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Welcome House Guests

Ideas to Welcome House Guests and make them feel at home, as well as a review of the Dormeo Premium Mattress Topper. From time to time, I work with brands that I think you’ll love. Dormeo, USA sponsored this post, but all the words and opinions are mine.

Now that we have vastly improved the aesthetics of our guest room with a fresh coat of paint, the pillow sham covers, and this bed skirt, we want to make sure that this guest room truly makes our house guests feel welcome and comfortable. It doesn’t take much to say, ‘Hey, we are delighted you are here!’ but what it says to your guests is invaluable.

What Are Some Ways to Make House Guests Feel Welcome and Comfortable?

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The Bed

First things first, make sure there is a comfortable bed for them. At the end of the day, a good night’s sleep will mean more to your guests than just about anything. We are dealing with an old mattress in our guest room; the fact that I don’t really know how long we’ve had it is all you need to know. But a better mattress is an expense we don’t want to undertake now.

Dormeo is relatively new in the United States, but those of you in Europe are undoubtedly familiar with them. They brought their sleep technology to the US with their Premium Mattress Topper and pillow. This Mattress Topper and their Premium Duo Pillow are what they recently sent to me to try out. And try it out we did!

So, let’s talk about this Dormeo Premium Mattress Topper and why I’m a fan.

  • Those of us who, well, get hot at night 🙋🏻‍♀️ will REALLY appreciate the patented Octaspring® technology in this topper that expels hot, humid air and pulls in cool, fresh air. This image shows just how that works…there’s nothing solid to block the airflow, unlike your typical memory foam mattress.
A hand pushing down foam springs.
  • Support for those pressure points! There are three Smart Zones that provide for ergonomic support of your shoulders, hips and back. I am a side sleeper and my hips benefit from the gentle support that my regular mattress doesn’t provide.
  • This topper has an additional 3″ of comforting, air-cooled support. It is the perfect solution for an old mattress, an uncomfortable sofa bed, or even the floor.
A hand measuring the thickness of a foam mattress pad.
  • You know when the other person in the bed moves and the whole mattress moves? Well, this Dormeo Mattress Topper evenly distributes the weight so that movement of one person doesn’t transfer!
  • The straps securely hold the topper to your mattress so that it doesn’t move.
A white foam mattress topper on a blue mattress.
  • The cover of the Dormeo mattress topper not only enhances air circulation and wicks away moisture, but it is machine washable!
  • If you still want to cover the whole thing with a mattress pad, I have a deep mattress pad and it had no problem going over everything.

We moved the topper to our guest room, and I feel good knowing that my guests will enjoy a good night’s sleep.

So, after taking care of the bed, what are some other ways to make your house guest feel welcome and comfortable?

Clean and Comfortable sheets (extra points if they smell delicious!)

I have several laundry soaps that I reserve for my linens that are delightfully fragranced. I make sure to give the bedding a good wash in one of those soaps just before guests arrive.

Comfortable pillows.

I like a soft pillow while my husband prefers a firm, so I make sure I have different pillow firmness levels for our guests. Not for nothing, the Dormeo’s Premium Duo Pillow has a soft side and a firm side!

A white pillow with orange piping on a bed.

Clean Towels

A bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth for each guest is an excellent place to start.

A stack of towels on a bed

Make sure the bathroom is equipped with basic toiletries, just in case.

A luggage rack makes getting to clothes easier than if it were on the floor.

A luggage rack.

Some hangers and space in the closet are always appreciated.

Information to sign on to WiFi

A vase of flowers sitting on a table

A selection of books or magazines.

A noise machine.

Inevitably, someone will leave their charging cable at home.

It’s easy to have spare cords on hand. This charging station also eliminates the need for multiple wall sockets.

A phone sitting in a phone holder on a wooden table.

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Mattress, towels and plant.
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  1. Saving money – I wasn’t trying to save money but I noted this from friends. I buy few books but get my books from the library, used bookstores. My friend gave some new books that she had recently read. She had spent close to $200 on them. I was shocked.
    I see people buying coffee before work. That must add up to an incredible amount: I never buy coffee.

    Making guests comfortable: Two baskets 1) shampoo, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste and brush, deodorent etc 2) snacks- nuts, potato chips, crackers and cheese. water. (whatever I think they would like)

    1. Hi Astrid, All fantastic ideas.

      Like you, I’m a regular patron at our local library. Think I’d break out in hives if I spent money on a book.

      And while I do love a Starbucks from time to time, it sure does add up quickly.

      Love the idea of a few snacks in the guest room! Great idea, thanks.

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