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Tassel on Armoire

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These decorative tassels for furniture are an easy DIY. You can personalize them to fit any decor style or room style. I especially love the large wood bead tassels that I’ve seen about, so once I figured out how to drill the balls of wood, I was tickled to discover just how easy it is to DIY Decorative Tassels with large wooden beads…now I just need more pieces of ‘tassel-able’ furniture!

We were so blessed 20 years ago when, after my grandma’s death, my grandpa sent us the dining room set that belonged to my grandparents.  While not necessarily my ‘taste’…I am thrilled to have furnishings in our home that have a ‘history’…a story to them.

My grandparents were products of the Depression; my grandpa never finished high school because he was needed on the family farm. He was a hard worker and over the years, he and my grandma built a very comfortable life. That being said, it was ‘kinda a big deal’ when they invested in their dining room set many years ago.

Fast forward 60 years and this furniture resides in my dining room. It is much more formal than I am, so I’ve tried to ‘casual down’ the room with a jute rug and simple white linen chair covers and draperies.

The corner china cabinet is lovely, but I am forever ‘noodling’ ways to make it more ‘my style’.  I do have some plans that don’t involve painting the whole thing, but for the time being these DIY Decorative Tassels were a simple, fun and casual addition to the cabinet.China Cabinet with decorative tassel

Supplies I Used for DIY Decorative Tassels

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Large Decorative tassel on china cabinet

How I Made my DIY Decorative Tassels

  • Drill 3/4″ holes in wooden beads. I found it easier to use the knobs as the flat surface is easier for the bore to drill into.Wooden ball in vise
hand showing how to make decorative tassels

Two different types of wooden ball

  • For the knobs, I also needed to drill smaller holes for the hanger.
  • I drilled about 1″ deep.drilled holes in wooden balls
  • With the wooden balls done, it was time to add the ‘tassely’ stuff. I made tassels out of both jute and cotton rope. I untwisted and separated the rope…for the jute, I was able to pull individual strands.  For the cotton, I used several strands.Pulling threads from jute rope for decorative tassel
  • I pulled off enough threads to make sure that the tassel looked full enough.

Decorative Jute Tassel

  • I trimmed the tassel to the desired length…too long and they looked a little ‘jelly fish-ish’…not the look I was going for.
  • I attached the beads to the transparent line in lengths similar to the length of the jute.

Mother of Pearl Beads for Decorative Tassel

  • I threaded what would be the tassel hanger through the top hole. For the tassel hanger, I separated the rope such that it was 2 plys.Hanger for Decorative Tassel
  • I glued the transparent line with the shells on to the ball.  I found that this was the best way to keep the shells from getting swallowed up by the jute.Gluing Beads on Wooden Bead
  • Once the glue was dry, I tied my bundle of jute onto the tassel with the long pieces from the hanger.Tying Jute into Decorative Tassel
  • Once I made sure all the shells were where I wanted them, I glued the whole thing in place.Gluing Jute in Decorative Tassel

That was the process for the jute diy decorative tassels.  The only thing I did different for the cotton tassels was that I used cotton rope instead of jute and some leftover trim instead of shells.Rope use for decorative tassel

Cotton Rope and Trim for Decorative Tassel


Decorative Tassel with Large Wooden Bead

Once I figured out how to get the hole I needed in the wooden ball, the rest was very easy and fun. There are so many variations you could do to make these work for you. I have plans to do something a little less ‘natural’ for my daughter’s armoire…stay tuned.

Here’s a wee video to show you the process…

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So go forth and tassel! I do believe that I read somewhere that you truly can not have too many tassels, did you read that too?

If you think you might want to try your hand at DIY Decorative Tassels, then by all means…bookmark this page or pin this image for your future reference.

pin showing decorative tassels and how to make tassels

decorative tassel on china cabinet

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  1. Jenny Kavanagh

    February 17, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    These are wonderful, Lynn. My favorite thing is they are really pretty without the fuss of a traditional tassel. And who doesn’t love a fun easy project! Also, I can totally relate to having passed down furniture that may not be my style but I love it because it reminds me of family.

    • lynn

      February 21, 2018 at 10:06 am

      So true my friend! And I’m digging those tassels. Now my daughter wants some for her room…they will be a little flashier, I’m sure.

  2. Kathy Pickrell

    February 17, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Thanks for posting a picture of your corner china cabinet. My mother had one that was identical; she sold it when my parents downsized. I would have taken it, but I did not have the room. I will always remember it. Thanks again. Kathy

    • lynn

      February 21, 2018 at 10:05 am

      Hi Kathy, I do love that cabinet…but we are downsizing soon as well and not sure it’s going to fit!!! ?


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