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6 Home Maintenance Tasks To Do in November

Check out these six home maintenance tasks to do in November. After double-checking a few things around your property, you can relax with loved ones and indulge in the holiday season.

November has arrived, so you’re likely looking forward to all your favorite winter activities. Before you start buying holiday gifts and pulling out your winter decor, remember to take care of practical seasonal adjustments. You’re ready for the cold weather, but what about your house?

So, what are the 6 Home Maintenance Tasks to do in November?

Windows covered in snow

Inspect Your Window Sealant

It’s difficult not to notice a drop in the air temperature when you walk by a window in the winter. The glass won’t keep out cold air as effectively as walls with insulation. It becomes a problem when that freezing wind slips into your home through cracks in your window sealant, not the glass itself.

When your HVAC fans turn off, it’s time to grab a candle. Light it or hold another safely exposed flame along the edges of every window in your house. If the flame flickers, you should apply new sealant along that area. You’ll retain more heat and make your home more energy-efficient once the sealant dries.

Adjusting thermostat

Check Your HVAC Unit

No one wants their HVAC unit to break down during the hottest summer months or coldest winter nights. A few simple signs indicate the need for repairs before that happens.

As you inspect your unit, look for things like:

  • Internal or external yard debris
  • Rust or other water damage
  • Cracks in the concrete below a boiler unit

Anything that appears off or sounds wrong is a warning sign. If you have any issues, contact a professional for an in-depth inspection, so your family remains safe and cozy throughout the coming months.

Change smoke detector batteries is a good home maintenance task to do in November

Test Smoke Detector Batteries

There’s an increased chance of fire during the holidays for multiple reasons. You’ll cook at home more often, risking a fire in the kitchen. You might also use your fireplace to warm your house and relax after a long day of hosting loved ones.

It’s always a good idea to test your smoke detector batteries before you get caught up in the holiday rush. Most models only require you to press and hold the main button until it beeps. If it doesn’t beep, it needs new batteries.

You can also remove the batteries already in the detector and place them in a handheld battery tester if you want to avoid the loud beeping.

image of frozen pipes

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

Freezing weather is always a risk to residential plumbing. When water freezes inside your pipes, it expands. Repeating this process could burst your pipes and require expensive repairs. You’re also more likely to experience this if you’ve never inspected your plumbing during previous winters.

Scheduling a plumbing inspection means a professional will catch issues with your heating unit and pipes, preventing more significant problems down the road. In the meantime, you can keep your home warm even while you’re away or shut off your water during dangerously cold nights.

image shows crumbling foundation. installing pest prevention around crumbling foundation is a good home improvement task for November

Install Pest Prevention

Animals want to keep warm, too, so they might sneak into your home during the holidays. Walk around outside your home to spot areas where they might break in. Loose shingles or cracks in your foundation are easy to fix before critters become your new roommates.

Clean Your Chimney

Use your fireplace this winter without fear after cleaning your chimney. Without cleaning it, the gases and smoke create soot and tar deposits, which trigger fires if they build up. Clean the flue and inquire about a smoke test to ensure that everything filters out of your home whenever you want the relaxing atmosphere of a crackling fire.

And finally, make a To-Do List

These are the best home maintenance tasks to do in November, so make a to-do list. You won’t forget any of these crucial steps that will make your holiday celebrations safer and more enjoyable.

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pin showing images of home maintenance tasks to do in November, including chimeny sweeping, pest prevention, smoke detector batteries and pipe protection
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