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Knit Care Tags: Free & Printable

Print off and cut out these Knit Care Tags to accompany your knitted or crocheted gifts. The care tags instruct the recipient how to wash and dry their new gift.

If you are anything like me, most of your knit projects are crafted with someone else in mind. Be it a baby blanket knit to welcome a new baby, a lovely and cozy throw for a child moving away, or knit washcloths for friends and family, most of my projects end up in someone else’s home. It is fair to say that knitting gifts for others is one of my love languages! 💗💗💗

But, after you’ve caringly knit and purled or crocheted all those stitches and created that gorgeous love project, it only makes sense that you want the new owner to know how to care for it!

Blanket and Tag

(This is my Half-Linen Stitch Blanket with Faux Fur if you are interested in knitting it.)

I made these knit care tags with my knit and crochet gifts in mind. Print them on white or off-white card stock and cut them out. Then punch a hole to tie them to your gift.

Printed sheet with knit care instructions.

Three Knit Care Tags come in each sheet. You can access the sheet of tags in the Benefits Library. Or you can click on the button below and these Care Tags will then automagically appear in your email inbox.

Knit blanket with knit care tag tied on.

This is my Linen Stitch Blanket.

The Yarn Wrapper Should Have All the Information You Need!

You can pull off the information to fill out the knit care tag from your yarn wrapper.

Fiber content of yarn.

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If you want to go a step further to make sure that your knit and crochet gifts are well taken care of, send along a bottle of Eucalan. Heck, you may just want to get a bottle for yourself as well! This Lanolin and Eucalyptus or Lavender, rinse-free, wash not only gently cleans all your hand knits, but both lavender and eucalyptus will repel moths.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to these Knit Care Tags in the future.

Knit care instructions on a knit fabric.
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  1. Hi Lynn-
    Trying to change some wording on the knit care labels but it is a pdf.
    Is there anyway to get it on a word file or have you figured out how to up date the words or x the boxes on line?

  2. hello. my name is Rehana, I oh so want to learn to knit but I am so scared to ,does it get easy? I am so intimidated by knitting. I can navigate crocheting. any suggestions on how to get over the fear? Rehana [email protected]

    1. Hi Rehana,

      Don’t be afraid! What’s the worst that could happen?

      If you are familiar with crochet, you will need to remind yourself that you will always have two active needles when you are knitting, as opposed to the one with crochet. When I move from crochet to knitting or back, it takes me a few minutes to wrap my head around that. So just remind yourself.

      I do have a series of posts that teach knitting, with a very easy knit washcloth to help you with the process.

      You can check it out here…just go step by step and I am glad to help you when you need it!




  3. Thank you – again! – for your fabulous instructions and cute gift/care tags! Lovely and much appreciated! Now off for that crockpot soup recipe… 😄

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