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Autumn Table Setting for a Simple Gathering

Ideas for an easy Autumn Table Setting

So, I remember when I was younger, my mom and her friends would have ‘coffees’ at each other’s homes from time to time. Simple treats and coffee or tea were all that was needed to encourage fellowship among this group of young moms. 

I love that idea and have decided that I want to make an effort to reintroduce this ‘coffee’ idea with small groups of my friends. So, welcome my friends! Grab a muffin or a scone and a cup of tea, coffee,e or cider, and let’s catch up!

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I ‘shopped’ my house for every single piece of this fall table setting. I purchased the Pumpkin Harvest plates last year and was looking forward to using them again this year. They are perfect for my Autumn Table Setting and will get regular use from now through Thanksgiving.

I picked up the small milk bottles several years ago in various antique stores while on a wedding anniversary trip up through New York state. They get used throughout the year, holding wheat stalks in the fall and zinnias in the summer.

The copper mugs were also purchased last year from World Market. They have been used for warm cider in the fall and Moscow Mules in the summer! Apples, thinly sliced with my mandoline, are a perfect addition to mugs filled with cider. Just make a thin, 1/8″ wide, cut halfway through your apple slices to let them easily sit on the rim of your mug.

Of course at ‘a coffee’ you expect…coffee. But, I’m also serving tea and spiced cider today! This recipe for Mulling Spices makes it easy to prepare spiced cider anytime.

These pumpkin cookie cutters make the perfect napkin rings. I knew all those cookie cutters would come in handy someday! I couldn’t even tell you where or when I found that white ceramic pumpkin…but it is a handy piece come fall. And I purchased the rust linen runner and napkins during my Williams-Sonoma employment days. 

Looking for fall-inspired recipes to serve at your Autumn gathering?

Cinnamon Apple Swirl Bread is easy to make and always a hit.

You can’t go wrong with Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, with a crumb crust, a moist and spiced pumpkin layer, a tangy cheesecake layer, and crumbles on top.

These Apple Cider Muffins really are tasty! And yes, their Apple Filling center is a lovely surprise and makes them all the more perfect as a fall treat with a cup of coffee or tea.

Copper Mug on Autumn Tabe Setting

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Thanks for stopping by my friend! Let’s make sure that we don’t let so much time pass by before we do this again! And do take a minute to check out all these wonderful Fall ideas from these talented ladies.

Casual Fall Table with vases of wheat

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  1. What a lovely table, Lynn! As I was reading, I kept thinking to myself, “What a great idea” as a read and scrolled through your post. Using cookie cutters as napkin rings is such a good idea. I have so many cookie cutters for various holidays and your idea is another way to really enjoy them. I also have several glass milk bottles that I’ve never used. I need to pull them out and start using them for flowers. I really enjoyed your table!

  2. Lynn, I love your coffee with friends idea. If I were closer I’d definitely want to join in. Your table is lovely and inviting. I love that you used the copper mugs for this table. They look beautiful for a fall setting. Your guests are going to have such a good time.

  3. My mother also used to host or go to friends’ homes for “coffees”. I remember she would get out the china and make something small but yummy. They would sit and chat for a couple of hours while sipping and snacking. Your setup is perfect for coffee/tea/cider and I’m going to have to try some of your recipes. Love the plates, copper, and rust linen pieces. Glad you’re on tour with us again!

    1. I hope you do ‘steal’ the idea! It’s a fun idea. I am always on the lookout for vintage cookie cutters and now I have another way to use them.

  4. Oddly I socialized more over coffee when I was a young mom…. no internet and stuck in one spot probably feeding babies, and you should reintroduce it, it was relaxing, and a good reason to set a pretty table!

  5. I remember those days of my Mom always having fresh baked goods at the ready for impromptu coffee visits. Your post brought back fond memories! Love your idea of using fall cookie cutters for napkin rings – might use that idea for my Thanksgiving table next month (Canadian). Thanks for the recipes 🙂

  6. Lynn, your table it absolutely delicious. It looks so good I just want to climb through the screen and grab one of those muffins. So beautiful!

  7. Lynn, I always hear my stomach growl when I come visit and see your amazing pictures of your delicious food! Fall flavors are the best! And you’ve created a beautiful, cozy setting. I, too, want to see the return of “coffee” dates…that aren’t at Starbucks;)

  8. What a stunning table you’ve created. Now if only we could will the fall wether to show up here in North Carolina, right? We better not blink, or it will be winter!

    1. Aw, thanks friend. Got to be honest…BEAUTIFUL day here in Eastern NC today. A high of 80′ and humidity of 40%!!!! And…going to get down to 60′ tonight…ahhhh…Bliss!

  9. Lynn, you have a beautiful warm and inviting table! I’d love to have coffee or even tea! It seems we do get very caught up in our everyday business and need to stop and take the time to relax and smell the coffee!!!! Thanks!

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