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Laundry Room One Room Challenge : Week 4

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge: Mixing Silver & Gold and Making Art in the Laundry Room

Holy Mackerel! I’m coming in just under the wire on this 4th week of the Calling It Home One Room Challenge!

Go figure…how is it that could I leave town for 5 of 7 days last week and still have something to show in terms of progress in my laundry room, and I was home for this entire week and am getting this done at the very last minute?

Does that ever happen to you? I do believe that when we realize that we have no time, we tend to make what little we have that much more productive, and when we think we have lots of time, we tend to take it for granted. But in all honesty, I did have a few distractions this week:

  • My final project portfolio for my photography class is due this week…It’s almost done…just need to mat before tomorrow morning.
  • Flora, my practically perfect in every way 4-legged baby, ended up in the hospital as a result of eating rat bait when she accompanied me into a local dog-friendly hardware store Tuesday morning.
  • As a result of Flora’s vet stay, I was carrying my phone around waiting for the vet to call.  Sadly,  I left my phone sitting in the garden and then proceeded to turn the sprinkler on in the garden.  Yup…the phone did not love that and flat out didn’t work for the rest of the day…Happily, after I had accepted the fact that I’d be shelling out mucho dinero for a new phone, I woke up Wednesday morning to a phone that MOSTLY works! (Snoopy happy dance!)
  • Flora came home from the hospital Tuesday evening only to be taken back within a half-hour as it seems she is highly allergic to the antidote! (Of course!)…Because I literally stuck my fingers down her throat in the middle of the hardware store and make her vomit much, if not all, of the bait up and then rushed her immediately to our vet, she should be just fine. But suffice it to say that my laundry room was low on the priority list for the last 2 days!  
    Practically Perfect In Every Way

On top of my ‘distractions’ this week, several of my plans didn’t quite pan out the way I had hoped. I felt like the prince in Cinderella trying to find the right fit for a runner for my laundry room…one was too dark, one was too light, one was too busy and the one that looked the best was too short! So I had to regroup and figure out a plan B…coming next week.  I found 2 ‘treasures’ at our local architectural salvage store which were going to be art for my laundry room and one of them just didn’t pan out.

Despite all that stuff listed above…I am really quite pleased with how things are shaping up in my laundry room.  This week’s post could be subtitled…

Where do you stand on mixing silver and gold?

For the record, I am all about mixing silver and gold.  I love the combination so much that the necklace which I wear 362 out of 365 days a year is a combination of silver and gold, as is my watch. That being said, I know that not everyone feels that same.  My daughter Kate, who has beautifully classic taste, wouldn’t be caught dead mixing silver and gold. So, I acknowledge that it is a ‘thing’ and that there are definite schools of thought on that whole mixing.  But, my laundry room is turning out to be a homage to those who embrace the mix! And for the record, I am using ‘silver and gold’ loosely…it would be more accurate, though less enticing, to say ‘beige and gray’. But it’s my blog and so I’m calling it ‘silver and gold!”

When my room started to trend towards the silver and gold, I knew I needed something to tie the whole thing together.  Back in recesses of my overworked mind, I remembered a post by Setting for Four where the talented Heather used some beautiful marbled paper in her dining room and I knew that’s what I needed to make my room work.  I marched (well my fingers marched) over to my mecca (AKA Amazon.com) and I ordered a roll of Thai Mulberry Marbled Paper – Black, Gold and Silver . I wasn’t 100% sure what I would do with it when it arrived, but like most things, I did know it would speak to me once I had it in hand.

'Before' Image of Laundry Room for One Room Challenge

Let me digress here for a moment and take you on a little trip down memory lane…

Remember this puce green laundry room? My daughter recently remarked, I’m sure as a way to make me feel better about my paint and countertop choices 12 years ago, “We were like in Pre-school and 1st grade when you built the house and this was a good room for young kids to come home to.”

But, since my 1st grader is now a college freshman, the time has clearly come for a change. See the artwork that was behind the washing machine? One was a cute little quote, appropriate for all ages but especially fun for youngsters…” make today ridiculously amazing’. The other piece of art was created by Kate at some point in her Elementary School career and was just perfect for my ‘Romper Room’ laundry room.

But the new, grown-up room needed new grown-up art and the Thai Marbled Papers fit that bill perfectly.  I used the lucite frames that were already there and luckily I happened to have a third, so I cut the Marbled paper in thirds, put them in the frames and hung them in the order that they were on the paper.

