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Loom Potholders

This is just a little PSA for all my fellow crafters who loved to make Loom Potholders when younger and had forgotten all about them! Guess what? They are back! This post isn’t as much of a ‘how to’ as it is a reminder of how fun and quick these potholders are to make.

Do you remember loom potholders? They have had a resurgence of late, thanks to the larger loom size and the myriad of loop colors.

Last year, I stumbled upon a larger loom that makes 8″ square (versus the original 6″ square) potholders, some gorgeous colored loops, and patterns that help create lovely and ever-useful potholders.

Loom Potholders are a Great Gift Idea!

I’ve made a potholder for both of my kiddos based on the colors of their apartments. I love the ability to customize them. And it is a rare person who can’t use a new potholder, AMIRIGHT?

I know my son can use a potholder, which could also be a trivet.

rob's potholder

The ‘Equipment’ and Cost of Loom Potholders

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The Looms

The larger 10″ Potholder Pro square loom makes 8″ square potholders and runs $33.00. That includes the sturdy metal loom, enough cotton loops for two potholders, a metal tool to pull the loops, and a 6.5mm crochet hook.

The original 7″ square potholder loom makes a 6″ square potholder and also runs $33.00, but it comes with enough loops for six potholders. It also has a metal loop tool and a crochet hook.


The Loops

I also bought the Pro-Size Lotta Loops packs in botanical and neutral colors, which cost $40.00 each. One Lotta Loops bag has enough cotton potholder loops to make six eight-inch potholders. So, once you have the loom, each potholder will cost you between $6 and $7 for the loops. That’s a pretty good price for handmade potholders, for yourself or to give.

The Lotta Loops pack for the smaller loom runs $20.00 and also makes six potholders.

There are many colorways for the Lotta Loops packs, so make sure you scroll through to see all of your options.


Cool Designs for Loom Potholders

The book that comes with the loom has several patterns for you to recreate. In addition, the Friendly Loom Website has an interactive ‘wizard’ that lets you choose potholder loop colors and patterns and will lay out how many of each color loop you need and how to lay the loop to get your desired pattern.

I made three of my potholders based on the patterns in the book that accompanies the loom.

Loom Potholder

Easy to Make and a Nice Change of Pace

I love to knit and even crochet and have patterns for knit potholders , crochet potholders, and trivets. That said, it’s nice to start and finish a potholder in the span of an hour, and weaving is a nice change of pace from knit and crochet.

Tips I Learned

  • The very last loop you weave through will be snug. Try to make some room by pushing the woven potholder down away from the side of the loom you are working.
  • When you use the crochet hook to bind off, you can choose to go in from the top or the bottom of the next loop. Just be consistent.
  • After you’ve bound off the first side, use a paper clip to attach the bound-off side to the loom to keep the potholder taut. If you don’t do this, the potholder is more likely to slip off the loom, enabling it to ‘unravel’ a bit. I continued to ‘clip’ each bound-off side with a paper clip.

Are you excited to revisit this nostalgic craft? I’m looking forward to making potholders for friends and family for some time to come!

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