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News from the Nest, March 11

Well, I’m happy to report that I have no tales of woe this week! It’s been a busy, fun-filled seven days. We gathered with our game night crew on Friday night for a card game of ‘Oh Hell.’ We tried remembering when we started gathering, and it’s been nine or ten years! Yay for us! It’s always good food, but it is secondary to the laughter and friendship.

Then, on Sunday, we had other ‘old’ friends for a casual dinner. I’m happy that I have dialed back the stress I used to feel when entertaining. I did make sure the toilets were clean, but other than that, whatever dust had accumulated during the week was there last night…and no one cared! That was a big moment for me several years ago when I realized that the folks who mattered didn’t care about the dust in my home. I made Ina Garten’s Turkey Lasagna; it is a good meal that can be made in advance. My girlfriend brought a salad, and I also made our focaccia recipe and this Almond Ricotta cake. I highly recommend them all.

I did get my seeds started indoors this week! I planted two types of tomatoes, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, borage, french marigolds, calendula, and nasturtiums.

We are dog-sitting our daughter’s boyfriend’s dog while he is visiting the West Coast, and she is such a sweet girl. It is just wonderful to have a dog in the home again. And to that end, we will visit our new pup, Elsa, this week! We had a naming game/challenge/procedure, and Elsa/Elsie/Ellie was the name that won the contest. We will bring her home on Easter weekend! 🥰

O.K., let’s get down to business.

New on the Blog

My crochet friends will say, ‘It’s about time!’ I’ve been promising more crochet projects for some time, and finally, I have something to back up my promises! This pattern teaches you how to crochet a bookmark, and aren’t they darling? You can make one of these whimsical flower bookmarks in about 30 minutes for the cost of three skeins of DMC embroidery floss. Won’t they make great gifts?

From the Knit Studio

This Knit Blanket Pattern is perfect for cool Spring and Summer nights. The Linen Stitch creates a woven-like fabric and the simple crochet border finishes it with a charming fringe edge. 

Linen Stitch Blanket with fringe

In the Kitchen

  • Only good things happen when you make a cheese ball of cream cheese, goat cheese, and rosemary. And even better things happen when you spread ginger preserves over this cheese ball! This Rosemary and Goat Cheese with Ginger Preserves recipe does all those good things!
Goat Cheese and Ginger Preserves appetizer
  • Start a pot of this hearty authentic Bolognese Sauce mid-day, let it simmer so very slowly all day and you will have the most satisfying bowl of Ragù come dinnertime. Meat and vegetables gently simmered with wine, broth, tomato sauce, and milk offer a depth of savory richness that’s hard to match. It’s a hearty and filling meal that goes beyond a simple meat sauce.
A plate of pappardelle with ragu alla bolognese.
  • This healthy Fig and Butternut Squash Salad celebrates the season’s best flavors, with arugula, butternut squash, and dried figs. A maple and curry dressing finishes this delightful salad.
  • You can dip these Pecan Sandies in chocolate or leave them as-is. Either way, they are the perfect cookie with a glass of milk or a cup of tea!
pecan sandies on a plate.

From the Arts + Crafts Studio

  • So, this is a fun little project! These Leather Cord Keepers are fairly quick to make and very useful! We use them to help identify each other’s charging cables and earbuds and corral the tangled earbud wires that inevitably settle at the bottom of our bags or purses.
leather cord keepers
  • How to make a grommeted counter skirt to dress up a counter or table and, possibly more importantly, hide the storage space underneath.
Counter with grommeted counter skirt.

In the Garden

  • If it is still too cold to get outside and get dirt under your fingernails, you can still do a few things to help your garden grow this year. This article and garden maintenance tips printable gives suggestions for tasks for all four seasons. My favorite part of the two-page printable is the pruning and fertilization log, which you can fill out now in the warmth of your home.
Garden Maintenance sheets with shears.
  • Another garden task you can do indoors is to plan your Container Gardens! Here are some Container Garden Recipes to inspire you. I’ve included the recipes, but you can use these ideas as a jumping-off point and make them your own!
Container Garden with Hosta and Corn Plant

Around the Home

  • This Drawer Organization Solution uses simple drawer dividers and adhesive tape to bring order to chaos in your drawers. After several years of using them, I’m still a fan!

Some Fun Finds and a Few Favorites

Handblock napkins in pretty spring colors.

I love the idea of mixing drinkware styles. These are pretty, spring-y, glasses.

After trying many alternatives, this garlic rocker remains one of my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s easy to clean, with no moving parts. The simplicity of it is everything.

I have six of these bamboo wide-mouth jar lids and need to order more. They make using mason jars as dry goods storage jars so much easier.

FYI: A Simple Way to Help This Blog

The easiest way you can help Nourish and Nestle thrive and grow is to rate and comment on our specific recipes and projects. Google looks at your ratings and comments as validation that our content is useful. If you’ve made and enjoyed one of our recipes or projects, commenting on the recipe or project page gives it credibility.

