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Crochet Slipper Socks Pattern

If you’re looking for a fun and practical project, these crocheted slipper socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm and stylish.

Designed with comfort in mind, this pattern uses simple stitches and soft yarn to create a snug fit that’s ideal for lounging around the house. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a beginner, you’ll find this pattern easy to follow and satisfying to complete.

Grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get started on these delightful crochet slipper socks! Not for nothing, these slipper socks make great gifts for colder months!

Materials Needed for Crochet Slipper Socks

For size 6-8 socks that measure 4 inches across at the ankle, 10 inches in length from toe to heel, and 4 inches wide through the foot.

  • SuperBulky yarn in two colors, A and B (81 yds each)
  • Size 9 mm crochet hook
  • Size 11.50 mm crochet hook
  • Stitch marker
  • Darning needle
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slipper socks.

Abbreviations and Crochet Stitches Used

The following stitches are used for these crochet slipper socks.

  • SC: single crochet
  • DC: double crochet
  • MR: magic ring
  • DEC: single crochet two together (decrease)
  • SL: slip stitch
  • [x] Repeat what is bracketed for the specified amount of stitches

Instructions for Crocheted Slipper Socks


Rounds 1–6 use color A

  • Round 1: Using the 9mm crochet hook, create an MR. SC 6 stitches into the MR. Slip stitch to close the round (6 stitches). 
  • Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around and SL to close (12 stitches).
  • Round 3: [SC in the first stitch, 2 SC]. Alternate SC and 2 SC around. SL to close (18 stitches).
  • Round 4–6: SC in each stitch around. SL to close (18 stitches).


(Rounds 7–12 use color B)

Round 7–12: Switch to the 11.5 mm hook and SC in each stitch around. SL to close after each round. After the final round, cut your yarn and pull the tail through (18 stitches). 


Row 13: Find stitch number 15 from row 12 and attach color B. Chain 10 and SL into stitch number 4 from row 12. SC and place a stitch marker in the SC. This will create the opening for the heel that you will create later (22 stitches).

Row 14: SC in each stitch around, including the 10 chain stitches, until you reach your stitch marker. SL into the first SC of the round  (22 stitches)

Row 15: DEC in the first two stitches and place your stitch marker. SC 12, DEC. SC 7 to the end of the row and SL into the stitch containing the stitch marker (20 stitches).

Row 16: DEC in the first two stitches and place the stitch marker. SC 10, DEC. SC 7 to the end of the row and SL into the marked stitch (18 stitches). 

Row 17–19: SC into each stitch around. Remove the stitch marker and replace it in the first stitch of every row to help keep your place. Once the final round is complete, SL to close, cut the yarn, and pull the tail through.

Crochet slipper sock heel.

Row 20: Switch to the 9mm hook and attach color A to the final stitch in row 19. Chain 3. DC in each stitch around, and SL to close (18 stitches). Cut the yarn and weave in the end using the darning needle.


Note: Use the stitch marker to mark the first stitch of the row so it is easy to keep track as you go

Row 1: Using the 9mm crochet hook, attach color A into the stitch where a tail remains from row 12. Make sure that the toe of the sock is facing towards you while crocheting the heel. SC into each stitch around. (20 stitches)

Crochet heel of sock.

Row 2: Continue into row 2 by placing a SC into the first SC of row 1. Place a stitch marker in this stitch. SC in each stitch until you reach the stitch marker (20 stitches).

Crochet heel of slipper sock.

Row 3: [SC, DEC], repeat [x] around (10 stitches).

Row 4: SC in every stitch around (10 stitches). 

Row 5: DEC in every stitch around (5 stitches).

There will now be a small hole remaining in the heel. Cut the yarn with about a foot of excess. Use a darning needle to sew the hole closed. Sew the yarn through each of the five remaining stitches and pull the yarn to close the hole. Weave in the end of the yarn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best yarn for crochet slipper socks?

A blend of wool and acrylic/nylon is best for knitting or crocheting socks. The wool will wick moisture away from the skin, and the acrylic/nylon will give your crocheted socks added durability. It’s also essential to use durable, soft yarn with a bit of stretch.

How can I resize these slipper socks?

To alter the size of this sock, add or decrease rows of SC in the foot section. Twelve rows of SC work well for a size 6–8, but you can add or decrease rows of SC until the foot section of the sock hits where the instep of your foot meets the ankle. 
If you want a looser ankle, don’t decrease in row 16. Instead, replace row 16 with a row of single crochets. Continue as written in rows 17–19.

Is blocking necessary for crocheted slipper socks?

Blocking can help even out stitches and improve the overall shape of the sock. While not always necessary, it can make a difference in the finished appearance.

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Crocheted Slipper Socks
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