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Monday Musings, March 16

Well…Good Morning, my Friends.

We are so blessed that we count as friends readers from every corner of this world. Some of us celebrate Christmas while others celebrate Kwanzaa. Some of us revel in the joy of Easter and while others observe Passover. And while some of us bundle up during winter, at the same time others are in their tank tops dodging the heat of summer.

But at this very moment, we have never been more connected.

The empty streets of our friends in Italy are eerily similar to the empty streets in Hoboken, NJ. Children and college students in Charlotte, NC are learning from home, as are the children and college students across Germany.

And while, as a family, we are doing our best to prevent the spread of the disease to those most at risk by staying at home, we are oh so conscious of the toll this moment in time is taking on the small business owners across the world.

But, during this time of great uncertainty, so many of these businesses are looking for ways to do good.

A local, small, family-owned restaurant in our town is providing meals to local children who are not able to get their lunches due to their school closing.

Disney just realized Frozen 2 to its streaming service 3 months early to help entertain the children who are now stuck at home.

Comcast is providing free internet to help students continue their studies from home.

Without a doubt, these are worrisome times. But at times like this, it helps me to look up and see the good that is being done.

Here’s an article on ways to help small businesses while we are all hunkered down.

Please share stories of the good that is being during this time of uncertainty. We could all use a bit of lifting up!

So, since you are stuck at home for a bit, what are you doing to keep busy?

I made and canned chicken stock this past week. While I’m not promising that it’ll cure the flu or the coronavirus, there is a part of me that does believe in the healing properties of slow-cooked, vegetable-infused chicken broth. And if nothing else, when you are feeling poorly, it will soothe your soul. I’ll publish the recipe for the stock and directions for canning it this week. For those of you new to canning, heck, maybe it’s a good time to learn a new skill!

Speaking of new skills…have you tried making macarons? And not for nothing, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that macarons can actually cure Covid-19! ?

If you’ve been knitting or are looking for some knit projects to keep your hands busy, check out these knitted gift ideas and free, printable gift tags. You could really do some stash busting and fill up your gift bin with these ideas. And the printable gift tags finish your gifts off perfectly. Order everything you need online so that you don’t need to leave the house.

You could make some trivets or coasters! Once again, order the rope online and print the pattern from me!

When you make your mad dash to the grocery store, pick up some oranges and make Orange Marmalade. Once again, if you don’t have all the tools, they can be ordered online.

Since you can’t go anywhere, take the time to do that decluttering you want to do! You can join the 6-week challenge or pop on over and start at Week 1.

If you need to escape the news for a bit, put your earbuds in and listen to a podcast.

Well my friends, stay safe out there.

Share your stories of the good that you see and what you are doing to keep busy!


Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. I am an avid knitter, and have STASH, so I am good. I spend a lot of time alone, so this is nothing new for me. Everyone take care and stay healthy.

    Joan in Hatfield, PA

    1. Hey there Joan!

      See, that stash has paid off! So glad we didn’t pare it down when we were decluttering.

      Hugs and Kisses my friend.


  2. If it’s one thing this virus has done..is slow everyone’s life down. Time to spend time with your family and realize that the most important thing in life is your health. No rushing to practices and having time for a nap! one thing I really need to mention is people stock piling food. Remember that we are in a country where supply is abundant and when people buy more than they need, someone who can’t afford to stock up, goes without. Take care out there!

    1. I am so glad you mentioned about stockpiling! No reason for it…I worry about our older citizens being able to get what they truly need.

      Enjoy your downtime, my friend.



  3. Thank you so much Lynn for your insight, your delightful website, patterns and tags (free is great) and the wonderful ideas you pass along. I am preparing to work from home, but can’t wait to take my lunch with cocoa and a pattern…

    1. My dear Dolores, you are so very welcome! And I am so very glad you find something useful here! I do enjoy this little job of mine, but it all the more worthwhile when I know it is appreciated by my reader family.

      Please take care of yourself and enjoy that cocoa and bit of knitting.

      Hugs, Lynn

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Our neighbor called to ask if we needed things from the store. Both my husband & I are seniors so getting back & forth to a store wasn’t that easy. We don’t know them very well and I was so happy to have help. They asked us to text them every day so that she will know we’re okay. I wanted to share this with this group to show there are some wonderful
    Caring people during this crisis.

    1. Hi Thel,

      You are so right! It is easy to lose sight of all the goodness around us if we just focus on the negative. Thanks for sharing this and you sure are blessed with such caring neighbors.

      Please be safe my friend!



  5. In one of your recent post Lynn you share photos of your
    Daughters newly painted bedroom. It was blue/grey color.
    Can you help….loved the color.
    Love all your posting, may need to try your knotted coasters!
    Be safe …

    1. Hi Ellen…well…you have me stymied! The last time we painted our daughter’s room it was white. I can’t for the life of me think of what you are referring to. Could it be you have me mixed up with someone?

      And thanks for your sweet comments! They are food to my soul.

      Stay healthy my friend…



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