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Common Knit Errors: Prevent and Fix

This post shares some common knit errors and how to prevent them or diagnose and fix them.

Like any art form, at some point, every knitter will make errors; it’s just a reality.

I firmly believe that forcing some of these errors makes you a better, more confident knitter.

If you are inclined, grab your needles and make an unwanted yarn over to make a hole. You can continue to knit so that your hole is several holes back and then fix it or immediately. What if you bind off before you realize you have an unwanted hole? 😯 Try all three ‘unwanted hole’ scenarios!

Knit Fabric showing hole in fabric before taking steps to fix this common knit error.

Or, knit a swatch and then intentionally drop a stitch. Now, what do you do?

Play around with your tension, are you a tight knitter or a loose knitter? How can you tell? Are you at least consistent with your tension?

The more you play around and force these errors, the less likely you are to make them in the first place. But if you find that you have made one of these knit errors, you will be less likely to panic when it comes time to fix it.

One of the most common questions is putting your stitches back on the needles after you’ve had to rip out a row or two (or thirteen!) The ‘Twisted Stitches’ post shows how to put your stitches back on your needles so that they aren’t twisted. We discuss the anatomy of a stitch, including the right legs and left legs!

These are some of the common knit errors discussed in detail in the following posts. Video and Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions clearly show how to prevent these errors or diagnose and fix them.

Dropped Stitch in knitting
Dropped Stitches: Diagnose, Prevent & Fix Them
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Twisted Knit Stitches: Diagnose, Prevent & Fix
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Knit Swatch that shows inconsistent knit tension.
Tension in Knitting: Too Loose, Tight, or Inconsistent
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Not Sure In Which Direction You Should Be Knitting?
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Three images of knit fabric showing common knit errors.
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  1. I like your knitting fixes and want to add a helpful tip if several rows have to be unravelled. That’s not a happy situation but picking up the stitches on a smaller needle than the one you’re knitting with makes it easier. Don’t worry if you pick them up twisted; they can be turned as you knit them on to the correct needle.

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