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19 Literature Themed Gifts for Book Lovers

Book lover on your gift list? Looking for gifts for librarians? Need book club gift ideas? These 19 gift ideas for book lovers will be on any bookworm literary gift list. Here’s a Collection of Literature-themed gifts for book lovers, reading and literature teachers, and librarians.

Like Alice (from Wonderland fame), I recently went down a rabbit hole.

Does that ever happen to you?

I was looking for Christmas ideas for my niece, and my sister-in-law suggested that she would love a hoodie or something with some literature-ish logo on it. So, I started my search and unearthed so many fantastic literary-themed gifts that now I don’t know what to get her!! An abundance of literary-themed riches, perfect gifts for book lovers!

So, if you have a book lover, bookworm, librarian, reading teacher, or literature teacher on your gift list or if you need book club gift ideas, Boy, Howdy, is this your lucky day! I have some great Book Lover Gift ideas for you!

And what did I finally decide to get my niece? I can’t spoil the ending…like any good book, you need to read through to the end!?

19 Gifts for Book Lovers:

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Gifts for book lovers: book club gift ideas

Are you in a book club? These book themed (and personalized) wine tags are a great gift that could be re-used for every gathering! The last hostess could be responsible for bringing them to the next meeting! They really do make the best book club gifts!

book lover gifts: cocktail glasses with literature theme

If your favorite reader loves Hamlet (or Dracula, War of the Worlds or Sherlock Holmes or Jane Eyre or….) AND cocktails, these glasses would make a unique gift for your bookworm.

Now, nothing says “Bring me all the books!” more than Romeo and Juliet or Emily Dickinson poems written on your tights…am I right? What a unique gift for your favorite book nerd!

gifts for book worms: tights with poetry verses

How do you not smile when you read this sweatshirt?  And for what it’s worth…it’s a real thing! I know…reference the stack of books sitting on my nightstand.

Here is one of my favorite literary gifts. Your Shakespeare lover will surely appreciate this poster of the Bard’s zingers.

literary gift ideas: Shakespeare quotes

The story of the Velveteen Rabbit has stood the test of time and remains one of my all-time favorites. This vendor has a couple of different book quotes on mugs. I think these make perfect gifts for librarians.

With a little advance notice, you can personalize a locket with a favorite book!

For that strong-willed heroine on your list.

gift ideas for readers: sweatshirt with book verses

This artist has many lovely gifts for book lovers, especially if you are looking for items featuring literary heroines. From bookmarks to prints, there are some charming items in this shop.

Jane Austen had all the great quotes! 

Here’s an unusual, but fun, book lover gift. Using the title page and the first page of several classics, these shawls are a cozy way to wrap up in a favorite book.

Chip the Teacup sits atop a stack of literary giants!  Different shirt sizes and different book titles available through this Etsy shop. An easy way to personalize a gift for your favorite reader. 

Is there anything better than cozying up with a book on a chilly day? I think not! These fun socks will help you get to the ‘cozy’ stage.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, this little mirror tells it like it is!

These fun little decals can be used in so many places.  Another great stocking stuffer gift for book lovers.

One of my favorite book lover gifts, Quotes from Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Edgar Allan Poe are stamped on these lovely bracelets.

gift ideas for readers: bracelet with book quotes

What about a phone case featuring a set of antique books?

Or, ‘disguise’ a phone as a favorite book!

Your book lover will appreciate a personalized stamp for when they lend their library.

Wow…and truly, I just scratched the surface! I tell you, literature-themed gifts are a thing, and there is no shortage of wonderful gift ideas for book lovers!

So, for our niece, who is in middle school, we got her the sweatshirt, and the ‘Bring me a book’ socks. I just hope she continues her love of reading, and not only because I have all sorts of gift ideas now!

Want to refer back to this list of gifts for book lovers? Bookmark this page or pin it for your future reference.

Gift ideas for book lovers: Stack of books Pinterest Pin

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