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Gold-Dusted Magnolia Christmas Mantle

Fresh, gold-dusted magnolia leaves, gold ornaments, and a gold lantern were the elements I used for my Magnolia Christmas Mantle.
I am thrilled to be joining my friend, Angie from Postcards From The Ridge, for her annual Christmas Home Tour.
As a quick aside, not only do I really enjoy working on my little blog, but I have been beyond blessed to meet and work with other bloggers. Angie is one of those friends that I would never have met if I hadn’t ventured into this little blog business of mine. Since I’m still feeling that Thanksgiving afterglow, I just needed to share that!
OK, onto my Magnolia Leaf Mantle.

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Since we will be gone for most of the month of December, I knew I wanted to keep our decorating simple this year. And, since we are new in this home and still waiting to do some remodeling as well as waiting for most of our furniture to be reupholstered, I haven’t really nailed down my Christmas decor. So, I did what any resourceful gal would do…I shopped my home…and my yard…this year.
We live in the South and we have several magnolia trees in the yard of our new home, so…well…I just had to adorn my Christmas mantel with those magnolia leaves this year! I mean…how could I not?!
Our magnolias are the smaller leafed, Little Gem Magnolias, but the larger leafed Southern Magnolia would be just as lovely. And just because everything can be improved with a dusting of gold, I did just that! I mean, I love magnolia leaves as they are, but how could I not create a gold-dusted Magnolia Christmas Mantle, especially since I had all the stuff just sitting there ready to be used!?
And talk about easy!
I snipped several magnolia branches, sprayed them with a foliage sealer (which is HIGHLY recommended) and then while they were still damp from the foliage sealer, I just dragged the magnolia branches through some fine gold glitter!
The foliage sealer is an anti-desiccant which seals in moisture and slows down moisture evaporation.  I clipped the two branches below at the same time, 2.5  weeks ago. The one on the left was sprayed with the foliage sealer, while the one on the right wasn’t. You can see that the foliage sealer kept the leaves from losing their color and the leaves from curling. You can find it here or here.
showing magnolia leaves treated with foliage sealer and not treated
Magnolia Christmas Mantel with Santa Painting
The green and gold in the magnolia leaves on the mantel pair perfectly with my favorite Santa which I painted several years ago. He is available as a print here.
Height was added on either side of Santa with a faux mini pine tree and gold lantern, which was purchased at Target (and it is on sale now!)
Our stockings…I love them! My mother made mine, as well as those of the kiddos. She knitted mine, oh…a few years ago (?) and she needle-pointed the 2 for our children shortly after they were born. Terry’s mom made his when he was a baby as well. We will never have different stockings…these are filled with so many memories

To refer back to this my Magnolia Christmas Mantel in the future, bookmark this page or pin the following image.closeup up of Magnolia Leaves in the Magnolia Christmas Mantel

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  1. Oh, how beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a beautiful tree in your neck of the woods. What a festive way to dress your mantle…and that pup! Adorable! Happy Holidays!

  2. Lynn, your’e so sweet and I too am very glad we met through blogging. I adore your magnolia garland. I’ve never heard of foliage sealer but must try it. I love using magnolia branches too and they always dry out too quickly. Love the Santa painting. You’re so talented!!

  3. How fun to have a new home to decorate, Lynn! Love the classic elegance of your gold dusted magnolias. We don’t have them here in the north, and I’m a little jealous! Always fun hopping with you and seeing your beautiful creativity!

    1. Hi, Lora…we are slowly figuring it all out. It’s fun to decorate our new home using all our ‘old’ decorations. It’s always fun hoping with you as well. Merry Christmas!



  4. I love this gold-dusted garland you’ve made for your mantel. A little glitter makes everything better, right?

    We’re thinking of planting a Little Gem Magnolia, and I can just envision using the leaves in my own Christmas decor.

  5. Oh how pretty your mantel is! I love anything magnolia and am envious of your having a magnolia tree. Such sweet memories of your stockings too. I would never switch them out either.

    1. Hi Suzy! Yes, those stockings will be hung on our mantel forever. And, I’m thrilled to say that 2 weeks later, that magnolia is still going strong! I am tickled that I have such easy access to it now.

      Merry Christmas.



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