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Monday Musings May 6

Good Morning, Glory!

Phew, what a week! It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions:

  • Our son is a student at UNCC, where 2 students were killed during their class on Tuesday. Rob is fine, but a little shaken up. In fact, Terry is on his way to bring him home right now and this momma’s arms can’t wait to hug her baby boy and this momma’s heart grieves for those 2 moms who will never be able to hug their boys again.. I know we can all agree that we need to figure out how to keep our young people, our future, safe.
  • On a brighter note, we also received an offer on our home this week! That’s a good and wonderful thing, but we need to be out of this house in just a little over a month…a month that has me out of town twice. And truly, we don’t want to do too much packing until we get through that due diligence period. But we did spend a couple of hours yesterday going through our attic. We have a load going to Goodwill and a load that ended up in the trash/recycling bin.

But…if it gets a little quiet on the blog, you’ll know why!

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And this time next week, I will be the proud parent of a college graduate! Take a peek at the simple dessert bar we will be enjoying at our small graduation celebration.

For more graduation party ideas, check out this post.

Need some graduation gift ideas?

Do you agree?

Need ideas for plants for a full sun garden?

I will be working hard to eat up the food we have so that I don’t have to move it. I have most of the ingredients for this and think Rob would love it, so I do plan to make it for dinner one night this week.

Lavender-Honey Ice Cream…let that just sit on your lips.

Rather than be labeled as middle-aged or old, think of yourself as an older person in training!

I’m thinking I could make the streusel and mix up the dry ingredients here and then finish making these over graduation weekend for all the family that will be joining us.

How about some Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Well, my friends, I am off to mow the yard…which I do actually enjoy doing especially on beautiful and cool Spring mornings like this one. 

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today. Please know that I welcome each and every comment that comes my way.

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  1. Thinking of you and your son as you try to make sense of such a senseless tragedy. I remember when our kids were little and we all — them as well as we — believed that we could keep them safer always. I am sure your son will be much relieved to be in your arms again too. And that he’ll love those ginger meatballs, I’ve been eyeing them on Smitten Kitchen and look forward to a review!

    1. Hi Adele,

      Yes…this craziness has got to end. It is so good to have my ‘baby boy’ safely at home. But I will need to send him back in a few short months and just don’t have that sense of safety. Makes me sad for them that they are growing up like this.

      As is the case in most things right now, my best laid plans have been set aside. Doesn’t look like those meatballs will get made this week…looking like next week. But i will surely let you know.

      Have a fantastic day my friend.



  2. Thanks so much for sharing my ice cream!! So glad to hear your son will be home with you soon. Our children should not ever have to go through things like that. And, congrats on the offer on your home! I don’t envy you having to pack!!

    1. So excited to make this ice cream…

      But yeah, it’s a crazy world! Glad to have him home and fingers crossed that the home sale goes as we hope.

      Hugs, Lynn

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