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Laundry Room Reveal: One Room Challenge

Well…I have to say, participating as a guest participant in Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge was a real treat and now I’m ready for…(TA DA) my laundry room reveal.  

I entered the challenge at the last moment at the encouragement of a fellow blogger friend and, as a result, really had no plan except to makeover my gruesome green laundry room.  As a point of reference, it’s always helpful to go back and see from whence we began this journey. This room was a bit of an assault to the senses with the green walls and counters and brown floors. Other than the green, there was nothing cohesive in the room.  It was just a real mish-mash.

I wish I could blame the ‘previous owner’ for the puce green walls and counters…but I am the previous owner…so no go there. In defense, my sweet daughter reminded me that we built this house when she was in kindergarten and that she’s sure I picked the colors as they would be good colors for a kindergartner to come home to. Thanks, Kate.

laundry room2

Originally the floors were a black and white linoleum tile, which worked better with the green but just didn’t stand up to the traffic that this room receives as it is the way we enter and exit our home 99.5% of the time.  It’s also where the dog is fed, the cat is fed and the cat’s litter box resides.

laundry room4

It is a well-used room.  I love the functionality of the room with the laundry chute, the rod to hang drying clothes and the cubbies.  It has so much great storage, but…

laundry room5

… this room was probably 10 years overdue for a facelift.

laundry room3

Enter the One Room Challenge! I’m a firm believer in Kismet and so when my friend Jenny encouraged me to enter I figured it was not only a Kismet speaking…but a figurative and much-needed kick in the butt.

 Laundry Room Reveal

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So, 6 weeks later I have a much calmer and unified laundry room. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • Refinished the countertops
    Use Daich Spreadstone Countertop Finishing Kit to DIY refinish Countertops. A Review & my experience with the product. One Room Challenge, week 2
  • Painted the entire room, including the trim.  The walls are Benjamin Moore, Feather Down, OC-6.
  • Painted a floor cloth since I couldn’t find the right rug in the right size and right color
    How to make a floor cloth from a drop cloth. A painted rug for my laundry room is the DIY feature of week 5 of the One Room Challenge.
  • Used an upcycled window frame to display my favorite ‘from the behind’ photos of my babes
    I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including this upcycled window frame to showcase the 'from the behind' photos of my kiddos.
  • Made some art using a piece of paper and some acrylic frames
    I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including my new silver and gold artwork.
  • Found bins and baskets to hold dirty laundry, clean laundry and other personal stuff that we keep in our cubbies but which doesn’t need to be on full display at all times (think hats, spare sunglasses, waterproof phone cases, etc…) I found all the baskets at Target and they are perfect for my laundry room. I had originally set my sites on some galvanized tubs, but the cost for how many I wanted quickly shot that idea down. In retrospect, the galvanized tubs would have scraped the shelves that I just repainted (which really would’ve hurt my feelings) so the woven silver-gray baskets really were a much better solution. The two baskets shown below are the exact same color; the light from the window just really hit one more than the other. You can see the baskets I used here:

The silver basket with the handle on the counter was in my 1,001 basket stash. I’ve held on to it as it is divided into 4 sections inside. I spray painted it and we’re using it for frequently accessed items like pens/pencils and dog treats.

I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including labelling my new silver baskets.
I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including labelling my new silver baskets.

Small Gray Woven Storage Bin

  • Cleaned out and organized the cubbies (again).  The storage bins on the bottom of the cubbies are for clean and folded laundry.  I am still the ‘master laundress’ of the home, but everyone is responsible for putting away their own laundry. These baskets make it easy for me to fold the laundry and put it in the appropriate basket.
    I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including labelling my new silver baskets.
  • Made some labels for our bins and baskets. 
    I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor., including labelling my new silver baskets.
    Funny story here.  When the labels arrived, the side that I assumed was to be facing out was blue, instead of the silver indicated.  Since I was planning on painting them gold, I didn’t give it another thought and just spray painted them. But for whatever reason, the spray paint wasn’t adhering! Ugh.  I keep spray painting until I realized that the ‘blue’ was actually a film that was placed on the exterior of the label holder so that it didn’t get scratched.  Ummm…brain fart.
  • I laughed out loud at myself when I realized this and even invited my 16-year old son to come to laugh at my, ummm…moment….which of course he gladly accepted.
    blue peeling tape
  • Made a curtain to hide the litter box
    I finished sprucing up my laundry room during the One Room Challenge and am enjoying the more neutral 'silver and gold' DiY home decor, including the kitty litter box curtain
I finished sprucing up my laundry room for the One Room Challenge and now it's time for my more neutral and calm Laundry Room Reveal.

