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9 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

If like me, you have wine enthusiasts or oenophiles (just had to work that word in somewhere!) on your gift list, then this list of 9 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers will be so handy. These gift ideas reinforce the art and science behind wine and the enjoyment of it.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God.”
― Martin Luther

Truth…though raised by and married to beer lovers, I just cannot drink the stuff! In fact, I spent my whole 4 years in college without letting beer pass my lips…needless to say, I was often the designated driver.

But wine, now that’s another story. With maturity, my appreciation of wines has blossomed and I now enjoy a glass while cooking our dinner each night and pairing a good wine with the meal I am serving.

Over the years we have purchased, have gifted or have been gifted several wine-related items and have our eyes on others. Here are some suggestions for the best gifts for wine lovers, in no particular order.

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Wine and Chocolate Pairing Bars...1 of 9 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers
Vinturi Wine Aerator...1 of 9 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers
Pulltex Cork Screw...1 of 9 best gifts for wine enthusiasts
Corksicle Stemless Insulated Wine Glass...1 of 9 best gifts for wine enthusiasts
Wine Food Book...1 of 9 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Bars

Each of these 4 chocolate bars is formulated with flavors that will pair well with specific wines. Not only is this a great gift for wine lovers, but I’m planning to have a set of chocolate bars at our next dinner party.


Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer

Earthy-flavored red wines often benefit from aerating before serving. We received this aerator as a Christmas gift several years back and use it regularly. It makes a great gift and stocking stuffer.


Pulltap (by Pulltex) Corkscrew

This classic Corkscrew (known as ‘the waiter’s friend’), made by Pulltex from Spain, is rated by Food & Wine as The Best Overall Corkscrew. Its double-hinged fulcrum helps maintain leverage, even with the worm twisted all the way into the cork. The simple form and function of this classic corkscrew assures that it will always be among the best gifts for Wine Lovers.


Corksicle Triple Insulated Stemless Wine Glass

These insulated wine glasses are perfect for drinks on the beach or at your local outdoor concert. We find them incredibly handy during our local summer concert series where we can bring our picnic dinners.

Wine Decanter 

We were recently given this wine decanter from Eravino. My husband has been wanting a decanter for his red wine and had been using my water decanter…which was fine unless I wanted water…right? This lovely decanter aerates the wine with the waterfall aerator. It’s the ultimate functional aesthetic…does the job and looks good doing it!



Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

If you are looking for an economical and unique gift for your wine lover, then this vacuum pump might just be the ticket. It’s the perfect tool when you have several bottles opened and need to save them. This pump removes the air and secures them for future use. It is also available with 6 stoppers.



Wine Folly: The Master Guide

I can think of so many people who would enjoy this Amazon Bestseller. With descriptions of grapes and wine colors to food & wine pairing charts, this book is perfect for the wine enthusiast who wants to take their wine game up a notch!


Wine Chiller Stick

“Oh, Rats!”

That exclamation was frequently heard at 5 p.m. when I would open my fridge and find nary a bottle of chilled wine. ?

Enter this Wine Chiller Stick. It takes up very little room in the freezer and will chill a bottle of wine in 15 minutes! If you or your wine lover don’t have a wine cooler or don’t have enough room in a refrigerator, then this is a great gift.




Wine Food

I am always on the lookout for new cookbooks and this book, which combines suggestions for wine pairings with recipes, sounds like the perfect addition to my cookbook library. The reviews are fantastic and it was just added to my Christmas wish list!

Well, there you go my friends…Nine Great Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers. And don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite from this list! I will be randomly drawing a name at the end of November to win the Vinturi Wine Aerator.

Glass of White Wine on a Black background. Nine Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

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  1. All of these are great ideas. Love the chocolates. Sometimes I’m wary of taking wine as a gift if I don’t know the people well. You never know who’s not drinking these days. Thanks for all your wonderful info. And I LOVE your recipes.

    1. Hi Toni…yup, I gift wine and wine gifts only to folks that I know like wine! And you are so welcome! Thanks so much for taking time from your day to read and to chime in! So very appreciated.



  2. The chocolate &wine pairing bars will be a perfect stocking stuffer. Thank you for the great wine ideas.

  3. Oh any of the books!! Plus that decanter is beautiful. I need a good, easy aerator! thanks for all the great idea. 🙂

    1. I think those books are winners! Hubby is getting that decanter…don’t tell him.

      Thanks for commenting…you have been ‘registered’



  4. guess the wine aerator would be my choice. I’m not usually a red wine drinker but my husband died in January unexpectedly. He left me a lot of red wine as that was his favorite. Maybe if I had this I would like it better. At least I would be able to enjoy drinking it to his memory.

    1. Oh, TerriSue

      I am so sorry! I can only imagine that this has been a horribly tough year for you. But I do love that you will raise a glass of his red wine in his memory.

      I have you entered for the aerator my friend.



    1. Hubby is anxiously waiting until the end of the month to use that decanter. We declared October a ‘dry’ month to help us get our waistlines ready for the holidays and it is killing him to not be able to use that decanter yet!

      Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!



  5. Love to give insulated stemless wine glass with a bottle of the person’s favorite wine. I love a dark red wine.

    I like the idea of the wine food cookbook.

    1. Hi Jennifer, that is such a great idea!

      You could even personalize the stemless glass with their initials! And that Wine Food Cookbook…what a great gift!

      Thanks for commenting! You are entered into the drawing!



    1. I so agree Kesha! They are so perfect for picnics, tailgating and other outdoor activities!

      Thanks for commenting! You are entered into the drawing!



  6. All excellent ideas as Xmas presents.
    I could definitely use one of those Vacu wine pump as I’m the only one at home drinking wine, but an aerator would also be appreciated

    1. Hi Christine!

      Truthfully, I purchased one of those Vacu Wine Pumps to give my hubby this year…think he will be pretty excited about it! He loves gadgets like that.

      Thanks for commenting! You are entered into the drawing!



    1. You are so welcome Barbara! It is always so helpful to me to see lists of gift ideas…helps get my thinker going!

      Thanks for commenting! You are entered into the drawing!



  7. we have a group of 6 couples who meet once a month with a different
    Host who pics the theme (type of wine) & each couple brings a red & white. Host preps the food to enjoy with the wine …heavy hordoures.
    So I think the chocolate might work nicely but the wine decanters are lovely too….
    Thanks Lynn
    Love your website!

    1. What a fun idea! I may just have to borrow that one!

      Thanks for commenting, Ellen. You are entered into the drawing!




  8. I need to forward this list to my friends and family members. (Do you think they will get the hint?) My sisters and I are all wine drinkers. Thanks for the great gift suggestions.

    1. Hi Bette Ann, It is surely worth a try! 😉 Do they take hints easily?

      Thanks for commenting my friend! You are entered into the drawing!



  9. I already have a decanter and wine saver pump and they are fabulous. Of the items that are left, the chiller stick would be the next thing I’d invest in. I often have a lovely bottle of white wine warm in the rack, not in the fridge, where it should be chilling.

  10. I already have a decanter and wine saver pump and they are fabulous. Of the items that are left, the chiller stick would be the next thing I’d invest in. I often have a lovely bottle of white wine warm in the rack, not in the fridge, where it should be chilling.

    1. Oh yes! Aerating helps all the wines…even the budget! 😉😉😉 Thanks for commenting and you are entered into the drawing!




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