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Give new life to old candles

I really enjoy having nice candles burning in my kitchen.  I’m very selective on the fragrance and can usually find something appealing at Pottery Barn.  

But what really gets my goat is when I shell out good money for a great smelling candle and the wick burns down the center, leaving 75% of the good smelling candle that can’t be burned!  Big time bummer.  But…you can salvage the rest of the wax and make a new candle.

What you need:

Overhead view of old candle stub waiting to be recycled.
  1. Empty glass pillar jars from used up candles.  I keep these on hand for a variety of reasons…storage, votive holder, various decoration holders (pinecones, jelly beans, and the like), vases, etc.
  2. Candle wicking
  3. Newspaper
  4. Old Coffee Can or Old Pot
  5. ‘Can’t be burned any more candles’
  6. Pencil
  7. Clothespin

Here’s what I do:

Put your ‘can’t be burned anymore’ candle stubs in the coffee can, put coffee can in a larger pot with some water.

Saucepan on stove melting old candles to be recycled

 Turn heat to low/medium-low.  How quickly it will melt depends on the size of the ‘can’t be burned anymore’ candle that you put in the coffee can.

Lay newspaper on your work surface

Get your candle wicking and measure it so that just touches the bottom of your pillar.  Don’t cut it, but wrap the top part around a pencil and place the pencil on the pillar.  Move it around so that it’s as close to the center of the jar and as close to the bottom of the jar as possible.  Use your clothespin to pin the wicking to the pencil so it doesn’t move.

Empty glass, with new wick hanging from the top before filling with recycled candle wax

Turn heat off under the pot of water.

Pour the melted wax into your glass pillar, stopping about 1″ from the top and keeping about 1/2 cup of wax in your coffee can.

Put your pilar carefully into the pot of hot water on the stove, but make sure the heat off.

Showing how to put a new wick a recycled candle

Let it sit there to cool.  By keeping it in the water, it will slow the cooling, thereby making it less likely to cave in too much in the center.

You may still get a little ‘dimple’ in the candle where the wick is.  Hit up your remaining wax and top off the candle so that it’s flat.

A new candle made from recycling old candle stubs

And there you have it!  You recycled your candle and saved money in the process!

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