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Monday Musings, November 11

First things first, as the daughter of a US Navy veteran, I want to thank all Veterans and their spouses for your service. I will always consider all service members my personal heroes…thank-you, you rock!

In other news, I realized this past week that I am a slave to my dishwasher. Or more accurately, I am a slave to my current lack of dishwasher which has been trying to decide whether it wants to work at any given time or not. Ironically, its indecisiveness has made us very decisive in that we realized it is time to kick that 15-year old appliance to the curb and replace it with one that has a better work attitude; but in the meantime, I find that I only want to prepare meals that require very few dishes/tools. So, I’m anxious to get out today and find a new one and hope it gets delivered soon!

And really, the dishwasher couldn’t have picked a worse time to get all unreliable on me…just when I was elbow deep in turkey legs and beef bones this weekend making and canning turkey stock for gravy, beef stock, beef soup, and bone broth! Despite the efforts of the dishwasher to stymie me, I did get it all done, but geez, there were a bunch of pots and utensils to wash!

On another note, have you been enjoying Catherine the Great on HBO? We are a little sad that tonight is the last episode. What are you watching good on TV?

Wow, we were busy on the blog this week!

If you are looking for handmade gift ideas that don’t scream ‘DIY!’, this post is for you!

And if you are looking for a little switch up in the ubiquitous Thanksgiving Cranberry offerings, then this recipe for Pickled Cranberries is for you.

This Cookbook Gift Guide will help you pick out gifts for those ‘cook-ish’ people on your list and well as help you find some cookbooks to add to your gift list! There are always one or two cookbooks on my Christmas wish list and one of my favorite, most anticipated traditions is curling up on the sofa, post-gift-opening frenzy, with breakfast in the oven, the fireplace glowing, Christmas music in the background and poring over my new cookbooks. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it!

AND…since we are inching closer to gift-giving season, I am adding another GIVEAWAY to my current list of giveaways. Because all the burgeoning goodies, let’s lay them all out:

My Chunky Knit Blanket is ALWAYS my very top post…but this week it has been overtaken by…wait for it…my White Fruitcake Recipe, which makes my fruitcake loving heart so very happy! ????? I am on a mission to ‘Bring Back Fruitcake’ and to convince the world that the rock-solid, neon green and red, sugar-laden fruitcakes of old are just that…old. My White Fruitcake is light and fresh, with a bounty of brandy-soaked fruits and crunchy nuts and I’m beyond tickled that so many of you are giving a whirl this year!

Oh, and did you grab your Holiday Planner yet? This simple checklist is helping me stay on top of all my holiday to-dos. There are 2 versions, so pop over and pick the one that best suits you.

So, I am off to buy a new dishwasher and get more fun stuff out on the blog for your reading pleasure.

Thanks so much for spending a few of your precious minutes with me today. Wishing you a lovely Monday.






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  1. This was fun, I’m married to a navy man, life is never dull. No good shows here, more into movies lately. Did watch TWD last night and thinking it could be time for them to wrap it up.
    Happy Shopping!

    1. Hi Carole, TWD lost me last season…sadly. I loved that show for years. Seems they have fallen into the trap of not knowing when to say when. I didn’t know you all were Navy too! I should’ve known, given how cool you two are.

      Hugs, Lynn

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