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News from the Nest, March 28

Happy Monday!

Here we are, another beginning to a great week!

It was a chilly weekend here, which was actually a good thing for me. I broke my baby toe (again) and am trying to keep off my feet, which is really hard to do when it is gorgeous, warm, and spring-ish outdoors. We are going to Italy and the U.K. in three weeks and I need to be in walking form by then. I guess it was my childhood in Hawaii and Guam, but I REALLY have a hard time keeping shoes on my feet…which has taken a toll on my little toes.

I constantly strive to put out content that appeals to YOU, the loyal readers of Nourish and Nestle. To that end, I have put together a short survey to gauge your interests. The link for the survey is at the bottom of this page. So before you leave today, I would be so thankful if you could take two minutes of your time to fill it out.

New Content on Nourish + Nestle

  • This Strawberry Tart has SPRING written all over it, along with DELICIOUS and EACH PART CAN BE MADE AHEAD OF TIME AND ASSEMBLED AT THE LAST MINUTE. 🍓
  • I’ve told you about my grandma who was an incomparable creator, maker, and baker, and the crafting angel who sits on one of my shoulders. She left behind hand-written recipe cards, along with embroidered linens and boxes of lace. I recently tackled washing some of her embroidered samplers that were showing their almost 100 years of age. This post shows how easy it is to clean vintage linens, lace, and embroidery.
Two embroidery samplers.

Trending this week:

  • Brothy Beans This recipe went viral and prompted a little kerfuffle on N + N’s Facebook page. Someone erroneously commented that the recipe was high in fat and the defenders of truth came out of the woodwork! In any event, the recipe received a great deal of attention and traffic. It is one of our year-round staples.
A pink baby blanket with ruffles.

  • One of my favorite home decor DIYs is this Oyster Shell Mirror. You could pay several hundred dollars for one or make it for almost free, with a little scrounging behind your local fresh fish store.
Oyster shell mirror against a pale blue wall.
Brown, blue, green, and beige eggs.

Saving Money in the Kitchen

  • I use terra-cotta disks to keep my brown sugar soft. BUT, did you know you could use a piece of a broken terra-cotta pot for the same purpose! That’s my kind of upcycling. Just wash it well and put the damp (not dripping wet) piece of terra-cotta into your brown sugar container. Works like a charm.
  • If you only need half of an avocado, place the other half, cut side down, on a plate with a little shmear of olive oil. The oil seals the avocado, preventing the brown oxidation from air contact.

Fiber cookies on a counter with a glass jar of fiber cookies and two oranges in the background.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE TODAY, please take a minute to fill out this survey so that I can gauge your interests. There is a page where you can add additional comments…please feel free to do so.

Have a FANTASTIC week, my friends.


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