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Household Chores List: 15-minutes or less

My initial list of 49 household tasks that take 15 minutes or less was so popular, we came up with another one! Check out this household chores list of tasks that should take you less than 15 minutes.

If your home is anything like mine, there is a seemingly neverending list of ‘to-dos’ to keep it clean and organized. Fitting in one or two while you wait for the repairman or for your teapot to boil can help keep this to-do list manageable.

Hopefully, this Household Chores List of 50+ easy tasks that should take you 15 minutes or less will prompt you. So often, when I find myself with a few minutes it seems I end up spinning my wheels. By keeping this list of easy household chores somewhere easily accessible, my wheels stop spinning and I can actually get something done.

You could easily laminate it with these easy self-laminating sheets and keep it in your drawer for easy access for when you have a few minutes.

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So, let’s get to this list!

Household Chores List: 15-minutes or less

If you are anything like me, you might lose track of time doing some of these chores. By all means, set a timer to keep yourself on track.

  1. Scoop the litterboxes and sweep around them
  2. Shred old bills and documents
  3. Organize your jewelry.
  4. Write down your friend’s and family members’ birthdays in your calendar. If you have already done this, keep it up to date! Are there some birth dates you don’t know? Use your Facebook account! On your computer, go to facebook.com, on the left side of the page, click ‘events’ (you might have to click ‘see more’), then on the left again ‘birthdays.’ Seems they have removed the ability to see for the whole year, but you can see for the next month.
  5. Change sheets, towels, or both.
  6. Clean your shower
  7. Empty the dishwasher or load and run it.
  8. Clean your drains. Pour ½ cup baking soda down your drain, followed by ½ cup white vinegar. Allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain.
  9. Find some missing socks!
    • Look between, beside, or behind the washer and dryer
    • Examine your lost sock pile and see if there is a pair in there
    • Look under your beds.
    • Set up a ‘Socks Without Mates’ box in your laundry room and deposit the appropriate SWMs in it.
  10. Put some ‘non-dishes’ in your dishwasher:
    1. Your dog’s dishes, toys, nylon collars, and nylon leashes. Don’t wash leather or rhinestones.
    2. Your family’s gnarly, dirty visors caps. Not baseball caps
    3. Your small bathroom trashcans.
  11. Put your toothbrush, hairbrush, and combs in the dishwasher to kill bacteria..but not with the stuff above! Be sure to remove the hair from the brush and comb first, though.
  12. Does your dog, like ours, like to take her stuffed animals outside? And then, when it rains or when the sprinkler goes off, do they get soaking wet and nasty? Go outside and grab all of the toys and throw them in the washing machine. We wash & dry Flora’s toys all of the time and they hold up just fine.
  13. Do you have a bag of stuff that you want to take to Goodwill? Get it in your car for the next time you are out.
  14. If your library or other local charity accepts used books, gather some together and put them in your car to take to donate.
  15. Go through your refrigerator and freeze what will not be used in a timely manner so it will not go bad.
  16. Clean out your freezer and get rid of things that you will not eat
  17. Clean under your beds.
  18. Lift your couch cushions and vacuum under them.
  19. Sort through your mail stack and recycle the junk.
  20. Dust the TV and the rest of your media center
  21. Align the book spines on your bookshelf so that it looks nice.
  22. Empty the sink and/or drying rack.
  23. Set a timer and spend 15 minutes removing clutter from your attic.
  24. Wipe down or vacuum your air vents.
  25. Dust your ceiling fans
  26.  Put away items that have accidentally found a “home” on top of the dryer.
  27. Shake out your rugs
  28. Remove all items from the shelves on your fridge door, wipe down the shelves and sticky bottles/jars, then put them back
  29. Polish one pair of leather shoes
  30. Wipe down baseboards
  31. Clean out your nightstand.
  32. Take down curtains in one room and toss them in the washing machine (assuming that they can be machine washed).
  33. Take down your shower curtains (both the cloth one and the plastic liner) and put them in the washer. You can bleach your plastic shower curtain liner.
  34. Empty your vacuum cleaner into your outdoor trashcan.
  35. Back up your computer
  36. Update your phone, computer, tablet, etc.
  37. Clean your makeup brushes by swirling them in a mug of warm water and soap. Dawn works great.
  38. Clean behind your kitchen appliances
  39. Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head if using an electric toothbrush. Don’t have any? Order more!
  40. Clean out the trunk of your car.
  41. What can you take out of the center console of your car?
  42. Declutter the top of your dresser and wipe it down.
  43. Make a wallet inventory. Heaven forbid you lose your wallet, you will at least know which cards you will need to cancel & get replacements for.
  44. Test your Sharpies and other markers, and toss the ones that are not working as well or at all.
  45. Declutter your keychain. Get rid of the keys that you do not use anymore and the ones that you have no clue where they came from.
  46. Clean out your gym bag and wash it.
  47. Do you have a work bag? If so, wash that.
  48. Go through the apps on your phone. Are there any that you can remove?
  49. Do the same with your iPad/tablet.
  50. Opt-out of telemarketing calls. Go to the National Do Not Call Registry to register your phone number.
  51. Clear your kitchen and/or dining room table.
  52. Take a few minutes to set some reminders on your phone. I have reminders set to take out our recycling before the garbage men come, to water my plants and to regularly clean the litter box. What are some tasks that you need to do regularly that you could use reminders for? I’m all for taking things like this off of my brain and letting ‘someone’ else worry about remembering!
  53. Organize your prescriptions. We keep all of ours in one place and I’m terrified of accidentally taking Flora’s medications! It helps me to have an initial on the top of the bottles so it is right in front of me when I put my hand on it to open.

There you go, my friends…Fifty-three household chores that should take you 15 minutes or less. Chipping away at a list like this will help you maintain a clean and organized home. And don’t forget to get the original list of 49 15-minute tasks as well!

To refer back to these 50+ household chore prompts, bookmark this page or pin the following image.

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