Mixing Silver & Gold in the laundry room during week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Here’s kind of what the paper looked like before I cut it.  My grandmother used to call me ‘hoodly fudly’, which I can’t find a technical definition for, but which was defined by grandma as ‘not taking your time, rushing in before planning or thinking a project out.’ Guilty as charged.  I cut the marbled paper before I took a picture of it so that that you could see it as one piece.  So I took my frames apart, put the paper back together, snapped my photo and then reframed the paper. 

Making 3- panel art from one sheet of marbled paper. DIY decorating in the laundry room.

You can kinda see where I cut part of it into 3 sections.  This is what it looked like after I popped the three sections into the 3 lucite frames. The silver and gold in this paper really do just what I need them to. (phew!) And for those of you wondering…yes that is a ‘vintage’ washer and dryer duo! Bet you haven’t seen one of them in quite some time.  Praying every day that I start a load that this will be the day they kick the bucket…a girl can hope!

I’m loving the new ‘grown-up’ artwork and feel of the laundry room. The second piece of art I created this week is shown in this next photo and as usual, there’s a story behind it (no pun intended).

I have always LOVED walking behind my kiddos while they walked ahead.  I’ve always been so curious as to what they were talking about and for whatever reason, the images of my two babes walking together have always warmed my heart. So much so, that when I was able, I would snap photos of them.

Making Art with an upcycled window frame and mixing Silver & Gold in the laundry room during week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

When I bought this 6-pane window at our local architectural salvage store several weeks ago, I knew exactly what I would do with it before I had it home.

I ‘washed’ the window in a sink of soapy water and lightly whitewashed it so it’d be a little less yellow. Then I rounded up 6 of my ‘behind’ photos and had them printed in 5X5 inch black and white squares, with a white frame reminiscent of the old polaroids. I mounted them on the glass using photo corners.  This was such an easy project, but I love having a group of my ‘behind’ photos all in one place. This is my second upcycled window project I’ve done this past month. you can see the other one here.

Making Art with an upcycled window frame and mixing Silver & Gold in the laundry room during week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Making marks on the back of the glass with my wine glass markers helped me place the corners in the right places and are easily wiped off when done.

Making Art with an upcycled window frame for the laundry room during week 4 of the One Room Challenge
Making Art with an upcycled window frame for the laundry room during week 4 of the One Room Challenge

I put them on the frame in chronological order, starting with our trip to Maine in 2007 in the top left corner……and finishing up with our hiking trip in Europe this past summer, 2015 in the bottom right corner…

From behind

…and many other memories in between…

So…all things considered, I’m pretty happy with my progress this week.  I’m telling you though…this One Room Challenge is keeping me accountable and making me get stuff done each week.  No doubt, I wouldn’t have done these two things if I didn’t have this challenge going on. 

Here’s where I am in my checklist:

  • Re-surface countertops
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Find a rug for the floor- After playing Prince to Cinderella’s Rug, I’m regrouping on this one.
  • Figure out what to do to hide litter box-still noodling this one.  
  • Find some galvanized storage containers, of different sizes. Galvanized is not happening…for a variety of reasons, not the least being I couldn’t justify spending $50 apiece for laundry baskets. Plus…just repainted the shelf they will sit on and I couldn’t stomach the thought of scratching my shelf up! Another regroup here.
  • Clean out and organize the cubbies-Haven’t started on this yet, it’s pretty bad!
  • Figure out some wall art-I had a very productive trip to our local architectural salvage store, have some fun things in store here! ?


Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. My dog got into rat bait last week also! That was some expensive snack he had but at least he is okay. The new washers and dryers don’t last as long as the vintage ones. There’s a reason they are considered vintage now. ? Sounds like your room is shaping up nicely. I would love to have an in the house washer and dryer. Mine are in the garage, oh well, at least I’m out of the weather.

    1. Oh, Jo…what a coincidence? So glad he is O.K. Did he have to go on Vitamin K? Turns out Flora is allergic to it! Of course. And yup…my bank account took quite a hit from her little snack!

      And thanks for trying to make me feel better about my vintage washer and dryer. They are just so banged up and I need to run the dryer fully 2 times to dry a load of clothes..trying to convince Terry that I need new ones just to help reduce our energy bill! Hasn’t worked yet. And you’re right…I really am thankful that they are in the house.
      Hoping your pup continues his recovery.
      Thanks for swinging by.

      Hugs, LYnn

      1. Yes, he’s on Vitamin K for a month and then repeat bloodwork. It’s not a new dryer, but try throwing in 3-5 tennis balls in the dryer. I do that and have found the clothes dry quicker and more evenly.

