning Glories!

I hope you are coming off of a good weekend…either incredibly productive or incredibly relaxing, whichever you needed most! Let me see, mine was really neither, but it was wonderful in that we had both of our fledglings back in the nest for a brief period of time, which is always good for my soul.

Well, my kitchen that was moving full-steam ahead has come to a screeching halt because I cannot for the life of me pick out a cabinet color! Friends, you don’t even want to go to a Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors with me… I was supposed to give the contractor the color today so that I could have my cabinets next week. Instead, I just texted him to take me off the list until further notice…

Without exaggeration, I have 10 pints of sample paint colors that I have slapped on 10 pieces of foam core and stuck all over the kitchen and truly, I’m just done with it for the time being. Will you laugh at me if I tell you that I am exhausted by it? I know, first-world problems, but nevertheless, the struggle is real. ?

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If you like murder mysteries/police procedural books, then you will most likely love The Chestnut Man. I just finished it and was disappointed to find it is the author’s only book…thus far…one can hope. I switched genres completely and am now reading Cousins and Strangers by Leah Hager Cohen. I’m probably not even 1/4 of the way into it, but I can tell that I love her way with words and the laying out of the story has me intrigued!

Leah, one of our brilliant readers, left a great suggestion that I want to share with the rest of you! If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, use a small amount of butcher block oil on a microfiber cloth to polish your stainless. Don’t wash the microfiber, just keep it set aside for wiping down your stainless. Leah only has to reapply the butcher block oil a couple of times a year! I am so doing this!

And since we are talking tips, I did want to share another one with you. I have become aware that my posture needs some improvement. In doing some research on exercises, I came across this tip that I have been employing that is really helping me. Imagine that you have a beam of light that emanates from your chest. When you slump over, your light aims down, but you want your light to shine forward for all the world to see! This little reminder to keep my light shining forward is really helping me be more conscious of my posture. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

When we moved, I switched all of our timers from the older analog ones to these Smart Plugs and am so glad I did! Now that it is staying lighter longer, I don’t need to move the furniture to reach the outlets to change the schedule. Rather, it is just a matter of pulling up the app on the phone and adjusting it. PLUS, when I light turns off because of the schedule I set, but I really want it to stay on longer, once again, just a matter of using the app on my phone to turn it on! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Do you start your day with the anti-inflammatory and digestive aid of Ginger Lemon Tea? These little cubes make it easy to get into that healthy habit.

The simplest and sweetest little hand-knit washcloth/dishcloth. This is also a great beginner knit pattern.

You could easily edge it with an applied i-cord as well.

DIY Gift Ideas that don’t scream ‘DIY’!

The first day of Spring is 2 weeks away! Which means we can officially start doing some spring planning…right?

These simple lemon icebox cookies are made to look so fancy and springlike with a sweet little pansy on top!

Want to dye Easter eggs with natural ingredients commonly found in your kitchen?

Have a fantastic day my friends! It is going to be BEAUTIFUL here today and I think my yard is calling to me!

And don’t forget to Let Your Light Shine!



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  1. I really like the idea with good posture. I tend to slump and, of course, I do want my light to shine. Thank you Lori

  2. Thanks for the shoutout.
    If it makes you feel better I have been without a kitchen sink since the week before Thanksgiving. I still did Thanksgiving and Christmas, now refusing Easter without a sink. Thank goodness for an adjoining laundry room and sink. I can’t decide on a countertop. The cabinets are now bright white uppers and matte black bottoms…wasn’t sure- but love what I have done so far. Slowly but surely the walls are getting done, travertine tumblestone.

    1. Oh Lee…I surely shouldn’t complain! I think I’d be going crazy without a sink in the kitchen…you are a better woman than I am. But, it sounds like it will be beautiful. You and I are at different ends of the project…I’ve got counters but need my cabs. At least I have a sink and dishwasher!

      Glad to be in the boat with you!

      Hugs, Lynn

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