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DIY Ornament Garland & My Pink Porch Decor

Need to spruce up your front door and front porch this year? This Ornament Garland was so easy to make and brought some holiday merriment to my front porch.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, I’m a bit of a traditional red and green gal, with a few funky pops thrown in here and there.

So I was thrown a little curve several years back when I realized that we had a beautiful camellia bush right next to our front door that blooms in December...IN HOT PINK!  And if it were just a rather non-descript flowering bush, that’d be one thing.  But this camellia saves its energy all year to make on an incredible RIOUTOUS HOT PINK statement, at the exact time I should be decking my front door in red and green.  

Maybe I’m a little anal here, but it was really an assault to my senses to have a red and green thing going on right next to a HOT PINK thing.  

Dog sitting on front porch.

So I deferred to the camellia and began decking the front of our home in a very ‘not so Christmas-y’ hot pink.  I made an ornament wreath out of hot pink ornaments with a little lime green thrown in for fun and decorated some mini Christmas trees in pink and green ornaments.  I have loved my ornament wreath from the get-go, but never quite got my little trees together.  They always looked like they were a bit of an afterthought.  

Ornament garland on one tree at front porch.

So this was the year I decided I would give these trees some love.  Since I love my ornament wreath so much, I figured I would make a similar ornament garland and decorate my small trees with the garland. So, I started down that path and quickly realized that the garland I was planning on making would be just too much for my small-ish Christmas trees that I put in my front porch urns.  I loved how it looked, but it was just too bulky.

Dress your front porch for the holidays. Instructions and illustrations to make a DIY Ornament Garland with plastic ornaments, coiled wire and florist wire.

So I put the garland on my back burner and pondered what to do with my trees when an unplanned trip to Marshall’s revealed the solution. This garland was made very similarly to the holly garland I had made just last month in that the ornaments were attached by florist wire to the primary wire.  

marshalls garland

It would have a similar effect on the tree as the original ornament garland but much less heavy and bulky.  Sold!

Ornament Garland with plastic ornaments, coiled wire and florist wire.

So I stopped by Michael’s, which luckily is 1/2 mile from Marshall’s, and picked up some green coiled wire and some 24 gauge florist wire and then went to work.  I binge-watched Scandal while constructing two 7.5 foot garlands to bedeck my small trees. (This project turned out to be a 6-episode project…for your planning purposes)

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What You Need to Make 2 Strands of 7.5-foot Ornament Garland:

DIY Ornament Garland

How You Will Make You Ornament Garland:

  • With a glue gun, glue the hanger thing (not sure the technical name) to the ornament
    DIY Ornament Garland
  • While that glue is drying, cut your florist wire into 5-6″ segments.
  • Once the glue is dry, put your wire through the hanger, twist a bit of it to secure it and then glue the wire to the hanger with the glue gun.  You want your ornaments not to hang, but become a stiff extension of the wire.  Hold the wire for about 10 seconds to set it, then put it somewhere to dry.  I found it best to suspend my wire-side-down ornaments in my file folders. I’d imagine an upside-down dish drainer would work as well.ornaments drying in file
  • Start attaching your ornaments to your coiled wire.  Attach one ornament at each end of your coiled wire and at 2-3 evenly spaced intervals.  This will help you space your ornaments so that you have enough to do the entire coiled wire.
  • I highly recommend putting band-aids or first-aid tape around your pointer fingers and thumbs.  This will make you more effective in wrapping the wires and will prevent the wires from poking your fingers.  You could also wear gloves…I’m just not a glove gal.  
  • Just keep attaching your ornaments, making sure you’re mixing them up.
  • Once you’re done, deck your tree, stand back, and admire your handiwork.
Ornament GArland on two trees.

It so happens that I really am one of those “never met a color I didn’t like” people, so I’m really quite happy with my pink/green thing on the front porch, which immediately transitions to a red/green thing once the front door is opened.  

Pin it for your future reference!

FRont porch with pink and green ornament garland.

So find a good show to binge-watch, and in several hours you’ll have two great garlands that you can use on your mantel, on your tree or any number of places.

If you are looking for even more holiday decorating ideas, check out this Christmas tour of my home for many ideas!

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lynn in wreath




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  1. Lynn, I love that hot pink wreath!! And there is no way you were going to fight with nature. Everything is perfect! The trees, the garland and the wreath. A very sophisticated setup! As for Scandal , I’ve been meaning to watch it because I’ve seen all the other seasons, but this blogging gig has really put a crimp on my tv watching this year. I still haven’t seen Downton Abbey!

    1. I guess it’s good adage that you can’t fight with nature…she’ll always win…as she should. As much as I am a red/green girl, I really do like my pink wreath and garland. It’s a little funky, which I like as well. You must watch Scandal…it’s perfect for binge watching, maybe 5 seasons worth? I agree with you that blogging puts a crimp on things…on lots of things!!! Oh, and you must watch Downton Abbey…so love that program. I’ve just started the BBC show Broadchurch as well. It’s a good one too.
      Kisses Mary!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I do like the pink against the dark door as well. Sometimes things work out for a reason, right. Thanks for visiting today!

