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Monday Musings, January 27

Happy day, my friends!

I trust you are coming off of a productive weekend. And can we agree that the word ‘productive’ is subjective and can mean any number of things? For some, it may mean that they cleaned out the garage so that everything is in its place and then they took all their discards to the recycling center or the Habitat for Humanity Restore. For others, it may mean binge-watching all of Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel while working on a knit blanket. 

In case you are wondering, my blanket is coming along nicely! ?

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Speaking of knitting, we published a new pattern/post last week! Pop over to see the new Knit Purse Pattern. And don’t forget, subscribers can access the Subscriber Benefits Library for the printable PDF of the pattern.

Seems I’ve either been knitting or decluttering lately! I declutter until I’m worn out, then I sit and reward myself with a bit of knitting!

Have you joined the Declutter Challenge? The checklists focusing on each area of the home make it easier to jumpstart the process…and makes me feel like I’m on a bit of a Declutter Scavenger Hunt! So far we have covered these three areas of our homes:

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

Den/Living Room/Family Room

If you haven’t joined the Declutter Challenge yet, it is not too late! You can join the Declutter Challenge here and you will immediately be sent the Week 1 Declutter Checklist and then a new checklist every week for the subsequent 5 weeks.

Or, you could just read the posts linked above and access the checklists in the Subscriber Benefits Library. As of this writing, the first 3 weeks are in the library.

For my football watching friends…are you gearing up for the Super Bowl? This recipe for Roasted Olives and Feta Appetizer is sooooo easy and is always a favorite, among those people who like olives anyway.

Curious about camera settings for creating frameable floral art? Check out this post on Lighting for Floral Photography.

These sweet sachets will make a great Galentine’s gift!

Do you love Shrimp and Grits? This Shrimp and Grits Recipe is a classic!

Need a cold frame for your tender plants? We made this cold frame using old windows.

Well, friends, the day is calling. I am working in the kitchen on another classic southern recipe, decluttering my office and craft room, and knitting. All in all, a good day.

I hope you enjoy a great day and we will chat soon.


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