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Free Knit Blanket Patterns

From thick and chunky knit blankets to sweet and delicate baby blankets, you should find something to keep your knitting needles busy with these Knit Blanket Patterns.

When I realized that one could only have or gift so many sweaters, I switched my focus and started working on more ‘household’ type items like blankets and washcloths. Since then, I’ve worked up chunky throws to sweet & delicate baby blankets.

And if you’d like to change the size of any of these blankets, check out this post on how to resize knit blankets.

Check out these patterns to give your needles a workout!

Free Knit Blanket Patterns

Blocking your Blanket

Once you’ve spent the time to create your beautiful knit blanket, make sure you finish it properly by blocking it. The active blocking time will only take 30-45 minutes, with another 1-2 days of dry time, so plan accordingly. Follow this link for instructions on how to block your knitting and the materials I use.

If you are knitting a blanket for a gift, make sure to attach a care tag for the recipient. Detail the yarn fiber content and the washing instructions, per the yarn label.

A knit tote bag.

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    1. Aw, Thanks Scarlet. It is used regularly, even during the summer as it is nice and lightweight.

      Have a great day my friend.



  1. Dear Lynn,
    I want to thank you for introducing me to the world of knitting. I fell in love with your basket weave blanket and washcloth. I taught myself thanks to you. I am working on the linen stitch blanket. I am going to make in long panels 40 stitches wide and incorporate your edging and tassels. I didn’t have circular needles to accommodate it so decided to try panels since I had already started a sample experiment.

    1. Hi Cynthia! I am tickled beyond words that I may have played a small part in your discovery of knitting! It is such a great hobby..easy to pick up and put down and great to keep your hands busy while traveling and watching TV. I think your plan sounds perfect! I’d love for you to share the finished product when you are done. Others will have similar dilemmas and your solution will be helpful to them.

      Have a wonderful weekend of knitting, my friend.



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