Good Monday Morning, my friends.

I did a thing this weekend it was wonderful! I stepped away from the computer and the news from 10:30 Saturday morning until this Monday morning. That’s a good 38 hours of ignorant bliss. I am working on a Strawberry Tart recipe to share with you, so I spent some time in the kitchen.

But then the rest of the time I spent knitting in front of the television. I’m embarrassed to tell you ALL the mindless fluff I watched (Tinder Swindler being one of them, but it was actually compelling), but yesterday I started on Mrs. Wilson which is Masterpiece Theatre (so I think that cancels out the Tinder Swindler 🤞🏻). I’m two episodes into it and am very much enjoying it.

New Articles On the Blog

Last week I shared several very easy and doable ways to make houseguests feel welcome and comfortable during their stay with you. This post also included a review of the Dormeo Mattress Topper which is a fantastic way to upgrade an old mattress and avoid the expense of buying a new mattress.

I also published this Strawberry Crisp Recipe, which is truly one of the quickest ‘ hands-on’ time recipes that results in a comforting, delicious, fruit-filled dessert.

  • Speaking of Strawberry Desserts 🍓🍓🍓

I turned on my computer to this lovely Strawberry Jam Cake review from DJ. And yes, this jam cake freezes beautifully! I need to make sure to add that to the post.

Made this today and it’s so good! Already imagining making it with peaches or blueberries or rhubarb. Wondering if leftovers need to be refrigerated and if this cake freezes well. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • This is that time of the year when, although the temperatures may not reinforce it, our minds have begun the transition to spring. My hydrangea have the tiniest hint of green leaves and the daffodils are blooming. I am less interested in knitting big, bulky, warm items and more interested in lighter weight items for the coming spring and summer months. If you are looking for some lighter weight blanket or throw projects, I’ve got you!

This linen throw is a great project that uses simple single crochet to finish it with a lovely edge.

And this knit throw uses the linen stitch to result in a gorgeous, almost woven-looking fabric. Of course, you know I’m a sucker for an edge, so I love the little bit of lace crochet edge and tassels.

  • If you like the idea of crocheting around linen, but not sure you want to tackle a throw quite yet, consider these cocktail napkins, which use the same technique.

I continue to hold the people of Ukraine in my heart. I had the opportunity to send people and dog food through a local campaign this weekend. It seems such a little gesture but to that ripple thing…I have to trust that my small pebble makes a difference.

Well, my friends, Terry and I have scheduled another Week of Work this week. Basically, we make checking items off of our home to-do list a priority this week. I’ll be popping in and out to do a little blog work, but we need to get all the trimming in the yard done, as well as several other nagging tasks. Unfortunately, it’s a bit chilly today! But we have a bit of a deadline as we are having pine straw delivered next week.

I do plan to get a new washcloth pattern and a strawberry tart recipe published this week as well! I clearly need to get busy…no more Tinder Swindler for me this week.



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