    2. I’ve watched all of Scandal except for this season because blogging is ruining my tv schedule. Same for DA all seasons except for this one. I’m also a big Dr Who fan but don’t like the latest doctor… As for broadchurch, I watched the American version called Grace point, which was excellent. It also starred David Tennant. I would also recommend Homeland. We have too much in common, I tell ya we’re twins!!

      1. Hi Mary, So we do have lots in common. Isn’t that great? We’re 5,000 miles away, on different continents, and enjoy the same tv shows! I’m now up to date with Scandal and Downton Abbey. I had never heard of Grace Point…leave to someone in Greece to tell me about an American TV show! I really did enjoy Broadchurch, but then I really like BBC. My son loves Dr. Who, but I just haven’t been able to get into it. My husband and I both really enjoy Homeland! I consider it one of the best TV shows out there. But I REALLY do love Game of Thrones as well. Have you watched that?

  2. I love love love the pink and green and while I’m also more like a traditional green & red fan, I must say that having that beautiful camellia bush right next to your front porch you did the right thing! I couldn’t imagine red & green there, this hot pink garland, the wreath and the little gifts, all is just perfect and looks amazing! Your porch is beautiful and so full of fresh green! The garland is a great idea, I’ve never thought of making and I actually have other ornaments that I didn’t use this year on the tree that I could do this with! I’ve never watched Scandal… but I’m a big How to get away with Murder fan….besides WD. Seems like we have to wait til after Christmas to get more, hey? I’d love to come over and make a garland with you while having a show marathon…lol! Have a nice day Lynn!!!

    1. Katrin, I’d love for you to come stay with me for a while! We could have a HUGE CRAFT PARtY…maybe Mary and Nikki could pop over too! Wouldn’t that be great! We’d make everyone watch WD from the first episode!
      Anyway, thanks for your sweet comments. I do love my front porch with its hot pink and green. Everyone needs a little funky in their world…right?
      Have a great Thursday!

      Kisses. Lynn

    2. How could I not have watched the Game of Thrones. Every Spring we gather to the tv like a flock of birds to the nest…lol. Another one you mightlike is House of Cards..it usually starts in February. We just have too much in common!! Althought I wonder when you find the time, because ever since I started this blog, well I have time for little else.

      1. Hahaha that’s so funny, we are huge Game of Thrones fans, it’s awesome, I love it…and House of Cards as well, although it gets a little dry and too much for me sometimes…how funny hey???

        1. So I just told Mary that you, she and I must be triplets, separated a birth…and by a few years as well. ? So, do you think Jon Snow is going to pull a Glenn? I do truly love him and will have a hard time if he’s really gone.

          1. Oh that’s right, it is in Germany. Munich right? On that show, I have a serious crush on Quinn. He is so dang cool! So now you know all my tv crushes! Darryl, Jon and Quinn. Hmmm…wonder what that says about me?

      2. So it appears that you, Katrin and I are actually triplets!! Who knew? I liked House of Cards better the first season. As the show has progressed I find that I can only take so much of Francis, then I start to get the heeby jeebies. What about Homeland? So good. And I was happy that Peter Dinklage was nominated for SAG award today. I do love his character, almost as much as Jon Snow who I am hoping against hope isn’t really dead. What do you think?

  3. I love it! Pink fits perfectly and it’s such an unconventional choice (with all the reds and greens). That bauble wreath is stunning 🙂

    1. Jon is defiitly coming back! That is so funny how we can bond over a couple of tv shows… I watch Homeland with my husband. It’s his favorite. Oh I would also recommend Breaking bad and The Wire. This one ended years ago but is considered a classic at this point.

      1. From your lips to God’s ears!

        Absolutely loved Breaking Bad, but never quite got into The Wire even though I truly crush on Idris Elba. Maybe I need to give it another try.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks so much for visiting today. Thanks for your kind compliments. I do love the look of the pink and the brown as well. Things happen for a reason, right?…Kismet! I’m just about ready for Christmas! How about you?

  4. Lynn, I love pink, so seeing that you followed that beautiful pink camellia’s lead, and decorated your front entryway in pink delights my heart!! 🙂 You’re did a really great job on the garland!!

    1. Hi Keri, Thanks for sharing the love of pink!It’s definitely a fun color and really does work with the dark brown door and grayish brick. It’s a really good thing I didn’t have a red door…something would’ve had to give…the door or the camellia.

  5. Lynn, your porch is so pretty! Your door is pretty to begin with but the topiaries and the greenery growing all around the porch is gorgeous. I love what you did with the ornaments and yes…the hot pink is perfect!

    1. Hi Stacey, Thanks for your compliments. I do love the hot pink now that I’ve embraced it.

      I knew I recognized your and your blog name and just did a quick check…and was reminded that we share a love for Red Toile/Transferware plates!
      Thanks for stopping to visit today!

  6. I love this! I am pinning so I can work on this for next year. I have an image I’ve saved for years that I would love to emulate and the stair rail is wrapped in a garland like this. I had no idea where to find it, now I can make my own!!! Thank you so much!!! xx

    1. You are so welcome Nikki! So glad I can finally help you after all the great suggestions and ideas you’ve given me! Hope you’re weekend is fantabulous!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I do love the way my entry way looks at Christmas and so glad that you found the tutorial helpful. We’ll be putting our home on the market this year and I’ll be sad to leave this porch.
      Have a wonderful Christmas!


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