All the different posts on this page have one thing in common; they are all either upcycled, repurposed or refreshed items.

What’s not to love about a good upcycle, repurpose, or refresh project?

I will always look for ways to repurpose just about anything! I’ll use any large plastic bag as a trash bag instead of purchasing trash bags.

I use the hollow tube from a paper towel roll to corral my Silpat mats.

I’ve repurposed flag poles as large knitting needles to knit a lovely, large and chunky blanket.

I am typing this at a desk that I made from an old door.

Our guest bath displays handtowels that I made from an old, stained Candlewick bedspread.

I love finding ways to upcycle oyster shells. One of my most favorite upcycle projects ever is my Oyster Shell Mirror. A close second are my Oyster Shell Clusters.

Windows are great to repurpose. I’ve painted them, applied shells to them, and made a cold frame from them.

I’ll spray paint just about anything to refresh it! My grandma’s old lamp received a fresh coat of paint and a new lease on life.

I once stopped, in the rain, to retrieve a sad nightstand on the side of the road. This soaking wet, roach-infested nightstand was refreshed with TLC and paint and now serves as my printer stand and desk storage.

So, if you are looking for inspiration for your next upcycle project, take a few minutes to peruse the varied ideas below.