Well, I’m signing off now. It is a gorgeous, if still rather chilly, Monday morning here in Southeastern North Carolina. I think I will take Oakley, our visiting pup, for a nice walk while I continue listening to David Copperfield on Audible. I hope you enjoy your week and I look forward to popping into your inbox next Monday!


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  1. Congratulations on hearing the news of your new puppy! My husband and I also drove 5 1/2 hours round trip to visit our new pup. She was 5 days old when we first visited her. But, I’m happy to say that I was able to hold her for around 30 minutes. She fell asleep in my arms, and was under a very sweet watchful eye of her mom. She’s a wire fox terrier (now 8 months old) and an absolute sweetheart.

    I so enjoy receiving your emails!

    Have a good week, Lynn.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m so happy to hear that there are other crazy dog lovers out there and that you ‘get it.’ So, you still have a baby pup! I can’t wait. It’s been 13 years since we’ve had a puppy, and I’m trying to remember all the tips and tricks!

      Enjoy that sweet girl of yours.


  2. So excited to hear about your new addition…..dogs are the best. Please keep us updated.
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air.
    Grants Pass, OR

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Dogs are always the best people I know! 🥰

      We miss our girl who died in September, but are ready to bring a new girl into our home.

      And thanks for your kind comments about the blog. I do enjoy working on projects and writing it and am always happy (and relieved) to hear that others find the content useful

      Have a fantastic day!

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Not that I don’t LOVE puppies and dogs… (and I’m very excited for you to be getting Elsa soon!), but I was actually just logging onto my computer to find a recipe for a cookie that I could dip in chocolate and turn into salted chocolate coated cookies! Your email was the first in my inbox, and whoa! I am headed over to the kitchen to make those pecan sandies dipped in chocolate (with salt)! So excited! Thanks for your weekly updates and new ideas! c@

    1. Hi Cat!

      You finding that recipe was pure Kismet…which I’m believe in, 100%! Meant to be. Do let me know how they turn out with a sprinkling of salt. Actually, i know they will be delicious as anything dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with salt is excellent!

      Happy BAking!

  4. Oh, I can hardly wait to see your new fur-baby home, and the adorable pictures that are sure to be included. I too look forward to your posts, and enjoy shopping for some of your recommendations. It is so great to get some real reviews and real user recommendations from such a great source. I’m getting those drawer dividers when we move. I HATE the mess I have of plastic bins, cardboard bins, etc. that try to fit and organize my drawers. Nothing will ever fit as good as what you found! Thank you for all you share with us. I’m sure you are getting excited about the next season of gardening. Wishing you a beautiful Spring, and Easter.

    1. Oh Joan, I’m so excited to get this puppy home. But I’m trying to remember the ‘best way to potty train!’ I was looking around the home today and think I need to roll up some carpets so that I don’t worry about them. I’m open to all suggestions!

      I’m always happy to recommend products I enjoy, but just a forewarning, some of the products are those that I am eyeing and haven’t yet purchased. I do try to make sure to mention when it is something I’ve used and appreciate. And those drawer dividers I definitely use and definitely appreciate! Like you, I like my drawers to be organized, aesthetically pleasing and streamlined and having various sizes of plastic bins just doesn’t do it for me. Let me know how they work for you!

      I’m chomping at the bit to get out in the garden. We’ve been teased with some spring weather, but then winter reminded us she was quite done yet. How about you…what’s your weather like now?

      Have a wonderful day!


  5. Congradulations on you r new puppy. They are so much fun. You are the first person I’m heard mentions the game “Oh Hell.” I played it a lot growing up. Alot of fun, some skill and some luck.

    1. Good Morning Milann,

      Thanks so much for your kind message, we are so excited to have a puppy in the house. I’m trying to remember the best way to potty train! It’s been a long time.

      We enjoyed “Oh Hell” so much! I’m excited to teach my kids to play.

      Have a great day!


  6. I so enjoy “having coffee” with you while reading the N2 news! Congrats on the puppy! I may try the crochet book mark with my grandson, who asks repeatedly to learn to crochet.

    1. Good Morning Trudy! I love ‘N2 News!’ Thanks for thinking of that! And thanks for your lovely comment. I fell into this dream job nine years ago and am so thankful to have this outlet for my creative side that was stifled during my banking years! But more than anything, I’m thankful for folks like you on the other end of my projects and musings who find something useful or entertaining in the newsletters. Without readers like you, this would be a rather unfulfilling endeavor. So thanks!!!

      And I’m smiling at the image of you and your grandson crocheting these bookmarks! Once he got the hang of it, he could make bookmarks for his teachers! Please send a photo of your finished creations!

      Many hugs,


  7. Hi, I’m wanting to print off the pattern for the cute crocheted flower markers and can’t figure out how to sign up for your (library) to be able to print it. Thank you, Barb

    1. Hi Barb, I’m happy to sign you up if you’d like. Is this the address you want to use? If so, the pattern will come directly to your inbox.

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