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Monday Musings, February 8

Good Monday Morning, Sunshine!

We are coming off from another snowy weekend in Philadelphia. The weather and Covid have encouraged us to stay mostly indoors this past week. We did take daily walks with the 2 dogs and our daughter, but other than that, it’s been a slow week of knitting, reading, and movie watching.

In all honesty, I watched very few memorable movies except for The Dig on Netflix. Both Terry and I would highly recommend it.

And it has been blissful! This was an impromptu ‘vacation’ and just getting away from our daily chores seems to be just what we needed! That being said, we hit the road back home early tomorrow morning and it is always good to be home. And, not for nothing, this one-week’ snow experience’ has reminded me why we live in the South. 😉 It’s beautiful and all, but I guess I am just a little lazy in that I am looking forward to being able to take the dogs out without having to put on snow boots, a coat, gloves, and a hat!

Helpful Tip: I think we can all agree that our kitchen thermometers are only useful if they are accurate. An easy way to test your kitchen thermometer is to fill a glass with ice and cold water and place the probe of the thermometer in the glass without touching the sides or bottom of the glass for 30 seconds. If your thermometer reads 32°, then it is accurate!

For my knitting and crochet friends, if you are looking for a great way to use up your stash and do good at the same time, check out the Warm Up America Foundation. They are always looking for 7″ by 9″ panels that can be joined to make blankets and throws for our fellow citizens in need. Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing this to my attention so that I could share it with you. ❤

Cheryl said, .

Lynn, I also have 2 golden retrievers – 4yr old Tucker & 6 months old Sammy. I wanted to let you know how much they LOVE your 3 ingredient dog treats. I am making them SO often that instead of using cookie cutters I roll the dough out on a Silpat and cut it into small squares with a pizza cutter. I don’t even separate it. They come apart after they have cooled down. My husband – working from home, keeps a container on his desk for visits from the boys… Thanks for a great healthy and easy recipe.

And coincidentally, they make great Valen-dog treats.

Heart shaped dog treats.

Looking for a great ‘winter’ salad? This Butternut Squash and Dried Fig Salad is hearty and nourishing.

Sure, it is still winter, but it isn’t too early to start thinking of spring. These easy-to-make moss balls are very easy to make and will spring-up anywhere you place them.

Tip to organize your table linens

Tips for downsizing your home

Forty-Nine Quick Household Tips that will take you 15-minutes or less.

Well, my lovelies, I wish you day of grace and joy.

Many Hugs,

Signature of Lynn

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. Hi Lynn,
    I hope you’re doing well. I live on the south coast of NSW, Australia and also have two golden retrievers. Molly will be 7 on Friday and Lucy is just a pup at nearly 15 weeks.

    I really love reading your email each week – and I’m about to make some dog treats for the girls!
    We also watched ‘The Dig’ a couple of nights back – wasn’t it just the nicest movie? Fantastic cinematography and I learnt something I knew nothing about – a ship buried in Sufolk in England.
    Have a lovely week,
    Chris 🙂

    1. Hi Christine,

      Our girls are similarly aged to your girls! Flora is 9 and Farrah is 15 weeks! Let’s talk about a 15 week old puppy! Holy cow, I had forgotten…just like a toddler…but so much fun. Tell me, does Molly like Lucy? Flora sometimes tolerates Farrah…but she definitely doesn’t love her. Think she enjoyed having the house and cat to herself.

      I do hope your girls enjoy the dog treats! I need to bake some more as they disappear quickly. Farrah also has a sensitive stomach, so having a treat with very few and very simple ingredients is best for her.

      Enjoy your summer! I have yet to make it to your country, though we would love to some day.

      Many hugs, Lynn

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