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Knitting Journal and Organizer – Printable

This knitting journal and organizer will help you keep your knitting resources, thoughts, patterns, and yarn inventory organized and in one place.

I’ve been looking for a way to keep my knitting resources and yarn inventory organized, but nothing was quite doing it for me. Finally, as I’m often inclined to do, I decided to make my own! This Knitting Journal and Organizer is the result of my year-long effort of trying and refining various important elements that I use to keep my knitting organized.

what is in the knitting journal and organizer?

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First of all, it is entirely customizable. You can include only what you would find useful. I have all these pages and elements in my journal organizer, but you may not want them all.

the binder

You have options!

I started keeping my knit organization printables in an Avery 3-ring Binder (1.5″) which has customizable pockets on the front, back and spine. If you decide to go this route, the download includes a front, back and spine printable so that you can outfit your Knit Journal accordingly. The 1.5″ is a good size unless your yarn inventory is quite large. I keep a snip of yarn in the pocket along with the information card, so it can get thick.

Putting sheets into 3 ring binder.

Another option is this printed 3-ring binder. It comes in 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ sizes. I recently updated to the largest and I will have plenty of room to grow my yarn inventory.

My Knit Journal 3-Ring Binder

The beauty of using a 3-ring binder as opposed to a spiral-bound journal; it can grow with you!

resource pages

With this journal organizer close by, you will always have references to the following resources. Some of these resources were made available in previous posts, but subscribers can always nab them in the Library.

Not a subscriber? No worry! It’s free; just click here!

If you received these first three printables last year, you might want to grab them again. We underwent a modest redesign at the end of the year, and these printables now reflect our new ‘aesthetic.’

to knit

These two printables are brand spanking new! Jot down patterns that you like and where you found them; as well as gifts you intend to knit. Once again, these can be found in the Library, but you can also have them emailed directly to you by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

  • Gifts I Want to Knit
  • Patterns & Projects to Knit
Patterns in binder


Keep printed patterns safe in clear sleeves or just punch holes in them to insert them right into your binder

  • Sleeves for printed patterns
  • Sheets of paper for jotting notes

yarn organization

This may be my favorite part of the knit journal organizer! Catalog the yarns you’ve used or have yet to use by weight. Each card gives details about the yarn and the projects you’ve knit with it. Include a swatch of the yarn in the pocket with the respective card! Right!!!

Yarn inventory sheets in binder.

The yarn information that is included on each card is:

  • Yarn Name
  • Brand
  • Weight
  • Color and Dye Lot
  • Fiber
  • Suggested Needles
  • Gauge
  • Yardage
  • Wash Directions
  • How Many in Stash?
  • Where Purchased
  • Projects (on the back of each card)

I use the yarn weights card to indicate the weight of everything that follows the card.

Use baseball card pockets to hold each of the cards that hold yarn information, as well as a swatch of the yarn.

These come in a sheet of nine. Make sure to set your printer to ‘print on front and back, flip on long end’ to have ‘Projects’ printed on the back of each card. I printed these cards on light cardstock.

cutting yarn inventory labels

printable pabs for the knitting journal

For the dividers in the Knitting Journal, I used the Avery 8-Tab Customizable Print-On Dividers (11528) The downloadable template will only work for these dividers.

Make sure to follow the directions included with the package very carefully, even to the point of drawing an arrow on your sheet of paper and running it through to see how your paper loads.

Common Knitting Abbreviations tab

knitting journal and organizer binder and spine label

Finally, print off the front and spine label to slip in your binder.

Putting sheets into 3 ring binder.

Like I said earlier, I hope to add to this Knitting Journal going forward. If there is something you’d love to see in it, let me know! And if you know anyone who makes apps, I’d love to get their name. I have a rough mock-up of an app, but it needs lots of work.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to this Knit Journal in the future.

Yarn inventory labels
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  1. Lynn, thank you so very much for the knitting organizer! It looks awesome and so very practical 😍. Maybe now I can finally keep better track of my knitting “stuff” now if only it would help me finish all my projects in a timely manner as well 😆 Thank you again

    1. Oh geez, Cathy.

      My stomach starts to clench up when I think of all my WIPs! I think you’ll love the yarn organizer especially! I’m not good with keeping the wrappers on the yarn, so this is a great way to keep track of what was knit and when!

      Happy organizing!

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. This is great, but I wonder if you can give me one more step. I’d like to know what smaller gauges will combine to create a larger gauge. I’m not sure if that’s clear. For example (and I’m totally making this up!) do two strands DK equal 1 strand of bulky? etc. I seem to have a lot of yarn that’s labeled for needles of US 1-3, but my arthritic hands prefer to knit on a larger needle . . .

    1. Hi Jeanie,

      I did provide a couple of suggestions for combining smaller weight yarn to get a larger weight. Check under the ‘Combining Yarn’ of the post. That being said, that’s not an exact science. If the measurements really matter (like for a sweater), you’ll definitely want to knit a swatch to check your gauge.

      Let me know if that helps.

      Hugs, Lynn

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