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Monday Musings, April 12

Does it seem to you that Spring is just much Spring-ier and zingier this year? As hubby and I drove to our second vaccine appointment yesterday morning, we wondered if the Azaleas really are that much more vibrant this year, or are we just ‘seeing’ the beauty more this year?

After a failed attempt at Ranunculi last year, I am beyond tickled with the lovely peach flowers that I am already cutting to bring indoors this Spring.

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I planted 11 Dahlia tubers and a bunch of Zinnia seeds this past week, marking them with tags so that I know which ones I love! Plus, I learned the hard way to lift my Dahlia tubers at the end of the growing season to overwinter them. This way, I’ll know which tubers are which when I lift them this fall.

And, remember that Peony bud I glowed about several weeks ago? It is still going strong. It seems it will be my only Peony bulb this year, but it is the first time I’ve even had one…so I’m still pretty tickled.

For what it’s worth, I am a fan of Bobbex Deer Repellent! When my ranunculi first came up this year, they were nibbled back down pretty quickly even though deer supposedly don’t like them. Since spraying them with Bobbex, they have been left alone. I had the same success with Bobbex last year when I applied it as directed.

Easy Peasy Sweet Potato Dog Chews for your favorite pupper.

A dog looking at the camera with a dehydrated sweet potato slice in her mouth.

This Daisy Knit Washcloth Pattern has been a big hit lately. Consider knitting some up for the moms in your world for Mother’s Day.

While we are talking Mother’s Day, if you are looking for gift inspiration, check out these Gift Ideas for Moms.

It’s amazing what a little paint and some new hardware can do!

I painted the vanity in our powder room with Fusion Mineral Paint and added some contemporary hardware, and it really updated it! It was a quick project and the first time I have used Fusion Mineral Paints. I have to say, if you paint furniture, I would look into it. It went on and dried so nicely; is it odd to say I really enjoyed the painting process?

These Raspberry Macarons are a lovely treat for Spring gatherings.

Wednesday, April 14 is National Pecan Day. Why not celebrate with these Pecan Sandies?

Wishing you a lovely week and hoping that the flowers blooming in your part of the world are the loveliest you’ve ever seen!


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  1. Lynn, opening your email every Monday brings me such joy! The information you share with all of us is so invaluable. I feel inspired by your ideas & photos.
    I’m happy to hear you’re fully vaccinated. I go for my first shot on Wednesday. Canada is beginning to pick up the pace. Our numbers are increasing with the variant. I look at nature with a completely different view now too one of appreciation & gratitude.
    Enjoy the week ahead & thank you.
    Pat K

    1. Aw, thanks Pat!

      I do love this ‘job’ of mine and knowing that I may be imparting some useful knowledge is the affirmation I need!

      We were hoping to travel to Canada this summer…I’ve never been to Montreal or Toronto! But, it looks like we need to wait another year. I am so glad you get your first shot. We had no real side effects for either…just was a little more tired after the second.

      Wishing you a wonderful week, my friend.

      Many Hugs, Lynn

  2. Your makeover on your powder room vanity is gorgeous! I really need to try it myself! Ours is desperately outdated and for the time being we don’t have the money to redo that bathroom, but I sure would love something a bit more updated!

    Love that all of the azalea’s are blooming, I do have hyacinths and tulips blooming in my sunny back yard, but everything else is still just poking it’s head out. You watch and wait, your peonies will be blooming with oodles and oodles of blooms in the next year, once they take off, they take off!
    Blessings this week my friend!

    1. Hi friend,

      It was really nice to paint with that paint. I did lightly sand and use a deglosser before I painted, but that paint went on so nicely. I did splurge on a new paintbrush too…a staalmeester brush. Not sure if it was just the paint or the paint/brush combo, but it produced the nicest/smoothest finish.

      Thanks for the Peonies heads up…I am so tickled.

      Wishing you a great week as well…hugs, Lynn

  3. Your vanity looks amazing and very inspiring! Thanks for the heads up on the Bobbex Deer repellant. Ordered and much needed! Xo

    1. Hi friend. I do swear by that Bobbex! It stinks something fierce, so don’t get it on your hands…but it works. And I love how the vanity turned out. Neeed to get the girls over for coffee!



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