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News from the Nest, June 27

Good Morning!

I sure hope you had a great weekend. We have had a busy week of getting together with friends, family and neighbors and it has been delightful! Of course, we also had plenty of time to work in the yard; the weather has been gorgeous.

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We were able to gather with our Game Night Crew at our home on Friday night for dinner and games. Typically we play cards, but I introduced a new game that I thought would just be a warm up for cards. We enjoyed it so much that we dismissed the cards and played Ransom Notes all night. Without exaggeration, we were crying with laughter for most of the game.

As it is, it is definitely a game for mature audiences, but the card prompts could easily be edited for younger audiences. I’ll be taking it on our family vacation this weekend, I think my mom will enjoy it.

new on the blog

  • I gathered some recipes from several of my favorite food bloggers that are easy, healthy and frugal! Check out these more than 20 Frugal Recipes if you are looking for ways to still eat well on a tight budget.
  • Patio Tomatoes! I have several patio tomatoes on the deck along with the tomatoes growing my ‘yard’ garden. Sharing 10 tomato plants that do well in containers, as well as how to plant them and keep them healthy.
orange currant tomato in a terra cotta pot.

summer travel

use your garden bounty

Dill PIckles in jars

cool treats for hot days and nights

learn to knit this summer

If you want to learn how to knit or are looking to brush up on your knitting skills and knowledge, pop over to the How to Knit page, which houses all of the posts that teach knitting skills. Or, you could go ahead and visit each one by clicking the links below.

All About Knitting

Well, my friends, I wish for you a week filled with laughter and sunshine 🌞 (with a few chocolate chip cookies thrown in for good measure!)


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  1. While it is very easy to find patterns for dishcloths, it’s almost impossible to find an easy pattern for potholders!!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your comment! You’ve prompted me to put out some potholder patterns. I just did some research on the best yarns to use and will begin some patterns asap!

      Hugs, Lynn

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