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Top 10 Posts from 2018

A rundown of the top 10 posts of Nourish and Nestle during 2018, calculated by the number of visits the pages over the past 12 months.

Happiest of Happy New Years my friends.

Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane, shall we? It’s always fun to look back to see what posts our family of readers visited most often over the past year.

It a nutshell, many of you were knitting, cleaning out clutter and drinking margaritas. Hmmm…no judgment here.

Let’s start from the bottom and work up:

The 10th most popular visited post this past year was the Oyster Shell Lampshade.

It was the third project I did using oyster shells after the Oyster Shell Clusters and the Oyster Shell Mirror. I am still enjoying all my oyster shell projects and noodling new ways to use them.

The pattern for this Knit Christmas Stocking was the ninth most visited post last year. It was my first foray into knitting stockings/socks and I have plans to do a few more.

Two filled knit Christmas stockings hanging from a mantel.

These Turk’s Head Knot trivets and coasters were the result of one of my (many), “hey, I bet I could figure out how to make those” moments. After a good bit of trial and error, I was pretty excited to master the flat Turk’s Head and enjoyed putting the knot to use in these coasters and trivets.

Knotted coaster on a glass tray.

The post of decluttering ideas for the bedroom and bathroom was the 7th most popular post last year. For motivation, I took it an extra step and weighed everything that left my house in the span of the month of my major declutter. At the end of the process, we discarded over 1,000 pounds of ‘things’. If you are in the midst of that process, you might also find this post on where to donate or recycle your discards helpful as well.

I knit this baby blanket for the lovely lady who is mentoring my daughter in the lab she interns with. The mom’s family is in Europe, so I was especially happy to gift her with something made with love. The free pattern was the 6th most popular post last year.

I am head over heels in love with this precious baby blanket. Pattern and instructions on how to make this knit baby blanket using the clover eyelet and crocheted cloverleaf border, with videos to provide further instructions to diy this sweet baby blanket. One of my all-time favorite knit projects.

Coming in at number 5 is my father’s Margarita recipe. This one is especially poignant to me. My good, kind and honorable dad is impacted by Alzheimer’s now, but back in the day he was the life of the party and enjoyed his role as bartender immensely. It warms my heart that his recipe is as popular as it is! (Can I just say that I hate this disease??)

The VERY BEST Margarita recipe

It seems that many of you love to whip out these quickly knitted Daisy Knit Washcloths…yeah, so do I. They make much appreciated gifts with a bar of scented soap or bubble bath. But, truthfully, I hate to part with them as I enjoy using them in my bath.

Beige washcloths in a wire mesh basket.
I ❤ this blanket! Instructions and a quick video showing how to make this DIY Knit Blanket using the Diagonal Basketweave Stitch. Perfect DIY tutorial for your home decor or to give as a gift.

The free pattern for this Knit Diagonal Basketweave Blanket was the third most popular post this year. I am particularly fond of this stitch pattern, I love woven fabric that the stitch creates.

The second most popular post in 2018 is this free Thick and Chunky Blanket pattern, knit using flagpoles as needles. It’s a quick knit, start to finish in a day.

I love a big, chunky knit blanket. Illustrated instructions (with video) to diy a tasseled thick, cozy and chunky knit blanket...a simple one day project.

And the post visited more than any other post this past year? Well, it seems that many of you were focused on decluttering your kitchen and office areas, to the tune of more than 220,000 visits this past year! In this post on decluttering tips for the kitchen and office, I shared some the tips I used to dramatically unclutter these spaces.

In fact, this post, along with the bathroom and bedroom post that came in at #7 was a part of a series of posts written following much of Marie Kondo’s theory.

I’d love to say that it’s a one and done process, but I find that it is an ongoing process. But truthfully, I do find myself bringing less into my home following her theory of only having objects in your home that bring you joy or are very useful.

So there you have it, the top 10 posts of Nourish and Nestle, as voted on by the visits to the pages over the past 12 months.

Are there projects you would like to see me tackle in 2019? I am always open to suggestions and ideas and am willing to take on just about anything! Well, just don’t ask me to gut fish or a deer…think I’m a bit too squeamish for that.

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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