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22 Great Travel Gifts

Sharing a comprehensive list of Great Travel Gifts. Suggestions for small, under $20 gifts for travelers perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts under $30, and gifts over $30, these 22 gift suggestions will surely help check those travelers off of your gift list.

We are a family of travelers. As a Navy junior, my first big trip was at age 2 when we moved to Hawaii and I haven’t slowed down. We have raised our children to enjoy travel and the opportunity to open their eyes to different cultures. I also firmly believe that traveling the world and our country instills self-confidence and independence that is invaluable. 

As I write this, I am actively planning our girl’s trip to New York City and a family trip to Spain in the 2 months. In fact, it seems that a regular conversation starter in our home is ‘Where should we travel next?’

With our foreign and domestic travels, we have accumulated some accessories that make traveling all the more enjoyable and efficient. Let’s look at some of these accessories, which will make great gifts for the travelers on your gift list. 

Stocking Stuffer Travel Gift Ideas (Small and Less than $20)

After many years of gifting stocking stuffers that ultimately ended up in the thrift store bin or the trash, I am very keen to make sure that stocking stuffers are actually useful. These Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Travelers are not only useful but will easily fit into a stocking.

Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Everybody needs a travel clothesline, in case of emergencies or just because…….

A couple friend of ours just recently traveled to Greece. I don’t remember how we got on the conversation, but somehow this Travel Clothesline came up in conversation. I told them that this is always in our suitcase when we are gone for any length of time. Being able to wash out your underthings and lightweight clothing in the sink and then ‘hanging’ it on this clothesline means fewer things you need to pack. You don’t need clothespins as you just ‘tuck’ a bit of the wet item between 2 twisted lines.

Well, my girlfriend did buy this clothesline before they left. When she got home, she texted me to thank me for the recommendation and to let me know it will also be tucked in the stockings of her family members this Christmas!

If you do gift your favorite traveler with the travel clothesline, pair it with these individual, travel-sized packets of laundry detergent. These Sink Suds are also TSA compliant for carry-on luggage. I know they are nothing fancy, but these are the type of useful stocking stuffer gifts I appreciate.

I am a ‘traditional’ book reader and I always have a good book on the plane when we travel. But my family members prefer digital books and games to keep them occupied. This Flex Phone/Tablet Holder will prop a phone or tablet on the tray table for easy viewing.

In the perfect world, you wouldn’t need to lock your luggage, but… This lock is TSA approved, which allows TSA agents access with a universal key. But, unlike some locks, these TSA Approved Locks will automatically relock once the TSA key is removed.

I have done a good bit of flying recently and every time I look for my luggage on the conveyor belt, I am reminded that there are a whole bunch of black suitcases in the world.

Tagging your luggage with one of these colorful straps and tags will make finding it just that much easier and they come in a variety of colors.

Luggage tags and strap

Along the same lines, these personalized leather luggage tags are stylish.

Leather luggage tags

Not that I would know, but I have heard that these Digital Hand Held Luggage Scales are a must-have for those over-packers amongst us. Once again, not that I would know, but there is nothing worse than getting to luggage check-in only to find your suitcase is 9 lbs over the limit. 

luggage scale.

A pint-sized  Mini Umbrella is always a necessity. It packs up small but will be greatly appreciated on those rainy days and makes a perfect gift for travelers.


While not glamorous or exciting, a simple first aid kit will keep you comfortable during your travels. This 66-piece kit comes with just about everything you need for those minor ‘injuries’. I would only add a couple of pieces of moleskin to prevent and manage blisters.

first aid kit.

When our kids were younger, we were SOOO GOOD at doing some immersive language ‘training’ before we traveled to a foreign country. Now with my kids in college and doing their own things, that isn’t likely to happen. When I saw these Lingo Language Learning Playing Cards which have common terms in the noted language, I jumped at them. When we play cards on the train or at the airport, we will at least pick up a few token words to use on our travels.