My ‘new’ laundry room, in neutral ‘silver and gold’, is such a pleasant change from the previous jarring green. And I’m so happy that I spent the time to clear out and organize our cubbies.  The convenience of cubbies can be both a blessing and a curse in that it is so convenient to just toss stuff in them and forget about it. While I thought I had cleaned the cubbies during my Unclutter Bootcamp in January, there was still a great deal of ‘clutter’ lingering. 

Thanks for ‘attending’ my Laundry Room Reveal! To see what other bloggers have accomplished during their One Room Challenge, make sure you stop by Calling It Home.

In the time since I have done this One Room Challenge, I participated in another one! Here is Week 6: My ORC Final Reveal for my second One Room Challenge!

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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  1. Lynn, I love it! It seems so much bigger now, clean and calming! What a wonderful place to do your laundry! Not to mention what a wonderful place to enter your home, it’s so warm and clean looking with the lighter colors! I love all of the artwork, and the DIY rug was genius! You have really inspired me with this makeover! Love it!

    1. Hi Nikki…I agree, it really does look bigger..think because the clutter is gone…plus I think the paint really lightened the room up. The rug is really working perfectly for me…I’m really happy that I got the color and size I wanted. Thanks so much for your kind words and wishing you a lovely, relaxing weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

  2. It looks great! I laughed about the labels. 🙂 I have often neglected to peel off the protective film from electronic panels and such.

    1. So glad I gave you some giggles…i surely made myself laugh. Thanks for swinging by today Stacy. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Congratulations Dear Lynn! I am in love with that multifunctional laundry room of yours! I love how organized it all is, those cubbies are so great for that! The bins scream my name, I think they’d love at my place as well! I can’t get over that little cutain to cover the litter box, the little sign is so darn cute, what a fun idea! I’d love to do laundry here Lynn, you did an amazing job! Hugs!

    1. Hey Katrin…Thanks for the congrats! Glad to have it done. I really did enjoy the whole process and looking forward to the next one. I think the cubby baskets are my favorite feature as well. I like that they are all the same, not the mish mash I had before. Thanks for swinging by today…much appreciated.
      Hugs, Lynn

  4. Oh my goodness, your laundry room is lovely. It was nice before, but was a bit “dated” (like most of my home, tee hee) but NOW your laundry room is very modern and fresh and, might I say – inviting! Thank you for sharing your process and progress with all of us, you have inspired me to make some updates!! Enjoy your new room 🙂

    1. Hi Carolyn, yes it has always been useful but it did become quite dated. It is a well used room, it deserved to be spruced up given how well it serves the family. It is just so much more cohesive and calming…it makes me happy to just walk through it , which I do many times a day. I really appreciate you keeping up with my laundry room’s progress. I’m looking forward to doing the One Room Challenge again in the fall…already noodling my plans.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

  5. Oh man, I would love to have a laundry room that pretty and organized. My favorites are the painted floor cloth, and that curtain for the litter box (too cute!). I know what you mean about getting motivation for the ORC…I used it to give myself a kick in the butt and get back into blogging. Congrats on finishing, and very nice job!

