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Crochet a Bookmark

Crochet a bookmark crafted with your favorite embroidery floss colors. This sweet, free crochet bookmark pattern brings a touch of nature and whimsy to your reading routine and makes a great gift for your favorite bibliophile!

This simple pattern, ideal for crocheters of all levels, is especially delightful due to its beautiful floral design and the personal touch you can add by choosing your color scheme. And not for nothing, you can start and finish a bookmark in thirty minutes! With this quick and easy crochet bookmark pattern, you can quickly create a whole garden of colorful bookmarks!

Why You Will Love Crocheting These Bookmarks

  • Personalization: Choose your favorite colors or the favorite colors of your gift recipient.
  • Versatility: This crochet bookmark pattern is great for using scrap yarn and can be adapted to any book size.
  • Economical: Three skeins of embroidery floss for one bookmark will cost you less than $3 at Walmart and a crochet hook will run you less than $10.
  • Skill Level: Easy enough for beginners, yet it still has engaging elements for more experienced crocheters.
  • Portability: Small and easy to carry, this project is perfect for on-the-go crafting.
  • Quick to Make: It’s a fast project (thirty minutes from start to finish) that provides immediate gratification and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Add to Your Gift Stash: You could easily make a flower garden of crochet bookmarks in a day and tuck them away for last-minute gifting.
Flower Crochet Bookmarks on a book.

Frequently Asked Questions for This Crochet Bookmark Pattern

When making this crochet bookmark pattern, can I use a different yarn weight or hook size?

Absolutely! Just remember that changing the yarn weight or hook size will alter the size of your finished bookmark. You might need to adjust the number of chains in the stem if you prefer a longer or shorter bookmark.

Also, FWIW, a thicker yarn will result in a thicker bookmark, which may not be good for a book’s spine.Flower Crochet Bookmarks on a book.

How do I make the crochet bookmark sturdier?

Consider using a stiffer yarn or lightly starch your finished bookmark to give it more rigidity.

Can I make a bigger flower with this crochet pattern?

You can increase the flower size by adding more rounds and adjusting the stitch count. Remember to maintain the pattern of increases to keep the flower flat.

Specifically, Row 4: Alternate 1 sc, 1 sc inc around that row for a total of 54 stitches. So, one single crochet in the first stitch, two single crochets in the second stitch, one single crochet in the third, and two in the fourth, etc…

Then, Row 5: SL in the same stitch that ended the last row. DC in the 2nd stitch from the hook. SL, DC repeat around. SL to close. Cut the thread with enough to weave in the end. (36 stitches)

What’s the best way to weave in ends, especially with multiple color changes?

Weave in your ends as you go, especially when changing colors frequently. This will help keep the back of your work neat and secure the ends more effectively.

How do I switch colors cleanly when crocheting the flower?

With the previous color and one loop still on the hook, pull through the next stitch with the new color and continue crocheting with the new string. Hold the strings in the back and crochet over them for a few stitches until they are secure. You can also tie the old and new colors together in the back and weave in the ends.

How can I make a flower stem that doesn’t twist?

When you work your way back to the flower, after crocheting the length of the stem and the flowers, if you were to do a slip stitch in each stitch, it wouldn’t twist. 

Materials for this Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Materal for Crochet Bookmark.

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  • Two different colors of embroidery floss are used for each crochet bookmark flower, and green is used for the stem and leaves.
  • Crochet hook 2.75mm or size B/2
  • Scissors
  • A stitch marker (optional)
  • A printable version of this pattern is available in the Subscriber library. The password is at the bottom of the email I send every Monday. If you can’t find it, feel free to email me and I’ll whisper it in your ear!
Crochet bookmarks.

Instructions to Make a Crochet Bookmark

Stitches and Terms Used (American Terms)

  • SC–Single crochet
  • HDC–Half double crochet
  • DC–Double crochet
  • TC–Treble crochet 
  • SL–Slip stitch
  • MR–Magic ring
  • Inc–Single crochet increase
  • CH– Chain
  • Sts–Stitches

The Magic Circle or Magic Ring

The first step in crocheting these bookmarks is making the magic circle or magic ring. Everything else builds off that ring. It is very simple to crochet the magic ring, but as is often the case, a video makes explaining the process much easier. To that end, I’ve put together this quick video tutorial to show you that first step.

Crochet Pattern for the Flower

Row 1: Make a MR, SC 11 Sts. into the magic ring. Pull the tail to close the circle and SL to close. (11 stitches)

Row 2:  TC 18 Sts. into the center of the MR. SL to close. (18 stitches stitches)

Row 3: (Switch yarn and Increase stitches) Cut thread and pull up a loop of the new thread to switch colors. CH 1, Inc. in each stitch around. SL to close. (36 stitches)

Row 4: SL in the same stitch that ended the last row. DC in the 2nd stitch from the hook. SL, DC repeat around. SL to close. Cut the thread with enough to weave in the end. (36 stitches)

Double crochet edge of flower.

Crochet Pattern for the Stem and Leaves of the Bookmark

Step 1: Attach green thread at the close of the previous row (pull up a loop, CH 1) CH 76 (76 stitches)

Chain stitch stem of crochet flower bookmark.

Step 2: SL in the second stitch from the hook. In the next five stitches, SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC.

Crochet leave on crochet bookmark.

Step 3: CH 6, SL in the second stitch from the hook. In the next five stitches, SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC.

Step 4: SC in each stitch (70) and SL into the same stitch where the green thread is attached. Cut yarn. Weave in all ends. 

More Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

As a family of bibliophiles, I have quite a few gift ideas for fellow book lovers. Pop on over, and be sure to leave your suggestions! I’m always looking for new ideas.

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Crocheted Bookmarks
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