Gifts for Travelers Under $30

What I especially like about this Jewelry Travel Case is the plastic sheet with tiny holes to safely hold earrings! No more worrying about those small earrings getting separated and lost! This Jewelry Travel Case is loaded with features that keep all of your jewelry safe and secure during your travels and will make a lovely and appreciated travel gift for your favorite woman traveler!

jewelry case

Depending on where your favorite traveler is heading, they may really appreciate (and need) a filtered water source. The LifeStraw Water Bottle has a 2-stage filter system which is easily replaceable when necessary.

For good or bad, it does seem that we are traveling with a good number of electronics now. My challenge has been keeping all those electronics organized!  This Electronics Travel Case does the trick. When I get to where I will be spending the night and unpack, I find that if I leave the travel case opened it reminds me to get all my chargers and cords packed back up before I head out the next day. 

This Anker Portable Power Bank really comes in handy. Not only do we use it on our travels, but we have used it during power outages at home. We just keep it plugged in at all times, so it is ready when we need it!

Last summer was the ‘summer of travel’; we started the summer with a family trip to Alaska. The trip didn’t start well as our very first flight across the country was delayed by hours and so we found ourselves sitting and napping in the airport. While waiting, I purchased a little shawl to cover myself while napping. That ‘throw’ has become a travel staple, no matter the time of year. It takes off the inevitable chill on the plane and can double as a shawl off of the plane


A Universal Adaptor is absolutely necessary for any foreign travel. These adaptors have come a long way in the past couple of years, now being housed in one small unit as opposed to having to have a bag full of different adaptors for different countries. And most travel adaptors you purchase now will have 4 USB ports, making a wall charger one less thing you need to pack. 

I used these packing cubes on our recent trip through Europe and they are a game changer! I kept all my long sleeve T-shirts in one, all my heavy sweaters in one, my pants in one, and my meds in the small one. I found it so much easier to keep my stuff organized on the trip. When I needed pants, I knew exactly where they were without having to toss the whole suitcase looking for them. Plus, they definitely compacted my clothes a little bit, making it possible to get more in.

packing cubes

Gifts Over $30 For Your Favorite Traveler

For the guy who has to travel for work, this personalized tie case is a lovely gift. The case securely holds 4 ties and keeps them safe and wrinkle-free during travel. 

tie case

O.K., this Passport Stamp Phone Case is just a fun gift!

If there is one thing I would like to go back and do differently, it’s that I do wish I had kept a travel journal documenting our trips. I’d love to be able to look back and reminisce, as well as refer back to some of our favorite places to share with fellow travelers. Gifting this travel journal would hopefully prompt the recipient to jot down their experiences.

I purchased this exact Cross-Body Travel Bag for myself! It’s been to Europe several times and around the U.S. multiple times. The cross-body feature is much easier on my shoulders, and the secure zippers make it difficult for any ne’er-do-well who wants to just ‘see’ what’s in my purse! It’s big enough for travel necessities, without being too big. It has an RFID feature makes my credit cards secure and can’t be cut with a knife or scissors by some other ne’er-do-well! This bag makes a great gift for your favorite traveler.

These Amazon Bestseller Noise Cancelling Headphones are helpful to drown out the noises of air travel. My daughter doesn’t travel without hers and finds many ‘non-travel’ uses for them as well.

I’ve tried many travel neck pillows! I’d hate to see the total I’ve spent in my quest for the perfect neck pillow. While I am not convinced that there is THE PERFECT travel pillow, this one comes pretty close. It fully encircles your neck, providing more support. It has velcro places where you can make it as tight or as loose as you need. And you can fold it for more of a pillow if that’s what you want. It has little loops so that you can hook it to something while traipsing through the airport, which the little bag also helps you do.

neck pillow

To refer back to these Great Travel Gifts in the future, bookmark this page or pin the following image.

Pinterest Image for Great Travel Gifts showing Map, Camera and Hat

And don’t forget to chime in below with your favorite Travel Accessory!

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  1. Our favorite travel accessory are the strips that I sewed with our names on it that get tied to our suitcases. They make picking out the suitcase from the baggage area much quicker.

