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Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift Idea

DIY this Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift , it’s perfect for the upcoming Galentine’s Day.

Are you familiar with Galentine’s Day? No…I didn’t just make a typo…I’m talking about Galentine’s Day…with a ‘G’.

I know that Hallmark gets knocked for creating holidays, but this is a straight-up made-up holiday that I can totally get behind. If you don’t watch Parks and Rec on TV then you may not be familiar with this, originally fictitious, holiday; but it is a holiday that the character Leslie Knopes invented to celebrate her gal friends.

In her words, “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.

So, in addition to frittatas and quiches and fruit salad to celebrate your gals, wouldn’t it be lovely to bring your gals a little token of love and appreciation?

If any of your girl friends are tea drinkers, then I have an idea for you…Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift (or Black Tea) with Rosehips Honey!

Package your Rose Petal and Green Tea with a mesh diffuser

This little rose petals and green tea gift is so easy to put together and can be ‘personalized’ with different blends,with or without an added tea cup and/or tea strainer.

You can often find tea cups and saucers in your local thrift store, on Etsy or Ebay.

Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift

Here’s what I used to make my Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift:

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In terms of how I made the tea, it was just a matter of tossing the tea with the rose petals.  I used a 1:1 ratio, but I don’t think there is a specific ‘recipe’, per se.  Just a matter of taste…add more rose petals for a rosier taste.

Rosehip Honey

For what it’s worth, it is claimed that rose petals can help with constipation, menstrual cramps as well as help relieve stress and anxiety.

 Here’s what I used to make the Rose Hip Honey:

I combined the honey and the rose hips (1:1) in a lidded jar and heated the jar on ‘warm’ in water in my slow cooker for about 2 days. I kept the lid askew to let some of the heat escape as I didn’t want to boil my honey as the boiling would diminish the many healthy benefits of honey.

I also added a handful of rose petals to the honey and let it ‘marinate’ for a week before I strained the rose petals out.  I actually kept it under my kitchen sink…that seems to be a warm spot in my kitchen when the heat is on. You can really detect the lovely rose scent in the honey.

Rosehip honey with Rose Petal Green Tea

As it relates to the rose hips, they are known to improve circulation, digestion and lower cholesterol.  

If you’d like to do something similar for your gal friends, I’ve made available sheets of the tags in the Subscriber Benefits Library…you can sign up for access to all the good stuff in the Library here.  I’m a green tea gal, but I understand it’s an acquired taste. As such, I’ve also made a sheet of tags for black tea lovers.

I printed the tags on cardstock, folded the tag over the top of the bag such that the ingredients part is on the back and punched holes through both the tag and the bag.  I then just tied a ribbon through the holes.

But you could also print them on adhesive paper and adhere the tag to the bag, folded over with the ingredient list on the back.  These are the sheets that I use for large labels. Unfortunately, I can only find them in packs of 100…

So, were you familiar with Galentine’s Day? Will you do something with your gal pals this year on Galentine’s Day? If the idea of a Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift appeals to you, by all means bookmark this page or pin this image for your future reference.

Need a gift for Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day? DIY this Rose Petals and Green Tea Gift with Rose Hip Honey. It is perfect for your tea loving friend and family. So very easy to make and personalize.

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  1. Lynn, this is a fantastic idea. I’m definitely gonna try this. As I was reading through the infused honey recipe, it made me wonder about trying this in my InstantPot. Have you tried to make infused honey in a pressure cooker? It’s pretty amazing! The best part is that it’s ready in about an hour. 30 minutes on high pressure, 30 minutes natural release, strain the honey, pour it into a pretty Weck jar and it’s ready for gifting or eating!

    Also, if you use dried (not fresh) ingredients, the infused honey has a really long shelf life. Just a thought!

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