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Monday Musings, December 2

Well, here we are! We knew it would get here at some point, but doesn’t it seem like it has been expedited? I mean, who paid extra for the rush delivery of December? We need to talk!

But, truly…I am ready for you, December. ?

We baked and decorated and baked some more this long weekend. In fact, I am at peace saying that my baking is done! (It helps that we will be gone for half of the month, so we only needed half as many cookies!)

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While I really try to not add clutter to my home, I am inexorably drawn to collections of things, especially at Christmas. I have never counted my Santas or my nutcrackers, but suffice it to say that I am at peace saying that I don’t need anymore! But, when I spied these old figural milk glass lightbulbs…I was pulled back in! I just started my collection this year, so it’s a wee collection…but I’m fairly confident I’ll have more to share next year. I have the best luck finding them on eBay.

This annual ‘argument’ in our home has been going on for 24 years…please chime in. As it relates to putting the ornaments on our Christmas Tree Advent Calendar, where would you start? The kids and I say it’s a ‘countdown’, so the first ornament goes on the number 25. My husband claims that on December 1 you put the ornament on the number 1, and count up to 25, Christmas day. So, what say you? Are the kids and I correct or is hubby? (Who knows, this may be the first time he is right)

I’ve lost exact count, but I think we made 4 recipes of these Molasses Cookies over the long weekend.

When in Rome do as the Romans. When in the Southeastern United States, use Magnolia in your Christmas decor!

After all the cooking for Thanksgiving and baking of Christmas Cookies, we had a day-long Charcuterie Graze for lunch and dinner!

This heavenly-spiced Mulled Wine jelly is delicious on your Charcuterie Board and perfect as gifts!

Not too late to whip out a few Knit Christmas Stockings! These knit up really quickly.

What are the chances that this wee Christmas Tree in my kitchen, laden with all my food and baking-themed ornaments, is going to make it through the holidays intact? I still love to pull out this Santa’s Sweet Shoppe window each year…such an easy project.

In January I am going to do a special Declutter Challenge! Want to join me? I’ll be sending out weekly prompts, checklists, and tips to help us get rid of accumulated clutter and start the year with a clean slate. I don’t want to wish December away, but I am chomping at the bit to clear my home of some useless stuff. So, if you’d like to jump on the Declutter Challenge bandwagon, click this link or the image below and sign up!

Well my lovelies, I am off to tackle my to-do list and continue my holiday preparations. I’ve got the Christmas music playing and the fire going…it’s going to be a great day!


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  1. Hi Lynn, Your hubby is correct, we count from the 1st of December the 24 days to the birth of Christ which we celebrate on the 25th December. Advent celebrates the coming / expectation of the birth, so we do count forward.
    Have an exciting advent and a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Remember if you leave Christ out of Christmas all you are left with is the mess at the end! X

    1. So true Glenys! We enjoy the anticipation of Christmas and all that it symbolizes. But I’m a little bummed I’ve been doing it all wrong all these years!

      Merry Christmas my friend.



  2. Of course you start with Dec 1st and count down the days til Christmas. Days or time don’t go backwards.

  3. We have always started with one & counted up. I made a calendar for my grandchildren & right away all 5 said start with number 25 & count down. Until then I had never thought of counting down we always counted up. I don’t think there is a right or wrong! Just enjoy the season together!

    1. Hi Mary…well, that’s one way to look at it! But we have fun ‘arguing’ about it year after year…it’s become a bit of a tradition.

      Merry Christmas my friend.



  4. I have always started on December 1 and work our way to December 25, so I agree with your husband. Your calendar is lovely. Did you crosstitch it? Blessings, Pat

    1. Hmmm…don’t tell me! He can’t be right! And my mom cross-stitched the advent calendar right after my first child was born. We do love it.



      1. Sorry Lynn but I have always put Christmas decorations, tree and started the calendar on the 1st December. So I guess this does make your husband right. Merry Christmas 🎅🤶🎅🤶💖💖🇦🇺

        1. Oh Sandra, say it ain’t so! But it does seem that yours is the most popular opinion! Now I just need to figure out how to tell hubby!

  5. I’m with your husband on this one. I guess I see those last ornaments as signifying reaching the highlight of the season, crowning it off, mounting holiday excitement, . . .

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