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Monday Musings, July 13

Good Morning, Sunshine ?

What’s shakin’, bacon? ?

What’s up, buttercup? ?

What’s cooking, good looking? ?

What’s the deal, banana peel? ?

We are back home after our whirlwind trip to Philadelphia to move our daughter to her new apartment. While her apartment is absolutely adorable and she is excited to start medical school, there is clearly a Covid cloud hanging over everything. ?

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Holy Pickles Batman! ? This jar-by-jar pickle recipe is hot ? right now! If you are interested in just making a pint of pickles, check the comments for the specific ingredient measurements.

This no pectin blueberry jam (rats ?, no blueberry emoji!) is a great first canning project and the perfect way to preserve the summer’s harvest.

One of our Austrailian readers is using this stay-at-home time to make these buckwheat and lavender neck wraps to gift to friends and family.

What I’m Loving Right Now:

  • Kate introduced me to this Cardamom and Vetiver candle last week and it is pure bliss if you like cardamom and vetiver! We both got one, so when we light them we think of each other!
  • Being able to go out to my garden to clip Dahlias, Daisies, and Zinnias and fill vases around my home. ?
  • Just One Look by Harlan Coben. This is my first Harlan Coben book ?and so far, so good!

I am going to stencil a wall in our guest room next month. Stenciling is not hard, but there are some helpful tips if you are considering it. Check out these 8 Tips for Successful Stenciling.

Forty-nine 15-minute tasks to keep your home clean and running smoothly.

Waterproofing terra cotta is a great way to DIY a bird bath. ?

Well friends, now that we have Kate moved I have no excuse to not get some stuff done around here. So, today is the day! Gonna get stuff done.

Hope your day is productive!

See ya later, gator ?

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