        1. Thanks Jo…I will try the tennis ball trick. My dryer is humming away in the background right now, so I’ll go grab some tennis balls.
          Best wishes to you and your pup.
          Hugs, Lynn

    2. Hi Lynn. I am trying to complete a vintage window I made for a wedding. I snapped a picture of the couple at the age wedding and have one if their engagement and even have some of those vintage corners like you have and a border around. My question is, did you secure the picture behind the glass? And if so, how did you secure the picture without adhesive shoeing through the glass?? Have done windows for a few gifts and have always ended up playing the pictures on top of the glass which looks ok but I’d really prefer it behind for cleaning purposes and because it looks more like a picture frame. I have tried the scrapbook lead tape but it shows on the picture. Just wondering what you did. Thanks!

      1. Hi Sylvia

        First of all, thanks so much for coming by my site. I so appreciate it.

        As for your question, I’ve got to be honest that I tried to figure out exactly what you’re talking about. And couldn’t quite find a way to adhere those corners on the back without the back/adhesive side showing on the front. I finally resolved that I would have to put them on the front, but then could take them out to dust the frame as needed.

        I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution for you! But, if you do figure out how to do it, I’d love for you to come back and tell me.

        Good luck with your frame…what a wonderful and thoughtful wedding gift!

        Many hugs,


  2. Oh I’m so sorry you had a rough week. Poor Flora. That sounds so scary. I think I would have just completely fell apart. As for you room, I am loving the marble paper art!!!!! I want some now. I can’t believe you already have art hung up. You are so far ahead of me. I am loving it so far. Have a great day!!! Hugs to you and Flora -Jenny

    1. Hey Jenny…it all ended up Ok..thankfully. But it was a crazy busy week. And this week is actually not going to be too much better! Oh well…it is what it is. Right? I got the art done this week because it was the easiest thing to do actually…now I am on to the rug and just cleaning/organizing it. But it’s been a fun thing.

      Thanks for swinging by my friend

      Hugs, Lynn

    1. Hey Brianna…thanks for your kind thoughts. Flora is A-OK…just need to keep her from eating things she shouldn’t eat…which has been a problem since day one with her. Don’t you just love the marble paper? I’m trying to find some other uses…it comes in many colors.
      Thanks for swinging by.
      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Lynn – your “vintage” washer and dryer look just like mine! And I love behind pics too. Have one of my grandkids as my cover photo on my personal FB page. So sweet! Love your art work. Glad your baby is OK. You are my 2nd friend this week who had a really sick dog baby! Your room is shaping up!

    1. Hey Cathy, thanks for swinging by. So glad to have another ‘behind’ picture appreciator! I can’t quite put it into words…guess much of it is that it is completely non-posed. And yes, my girl did put us through the ringer…But she’s going to be just fine. Are you trying to rationalize retiring your ‘vintage’ washer and dryer too?
      Thanks for swinging by today.
      Hugs, LYnn

  4. I absolutely love your photo collage. I watched my two oldest girls who used to be best friends but have now grown apart walk down the stairs together gabbing about nail polish the other night. It warmed my heart that they could share a BFF moment again. I wished I had my camera ready.

    Cool move framing your wallpaper. I wear a gold wedding ring on one hand and a silver ring on the other. I think they mix just fine. 🙂

    1. Hi Kathryn…I think we love seeing them from behind because they are not posing and are acting naturally as they don’t know they are being observed/photographed. Most of my pictures were taken with my cell phones and I was so pleased that they turned out so well.
      Thanks again for swinging by today.

      Hugs, Lynn

  5. I am sorry about your dog getting sick, but it sounds like you may have saved her life. My dog did the same thing years ago. It’s so scary. I love your laundry room makeover. The gold and silver is beautiful!

    1. Hi Sherry, it really was scary! Not anxious to do it again and I know my checkbook can’t do it again either. And thanks for chiming in on the gold/silver thing. I’m loving it as well.
      Have a fantastic weekend
      Hugs, Lynn

  6. Lynn, this is awesome! I like the mix of silver and gold in your laundry room. I think that I’m of your school of thought on this one. Also, you’ve made a ton of progress on that list! I can’t wait to see how it all looks when you’re done. And I’m so sorry to hear about Flora!!! I’m glad that she’s okay now. But, I can only imagine the panic. My dog, Logan has only ever eaten chocolate (nothing as poisonous as rat bait) and he was always fine after I made him vomit it up. But, still those crucial moments before he puked it up always had me worried. Glad to know that she’s happy and healthy now! 🙂

    1. Hi Gina…thankfully Flora is going to be just fine…but wasn’t a fun time. Crazy Girl! And I am a silver/gold fan from the get-go…so I’m liking the mix in the laundry room. It’s definitely more of a grown up look. Thanks again for swinging by today friend. Hope you’re enjoying a great weekend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  7. Oh poor Flora, I want to give her a big cuddle! She’s so lovely and I was worried there a bit, that must have been so scary! I’m happy that she’ll be fine! The marbled paper art looks great above the washer & dryer Lynn, it really makes that laundry room so fun and not to mention that amazing frame with the lovely photos! I love that idea of taking the photos from the back, so unique! Thank so much Lynn for sharing at Sweet Inspiration #4!! Happy you could be there! Have a lovely weekend, enjoy & breathe!!!

