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Embroidered Christmas Trees

You can make these embroidered Christmas trees as fancy or as simple as you like. I could start and finish one in about 90 minutes with the simple embroidery design I used, but feel free to ‘bling’ them up a bit with fancier stitches and beads. You can use these little trees as holiday gift adornments, tree ornaments, or to hang from garland.

You know I love knitting, but recently I found myself itching to do something different…and quick. I couldn’t tell you exactly what inspired these little embroidered Christmas trees, but I’m glad it did! I enjoyed the quick hand embroidery and simple sewing required to finish them, and now have a collection of them to use to adorn packages and hang from the garland on my mantel.

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Embroidered Christmas Tree ornament on Christmas tree.

what you need to make these embroidered Christmas trees

  • Your choice of fabric. I used deep, green velvet. Each tree requires a piece of fabric approximately 16″ by 11″. So with 1/3 of a yard of 54″ wide fabric, you could make 3 trees.
  • Christmas Tree Pattern
  • A marker to trace the pattern. I used a silver Sharpie.
  • Metallic gold embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fiber Fill or Aroma Beads (if you want your trees to be scented)
  • Christmas Tree Essential Oil (if you want your trees to be scented)
  • Cord to hang your tree (I braided the embroidery thread that I used to embroider the trees. I found that if the cord was much thicker, it was hard to get it right at the top of the tree)

how to make embroidered Christmas trees

  • Print off the tree pattern and then copy it onto a thin piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard tree out.
Trace around the Christmas Tree pattern onto your fabric.
  • For each tree, you will trace the pattern twice. For one, you will trace the tree, but just cut a square around it so that you can easily put it in an embroidery hoop. For the second, you will cut along the edges of the tree and set it aside. This will be the back of the tree. Don’t worry if your tracing goes awry in places; you can ‘erase’ the sharpie ink with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. I had to do that for every one of my Christmas trees.
Two pieces of the Christmas tree.
  • Put piece 1 in an embroidery hoop.

tree embroidery design

Feel free to design your own embroidery pattern! I just used a simple chain stitch for myt garland and simple stitches for the stars.

  • Start at the bottom, right-hand corner of the tree, and work a chain stitch slowly up on a diagonal.
Start chain stitch at the bottom, right hand corner of the Christmas Tree.

chain stitch

Sketch showing how to embroider the chain stitch.
  • You can zig-zag your chain stitch garland or have it going in one direction; completely up to you!
  • Then, add some stars. The stars are very simple; just scatter them throughout the tree. You might consider adding a bigger one at the top. You could also add beads as well but keep the beads away from the edge of the tree. My sewing machine foot had a hard time going over the beads (but then my machine is pushing 50 years old, so there’s that!)
STitching stars on embroidered Christmas trees.


Diagram showing how to embroider stars.
  • When you are done embroidering your Christmas tree, lay your cord on the tree, with the hanging loop end pointing towards the bottom of the tree.
Embroidery on Velvet Christmas Tree, with hanger facing towards the bottom of the tree.
  • Then, lay the back side face down on the front of the tree and pin it in place. Ensure that you have secured the cord so that it is right at the tree point. You will most likely have to adjust this before you stitch it.
Pin front to back, front sides facing.
  • Using your sewing machine, stitch along the edge of the back side of the tree. Even with the pins, you will need to adjust the alignment of the two pieces at times. Start at one side of the bottom of the tree and finish on the other side, leaving several inches open at the bottom to be able to turn and stuff the trees.
Sew top and bottom of embroidered Christmas tree.
  • When you finish sewing, cut away the fabric. Use your scissors to snip even closer to the seam at the corners between the ‘branches’.
Cut close to corners
  • Then, use a blunt edge tool to help turn the tree inside out and push out the ‘branches.’
Using a wooden needle to poke out corners of embroidered Christmas Tree.
  • When your embroidered Christmas tree is turned out, it is time to stuff it! I stuffed some trees with fiberfill and some with aroma beads which I scented with Christmas-scented essential oil.
Stuffing embroidered Christmas Trees.

If you see a bit of the light-colored Sharpie ink when you turn your tree out, just rub a bit of rubbing alcohol over the Sharpie ink. The alcohol will remove it.

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Embroidered Christmas Tree on a package.
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