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Monday Musings, February 3

Happy Monday Sunshine! ☀

What a great SuperBowl last night! OK, for my SF friends…maybe you don’t think so. But hey, you’ve got to love Patrick Mahomes, right?

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After loving The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, I decided to find other books by Robert Dugoni. I’m reading his Tracy Crosswhite detective series (I’ve read the first one, My Sister’s Grave, and almost done with the second, Her Last Breath) and I am enjoying them, although they are very different than Sam Hell.

I’ve never been so happy for February to roll around!

We finished our ‘Dry January’ this weekend! I am not a big drinker but I found myself really in the habit of having a glass of wine while I cooked dinner and another glass when I ate dinner every night. I thought it would be a good thing to try to break that habit…just because. The first couple of days were very hard…come 5’oclock I really wanted that glass of wine! But, by the end of the month, I could cruise right through 5 p.m. without issue. And we both agree that we felt better and slept better without our nightly beer/wine. So much so that we have decided to continue a ‘modified’ plan by only enjoying our cocktails only on the weekends unless we are out to dinner.

Guess we will be eating out every night! ?

  • If you’ve been a following along with us for any length of time, you’ll remember that we downsized and moved 7 months ago. We bought my parents’ home and have slowly been making it our home. When my parents moved, they left behind several pieces of good furniture which we kept as I sorted through our stuff and theirs to decide what we wanted to keep. We recently updated a sofa they left behind…you need to see the before! I’m beyond tickled!
  • In the Declutter Challenge this week we tackled Offices and Craft Rooms with the Office Declutter Checklist. Can we all agree that these two rooms are truly clutter horror stories in that what goes in rarely comes back out! ?
  • Have you joined the Declutter Challenge? The checklists focusing on each area of the home make it easier to jumpstart the process…and makes me feel like I’m on a bit of a Declutter Scavenger Hunt! In addition to the Office and Craft Rooms, we have covered these three areas of our homes:

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

Den/Living Room/Family Room

  • If you haven’t joined the Declutter Challenge yet, it is not too late! You can join the Declutter Challenge here and you will immediately be sent the Week 1 Declutter Checklist and then a new checklist every week for the subsequent 5 weeks. Or, you could just read the posts linked above and access the checklists in the Subscriber Benefits Library. As of this writing, the first 4 weeks are in the library.
  • Have you ever been tempted to make your own Macarons? I took a class a couple of years ago and have a wonderfully reliable macarons recipe that I’m glad to share with you, along with several tips that I use for successful macarons.

Have a wonderful Monday my friends and a fantastic week. I am off to finish another knit project, a home decor project, and some yummy recipes. Stay tuned!


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