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Monday Musings, July 26

Good Morning, friends.

I am coming off of a very relaxing, some might say downright lazy weekend. I love a lazy weekend, but my wiring typically doesn’t allow me much do-nothing time. So, when a good excuse presents itself, I’m the first to jump on the Lazy Train! I had a ‘procedure’ last week and was told to ‘avoid strenuous exercise and the bright sun,’ which I interpreted as ‘sit in front of the television and knit all weekend’!

Terry was out of town visiting our daughter, so I had complete control of the remote and did some wonderful bingeing. First up, Escape to the Chateau! What a fun show, but now I want to find a decrepit French castle in the Loire valley! And I want to be best friends with delightfully quirky Dick and Angel. Have you watched it? It’s free to stream on Peacock and I think HGTV.

And then, while I was on Peacock I saw the ads for Dr. Death. It was very well done and compelling, but while Escape to the Chateau is enjoyable, feel-good candy, Dr. Death is a true story that will leave you feeling anything but good. I should have watched them in reverse order. And, I’m glad my two surgeries this year are behind me! 😖

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I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable, if not a bit more productive!

Do you use a moisture meter when watering your houseplants? I had never used one before but mom left one behind and so I inherited it when we bought the house. I began using it with my Fiddle Leaf Figs as I know that overwatering can be a problem. I have two thriving Fiddle Leafs, which I attribute to keeping the moisture level correct. And so, after losing a fern in my Tabletop Fern and Orchid Garden, I started to test the moisture before watering and now they are all thriving. It is an inexpensive but handy tool for indoor gardeners.

Speaking of indoor gardens, I couldn’t be happier with these little indoor pot feet! So simple, yet effective.

Sometimes, faux is the way to go!

I’ve got a pound of chickpeas soaking to make this instant pot or stovetop hummus today! I plan to use it for the protein in vegetable bowls and as a filling for some lunch wraps this week.

Two of the most blog posts this past week were these Pickled Jalapeño Pepper Rings and this Spiced Golden Plum Jam. What that tells me is that your gardens are busting at the seams with Jalapeños and you are ready to welcome fall! If you need more Jalapeno recipes, check out this Jalapeño Pepper Wine Jelly and this Jalapeño Cheese Spread.

If you have children or grandchildren who will be setting up their first apartment this fall, this First Apartment Checklist will come in handy.

I’m continuing to work on my Knitting Basics posts, but had to set it on the back burner this week. Happily, I am on the mend and will dive back into it this week.

Wishing you a fantastic week of joy, calm, and contentment.


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