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Monday Musings, April 29

Ah…Spring! Birdsong, bright green leaves and the warmth of the sun! I love all the change of the seasons…except for maybe the beginning of Summer. I am just not a ‘hot and humid’ person and that’s what I know is in store for the next few months.

Terry and I pressure washed our driveway this week and I forgot how satisfying that whole process is! Being able to see the dirt wash way before my eyes truly satisfies that Immediate Gratification gene I have! And embarrassingly, I find myself going out the front door just to admire my newly clean driveway! Can you relate?

I had a bit of shock this past Saturday…in a mere 2 weeks, our first baby will graduate from college! I know I’ve been talking about it, but it was always down the road. Now it’s truly here! GULP! Time to get all the details nailed down.

I’m not typically a ‘sci-fi’ horror movie gal (my family would say that my devotion to The Walking Dead belies the notion that I don’t like Sci-Fi, but we all know that’s really more of a fine drama…along the lines of Shakespeare! ?) But, Terry and I watched A Quiet Place this weekend and really did enjoy it. What was remarkable was that there were only 90 lines of spoken dialogue in the whole movie!

Ok…I may really start looking foolish here, but I also LOVE Game of Thrones…did you watch last night? Not saying anything for those who still need to watch it…but…(email me if you want to chat about it!!!)

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The VERY BEST Margarita recipe

Cinco de Mayo is this weekend! My dad’s Margarita recipe is a reader favorite for a reason!

If you are getting your Container Gardens planned out and potted for the Spring and Summer, make sure you pop by and check out my latest post sharing some ideas and ‘recipes’ for Container Gardens. I like to snap pictures of container gardens that appeal to me and document the ‘ingredients’ for my future reference. Sharing some of my newest recipes.

I really want to make these! Adding them to my to-make list.

Art History 101

Are you watching James dominate Jeopardy?

Grocery Shopping Tips

And I am enjoying the book mentioned in that article; it will be gifted often this year!

Putting down your phone may help you live longer

Interested in trying some recipes that incorporate garden herbs into your desserts?

This recipe is going on the menu this week.

Which reminds me…if you like Asian food…are you familiar with Spicy Chili Crisp? We had it recently at an Asian restaurant and I immediately ordered 3 jars (2 for me,  1 to send to my son in school). How to describe it…it’s chili in a spicy oil with crispy soybeans…and it really adds some lovely umami to food. I’ve tried it on lots of stuff, even a dollop on a slice of swiss cheese!

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  1. Lynn, I just love your web site. I am often so excited on Monday mornings to see what you have posted. Your “recipes” for container gardens are terrific. I want to try ornamental cabbage this year. I also loved your other recipes for using herbs in desserts. Our son (only child) also graduates from college in just 2 weeks. I really can’t believe it! I’m struggling to find a nice graduation present for him. Have you got any good ideas? Have a wonderful day!

      1. He will be getting a degree in math from Virginia Tech and really likes cryptography. I’m trying to find a gift that is somehow related to cryptography, but I don’t have a clue! What is your first “baby” graduating in?

  2. Lynn, I watched The Quiet Place with my daughter a few weeks ago. I was on the edge of my seat a few times; as I was last evening watching the battle on Game of Thrones! I think there’s only 3 more episodes. I can’t believe your daughter is graduating. It seems like yesterday she just started college.

    1. Carol, I KNOW!!! But you know as well as I do that time just keeps on marching (running?) on! And I am so bummed that there are only 2 more episodes!

  3. Thank you for the “repeat share” of your father’s Margarita recipe! I was visiting my daughter and her family in Rhode Island and we celebrated Margarita Friday, (and Saturday) in January with your shared recipe. It was the most amazing Margarita I have ever had. I have saved it in multiple places so I can always find it! Thanks for your generosity with all you share with us!

    Can’t wait to create some amazing containers using some of your suggestions, but it is currently snowing in Denver! I think I will need to wait a couple of more weeks before getting my fingers in the soil!

    1. Oh my friend…

      You just made my day and it’s only 7:18 in the morning! My wonderful dad has Alzheimer’s so his recall of many things is spotty at best. But, we make a point of telling him how popular his margarita recipe is with our readers and it always brings a smile to his face, even though I’m not sure he knows what I am referring to. In any event, I will be reading him your comment when I see him later, so know you will make an old man smile today!

      And snow? What the heck? Is that normal for the end of April? But, you can surely start planning out your containers…that should help brighten an otherwise chilly day!

      I do have a favor to ask…when you get a chance, would you mind going to the Margarita post and giving the recipe the number of stars you think it deserves? Google definitely uses those ratings to determine how popular a recipe is and if it should be shown to more people looking for Margarita recipes. If you are willing to do it, here’s the link back to the original recipe: https://nourishandnestle.com/best-margarita-recipe/

      Thanks again Christie for your sweet comment!



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