    1. Hi Katrin! I hope you are having a great weekend! That Flora! She has a bad habit of eating things she shouldn’t. I wouldn’t even want to tally up what she’s cost us in vet bills! But she’s worth it, she is such a great girl…when she’s not eating things she shouldn’t.
      I really am loving that marble paper and it was so cheap! $7 for a 24 by 36 inch sheet. There are many color combinations. I will definitely keep it in mind for future projects.
      Thanks for swinging by my friend.
      Hugs, Lynn

  8. I’m so glad to hear that Flora is doing well! I have a friend whose dog got into some of her prescription medication and it was touch and go for weeks. After THOUSANDS of dollars later, Beanie is all well and normal. She even set up something to raise funds for his medical expenses. I love how your laundry laundry room is coming along! We only have a laundry closet and Mr. Cottage doesn’t know it yet, but eventually I’m going to make it a pretty place when the doors open…LOL! I’ve got to get other priorities done first. Take care, my friend!

    1. Hey Carol…yup my girl has rung up quite a vet bill in her 5 years. She’s predisposed to eat things she shouldn’t…ugh! But she is so very loved by this family, so we will do everything for the girl. You’re so funny…seems you’ve always got plans that Mr. Cottage doesn’t quite know about! But guess he’ll know when the time is right!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. And so organized! I love the custom wall art, you have so many ideas that I never would have thought about. Thank you for peaking my inspiration <3

    1. Thanks Lindsey…I’m actually having fun with my re-do…especially the art part. So much more fun than painting walls. And so glad to be a little bit of an inspiratio!
      Hugs, Lynn

  10. Lynn, I am so glad that Flora is okay. I was reading with terror in my heart. Thank goodness. I love your wall art. Both are unique in their own way. One is modern and sleek and the other well, the other is so , so special. What an original idea to photograph the kids from behind. And those tabs you are using to hold the pictures well that takes me back to a photo album I had back in the 70’s. Beautifully done Lynn!

  11. I am so happy to hear that your fur baby is going to be fine! I am loving your laundry room, you are doing an amazing job on it, and your grownup art work is very pretty. I love love the old window frame with the pictures, I would love to find a couple myself but they are so expensive when I do run across one. As for the littler box if you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet you may look there, they have lots of neat ideas for hiding the litter box.

    1. Hey there Linda! Thanks for your well wishes for Flora, she is so very loved by our family and so it is always quite traumatic when she eats something she shouldn’t. Sadly this fur girl will eat ANYTHING!!! And I mean anything. She has had 2 previous surgeries for consuming bits and bobs of things she found around the home, so we really are very conscious about keeping things picked up.
      I’m curious, what do window frames like this cost in your area? I am pleased with how the laundry room is coming together. This was my first One Room Challenge and I’m pleased that I chose a smaller room to start with. I do have an idea for litter box…just need to get it done…you just reminded me that I still have that~! I had forgotten.
      Thanks for swinging by.

      Hugs, Lynn

  12. Maybe Flora will one learn that if she just eats her dog food you give her only, she won’t have to make a trip to vet.
    Old window frames start around $65 and up, and that it in really poor shape. That’s just to high for me.

    1. Wow…I paid $20 for my window frame and while it is old, it is perfect structural condition. Don’t blame you for not wanting to shell out that kind of money. And sweet Flora…she is a Golden Retriever and it just seems she always has to have something in her mouth. Sometimes she just forgets to spit it out and accidentally eats it!
      Happy Weekend Linda.
      Hugs, Lynn

  13. Thank goodness that Flora turned out ok, how scary was that! Our pets are family members, like yours, I’m happy that she’s ok now!

    As for the laundry room, it’s turning out so pretty! It will be a fun, calm place to be. The colors are gorgeous together and your art is so fun. Love the marble paper and the way you chose to hang it, it looks fabulous! Never would have thought of that! And the window frame with the kids photos is a precious piece, memories that will take you back to another time. Love it!

    1. Hey there friend…I am quite pleased with how the laundry room turned out and that One Room Challenge was the kick in the butt that I needed to get it done. Now that it is done, I’m planning ahead to the one in the fall. I will give this one much more thought since I joined the last one on the spur of the moment. Oh well, sometimes that’s the only way something gets done. Right?

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