    1. Hi Rachel, very much appreciate you swinging by and leaving your kind comments. I am very pleased with how my laundry room turned out and anxious to do it again in the fall. How about you? You going to sign up again? Wishing you a fantastic weekend. Many hugs, Lynn

  6. Lynn you have done an excellent job. The colors and the soothing feeling make it so inviting. All you need is a chair and you can hang out and read a book. I absolutely love the wall decor and the rug. All very fresh and modern. As for the cubbies they are a lifesaver. I don’t have a laundry room so I am very envious but also happy for you . Great job, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. Thanks Mary…I really am pleased with how cohesive and calm it turned out. Because I literally joined a the last minute I did’t really have a full plan before I started but I knew I wanted to make it neutral and calm. I’m so glad it came together. This ORC really motivated me to stay on task and get it done in a timely manner I highly recommend it if you have a project hat you want done but may just need a kick of encouragement.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

    1. Oh Nikki…the six weeks were really doable and very motivating. So much so that I am looking forward to the next one in October. If you have a room that needs some TLC, this is the way to get it done.
      Thanks for swinging by today…Lynn

    1. Thanks Lisa…It fits the bill perfectly! It’s been down for about 10 days now and I haven’t needed to mop it yet, though I know that when I do, it’ll clean up quickly.Really appreciate you swinging by today.
      Hugs, Lynn

    1. Hi Vicki and Jennifer…Wasn’t it fun? I’m already planning for the October challenge…you in? Looking forward to popping over to see what you 2 accomplished.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

    1. Thanks Carol…it really made a huge difference and now I’m really loving doing laundry…well…maybe that is a stretch. But I do love to walk in and out of the room multiple times a day and I love the uncluttered look and feel of it. So glad you came by for a visit…always good to see you! ☺
      Have a great weekend…Hugs, Lynn

    1. Thanks Laura! You are so kind with your comments. I actually really did enjoy this project and looking forward to the fall project…already noodling some ideas. I hope your week is equally lovely.
      Hugs, LYnn

    1. Thanks Linda. I am really quite pleased with it. And it’s a good thing when a plan comes to fruition, as hoped for. Right?
      Wishing you a lovely day,
      Hugs, Lynn

  7. Your laundry room had great bones to begin with but you truly brought it up to a whole new level with the paint color and the decorative details Lynn! Now this chore would be a breeze for you in this lovely room! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

    1. Hi Vel, I agree with you that my laundry is very functional…I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that. But then I went a wee bit astray come decorating time. Luckily it’s easier to change that stuff than the ‘bones’. Thanks so much for swinging by and leaving your kind comments.
      Hugs, Lynn

  8. Lynn, your new laundry room looks fantastic!! The color combination is great and I love the little kitty bathroom curtain you put up, too cute. You did a wonderful job on this and I’m sure it’s very enjoyable doing laundry in such a great room.

    1. Hi Keri, Thanks so much. I’m pretty darn pleased with the soothing/neutral color combo…and the kitty curtain makes me smile.Thanks so much for swinging by and taking the time to leave a kind compliment

  9. Your laundry room looks fantastic! The floor cloth really brightened up the floors. The cubbies are perfect with the baskets and tags. Isn’t laundry so much more fun when you have a cute laundry room? I decorated mine one weekend when my guys were gone camping. It was so much fun. 🙂

    So glad you joined us at Thoughts of Home. Come again. 🙂

    1. Thanks Stacey, I really am pleased with how the whole thing turned out. And you’re right, the floor cloth really does brighten it just the right amount. Loving my cubbies and I am so pleased to say that they are still remaining organized!
      Wishing you a lovely day,
      Hugs, Lynn

  10. Lynn- it looks serene and efficient. I am the master laundress too, and I would love a utility room like yours!

    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!

    1. Hi Laura (aka Master Laundress), and thanks for coming by today. I am really enjoying the efficiency and neutral calm of my redone laundry room. So much easier on the eyes!
      Hope your day is great.
      Hugs, Lynn

  11. Lynn, your laundry room looks wonderful! It’s already such a light and bright space, but your refresh has made it look like a laundry retreat 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark last week; I’ll be featuring your laundry room makeover tomorrow. Hope you’ll stop by and link up again! The party starts at 6am EST.

    1. Hi Emily, I love the term ‘laundry retreat’!, maybe ‘laundry spa!’ I really do love how my updates really did lighten the space and I’m thrilled to be one of your features! Thanks and I’ll be there.
      Hugs, Lynn

    1. I do love my laundry room Celeste! It is very functional and now I love the aesthetics of it as well. Thanks for swinging by today.
      Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

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