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New life to old chair

 As I’ve said before, there are very few things in life that can’t be improved with a fresh coat of paint.  This poor chair was the most recent candidate for the Cowardly Lion beauty parlor treatment from the Merry Old Land of Oz. 

He was a thrift store find from several years ago and spent some productive years in my son’s room before he was replaced and relegated to obscurity. Recently I noticed him looking rather forlorn and immediately decided he needed a little be-dazzling.

I removed the cushion and went to work with Valspar Metallic Silver Spray paint on the frame.  Then the real fun started.  I decided he had a future in my bedroom, so I went looking for an light aqua velvet to cover the seat.  Our fabric selections are really limited locally, but I did find a piece of broadcloth in the exact color I was looking for.  I figured I’d go ahead with that fabric and keep looking for a velvet.  

black chair-1

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I really liked working with Jacuard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint on the pillows and was anxious to have another project with it.  I decided to be a bit more floral, rather than geometric, so started doodling and found something I liked, it’s rather chrysanthemum-y.

I measured my fabric to fit the chair seat, with a good 3-4 extra inches and started painting.


 I like randomness, so I made sure my flowers weren’t all aiming the same way, some seem upside down and some are sideways. 

I waited a good 24 hours to put the fabric back on my chair.

reattaching seat cover-1
reattaching seat cover-2
reattaching seat cover-3
reattaching seat cover-4
chrysanthemum finished
Finished Silver Chrysanthemum Chair at www.NourishandNestle

I love a good quick project that accomplishes what I envisioned.  It’s fun to compare the before and after and see the fruits of my labor.

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