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Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Dishcloths and washcloths seem to be items you can never have enough of! You might want to make this Sunburst Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for yourself, but they also make fantastic gifts!

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About this Sunburst Crochet Dishcloth

This pattern is suitable for anyone with intermediate crochet skills. The instructions are straightforward, and the illustrations help, so even if you are new to crochet, I think you should try it!

From start to finish, you could make a washcloth in 30 minutes to one hour.

Crochet Skills Needed and Abbreviations Used

  • SC: Single crochet
  • DC: Double crochet
  • SL: Slip stitch
Two Sunburst Crochet Dishcloths

What Materials are Needed to Make These Sunburst Crochet Dishcloths

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Material needed for Starburst Crochet Dishcloths.


  • To avoid having as many ends to weave in, crochet over your yarn ends as you go around. Once you have crocheted over the ends, you can cut the excess yarn at the end of the project.
  • To make sure the washcloth lays flat and holds its shape, you can wet block the project using the following instructions:
    1. Wet the washcloth in warm, soapy water. 
    2.  Rinse out any soap and squeeze out as much water as possible. 
    3. Gently stretch the washcloth into a perfect square on a towel, blocking board, or foam square. 
    4. Use sewing pins to pin the edge of the project every two inches or so around the edge into your blocking surface. (If you have a blocking board, place the provided silver posts through the edges of the washcloth.) 
    5. Let the washcloth fully dry in the pinned position before removing the pins. This will help the project hold its shape. 
Two folded sunburst crochet dishcloths.

Illustrated Instructions to Make Crochet Dishcloths

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Center Rounds

Round 1: Crochet a magic ring. DC sixteen into the magic ring. SL into the first stitch in the row. Cut yarn.

Round 2: Attach new yarn color in the slip stitch from the previous row, yarn over, and pull up a loop without pulling through both loops. Yarn over and pull up another loop. You will repeat this until there are five loops on your hook. Once you have five loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through all five loops. Repeat in each stitch around for a total of sixteen puffs, and SL into the first stitch in the row to complete.  Cut your yarn.

Round 3: Attach new yarn color and chain three. Place a DC in the same stitch as the chain three. Before pulling through the final two loops, yarn over as if to place another DC in the same stitch. Repeat this twice. You will have three incomplete double crochets in the same stitch. You will also have five loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all five loops to complete all unfinished DC. Repeat in each stitch around, and SL to close the round. Cut your yarn.

This completes the center rounds for the washcloth.

Granny Square Portion:

Round 1:

Step 1: Attach a new yarn color in the gap between clusters of double crochets from the previous round. Pull up a loop and chain three with your new yarn color. This will act as a standing DC. Place two more DCs in the same gap between clusters. Chain two, and place three more DCs into the same gap as the previous three. You will have six stitches in the same gap with a chain two in between.

Step 2: Place three DCs in the next gap and chain one. Repeat Step 2 two more times in the next two gaps for a total of three side sections; then, you will create the next corner by repeating Step 1 but without changing colors.

Four sides of granny square.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 around the rest of the circle for a total of four corners and four sides (forming a square).

Square sides of Starburst Crochet Dishcloth

Round 2:

Step 1: You will not cut your yarn for round 2; you will continue with your working yarn from the previous round. SL to close the previous round and continue using the instructions from Round 1, Steps 1–3. The only difference will be one extra set of three DCs per side because the square will be larger now.

For example, in Round 2 Step 2 (after creating the first corner), three DCs will be inserted into the gap, followed by a chain one and three DCs into the next gap, repeated three more times. There will be a total of four side clusters before each corner is created.

Step 2: SL to complete the round. 

Round 3:

Step 1: Chain three for a standing DC and continue to create your corner using Round 1 Step 1 instructions. This round is the same as the previous two, except you will have five side clusters between each corner. Follow Round 1 Steps 1–3 to create each corner and side cluster. 

Step 2: SL to finish the round.


Step 1: Without cutting your working yarn, slip stitch to close the previous round, and chain three. DC in the same stitch. In the next stitch, SL. Alternate DC and SL in every stitch around the square. For the corners, [DC, SL] twice in the gap left from the previous rows.

Step 2: SL to close and cut yarn. Weave in any ends using a darning needle.

Two sunburst crochet dishcloths with a bar of soap and spray cleaner.

Questions about Crochet Dishcloths and Washcloths

What type of yarn is best for crocheted dishcloths?

Cotton or cotton blends are ideal for knitted or crocheted dishcloths due to their absorbency. Unmercerized cotton is more absorbent, while mercerized cotton has a nicer sheen and durability. Popular choices include Lily’s Sugar N CreamLion Brand Kitchen Cotton, and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. And here are some other yarn options you might want to consider. I have all the yarns and needles I use to crochet knit these washcloths in my shop here.

Spinrite Peaches & Creme Cotton
Dishie Yarn

Stick to cotton or cotton blends for your dishcloths. If you go the blended route, make sure it is primarily cotton (70/30 or 80/20), as the cotton makes the yarn absorbent.

What’s the difference between a dishcloth and a washcloth?

The main difference is in size and intended use. Washcloths are generally larger and used for personal care, while dishcloths are smaller and used for cleaning tasks. However, the crochet technique and patterns can be similar for both.

How can I access this free crochet dishcloth pattern?

All my patterns are available for free and can be sent directly to your email inbox. You can subscribe to the blog for free to access these knitting and crochet patterns. Just pop your email address into the blue box on the right to access my knit and crochet patterns.

Are these crocheted dishcloths durable for regular use?

Yes, especially if you choose a yarn like Peaches & Creme or Lily Sugar ‘N Cream, which holds up well with repeated washings and is absorbent, making it ideal for dishcloths.

How can I make this dishcloth larger or smaller?

You can use a size 4mm to make the washcloth smaller or a 6mm crochet hook to make it larger.

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Yellow and White Sunburst Crochet Dishcloths.

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