    1. Brillant!!! Did you put velcro on them? Just tie them? I may need to ‘borrow’ that idea!

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!

      Happy Travels!



  2. My favorite traveling accessories are foam ear plugs and granola bars. Never know how loud it will be on the plane and this helps me to nap or read in quiet. Also never know if there will be delays so having granola bars helps if I get hungry.

    1. Hey Jennifer…those are both great ideas. My daughter travels with foam earplugs, especially if she needs to share a room with my husband and me! 😂😴 And I also have some sort of snack, typically nuts, in my carryon as well.

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!

      Happy Travels!



  3. I can’t travel without all my medications, so for me my pill organizer is a must! I was lucky enough to receive one as a freebie from a drug company, but they’re available at most drug stores and even some dollar stores. Mine holds seven individual boxes, divided into compartments for morning/noon/suppertime/bedtime. A simpler regime would fit into one long box divided into seven compartments, one for each day of the week. Learned the hard way to seal the box(es) into a zipper bag, along with a list of your medications (for the TSA, etc…) and pack in your hand luggage. Mine fits nicely into my C-PAP case, along with my inject-able diabetes medicine case.

    1. Ah! What a great suggestion! I may need to track one down as I have meds that need to be taken at certain times of the day as well. And a super tip about the printed list. Not only for the TSA, but in the off chance you get sick overseas, it would be good to have that on hand.

      Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth! You are entered into the drawing!

      Happy Travels!


  4. My family has to travel with gum! The flight take-off kills our ears if we aren’t chewing so I always stock up before we travel. I always end up sharing with people as well. That “popping” feeling can be very uncomfortable and chewing gum always helps us.

    1. Oh, girlfriend, you are preaching to the choir here. I swear my daughter alone will consume a pack of gum on take-off and landing. A stash of gum would be a great gift for someone who travels a good deal!

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!



  5. My favorite travel accessory is my Kaboodle makeup case. I can put so much in it a d it just looks like a nice purse. Holds so much. Love it!

    1. Hi Juanita! I had never heard of a Kaboodle Case, but just looked it up and understand why you like it so much! That’s one of the things I love about blogging…I learn so much from my family of readers. Thanks for sharing the great tip and you are entered into the drawing.



  6. Several years ago our daughter gave us this “thing” to hold all our toiletries . It rolls up to fit in a suitcase and when unrolled hangs in the bathroom. I labeled the sections with his/her names so hubby knows just where to look for all the things that have to be in front of his nose for him to see. 🙂

    1. Hi Sheila!

      I think I know what you are talking about! I have seen those and they do seem quite handy! Hmmm….may need to add them to the list!

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!



      1. Some great comments, gum is great use that one, the pill box is good too,
        Just remember if your gone more than the 7 day pack more, why do I know this…
        I usually use a name tag on luggage put started tieimg a piece of yarn on it too, works like a charm.
        I have the travel blanket but like the shawl idea better can use it later!
        Love love your website, keep ‘me coming!!!

        1. Aw thanks Ellen! I do love creating and writing for the blog, but it makes it all the more enjoyable knowing that there are readers like you on the other end.

          And the string is a great idea…we head out next friday for a weeklong trip and will try your string idea!

          Thanks for chiming in and you are entered into the drawing!



  7. I use the Tide to Go Single use packs to wash clothes in the hotel sink – especially when on a motorcycle trip, small enough to pack in bike luggage and allows me to re-use some items so I have room in the bike luggage!

    1. Brilliant! Love that idea. I have to track those Tide to Go Singles down for our upcoming trip.

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!



  8. My favourite travel accessory is my earbuds travel case. It’s a small, round, hard, bright blue disc with a zipper and a little pocket inside to hold the replacement earbud covers. Love it. Small, protective, hard to lose sight of when I’m frantically fussing trying to get comfy is my coach class plane seat.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      That does sound like a very practical travel accessory! Those earbuds are indispensable when travelling!

      Thanks for chiming in and you are entered into the drawing!



  9. My favorite travel accessory is my MP3 player. No boredom waiting in lines or on flights when I have a good audiobook!

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